Nerf N-Strike Elite Series

Nerf N-Strike Elite is the next-gen to the N-Strike series, the direct successor. It was initiated in the year 2012 and now has a large collection of blasters under its title. The Elite series has been a huge success and are available in offline and online stores all across the world.


What’s new ?

Compared to N-Strike series, the Elite blasters have a TON of improvements. Starting from their looks, right down to their accessories they have received huge upgrades and kids simply love it. The major performance improvement arrived in the form of Direct plunger system, which replaced the reverse plunger that existed in older N-Strike models. The direct plunger basically creates high air pressure behind the dart while priming, which when released forces the dart to blast out forward from the barrel. This new system has given way to very powerful blasters and long ranges, hence termed rightly ‘Elite’.

Check out the reviews of some of the best Nerf N-Strike Elite blasters in production, below.


Nerf Elite: Titan CS 50

Nerf Elite: Trilogy DS 15

Nerf Elite: Infinus

Nerf Elite: Hyperfire

Nerf Elite: RapidStrike CS-18

Nerf Elite: Demolisher 2-in-1

Nerf Elite: Retaliator

Nerf Elite: Rampage

Nerf Elite: Rhino-Fire

Nerf Elite: Strongarm

Nerf Elite: Disruptor

Nerf Elite: Nerf Cam ECS-12 Blaster