Nerf Modulus Series

Nerf Modulus Series

Nerf Modulus series is one of the standard lineups offered by Nerf. Released around the mid of 2015, this series is targeted people interested in customizing the blaster along with some shooting fun. The key focus of this series is to enable players to experiment with various accessories and add-on kits.


Modulus – As the name suggests, these blasters strive to be modular. But what is there to modularize in a toy foam blaster, you may ask. There is. There are multiple components in a Nerf gun just like there would be in a real-life weapon. Starting from barrel extensions, silencers, scopes, stock, magazines, flashlight there are so many different options where a player can customize his blaster to match his playing style. Modulus Nerf guns aim to satisfy the same need of a child to make a blaster their own by using Nerf attachments.

Please note that modulus attachments and upgrade kits don’t really improve the blaster’s performance in terms of ammo firing speeds and ranges. The improvements come in the form of better appearance, ease of use, and improved target accuracy. The modulus darts are default Nerf Elite darts that are themed in line with this series in clean white and orange colors.

How much does a Nerf Modulus Blaster cost?

Depending on the model, a Modulus gun can cost from 15 USD to upwards of 60 USD. The entry-level Modulus blaster is the IonFire. It is a breech-loading, spring action blaster where the player has to load each foam dart in the slot, prime, and then fire the single dart. It sports a carry handle at the top in case you decide to add on multiple attachments and make it heavier. Also included in the package are a Modulus barrel extension and a four dart storage clip.


On the higher end of the spectrum, there are a few notable blasters. These include the Modulus ECS-10, Tri-Strike, Regulator, and even a nerf modulus sniper, The Longstrike each priced more than 50 bucks. But prices constantly reduce based on demand, discounts, and new blaster releases.

Which is the best Nerf Modulus Blaster?

Modulus Regulator

This is a relatively recent addition, launched in the year 2017. Nerf Modulus Regulator gun probably tops the chart to be the best in the modulus system. It ticks a lot of boxes that make it an exceptional modular primary blaster setup.

The Nerf Regulator Modulus package includes two barrel scopes (can be used as barrel extension or a scope), a swivel handle (for hip-fire), a storage stock (to store the additional magazine and the handle), two 12-round magazines and modulus darts. A unique and technically incredible feature in this blaster is the switch fire knob. It allows select-fire of three different modes – a standard semi-automatic, three-round burst fire, and fully automatic modes. This is also one key reason that this product is touted to be in the best in this series.

Apart from these distinctive features, this Nerf gun displays great performance as a stand-alone blaster. Muzzle velocities of darts reach more than 70 feet per second which is the Elite standard. This excellent power combined with the two magazines for quick reloads, stability improved by the stock and accuracy from the scopes all put together makes the Regulator Nerf gun an excellent choice for a primary weapon.


Modulus Tri-Strike

Closely following the Regulator is the Tri-Strike, another excellent item on this list. On par with the Regulator when you consider how this aligns with the Modulus’ modular design language. It’s basically three different blasters put together into a single package. A missile launcher that works in conjunction with the stock, a mega dart firing handle, and the primary spring-action blaster that fires the regular modulus/elite darts. The Tri-Strike displays the true capabilities of this series. Proof that modular firepower can be added on, as per the player’s choice. A complete review of the Tri-Strike here.

Modulus ECS-10

The first and most popular ECS-10 was released with a ton of accessories, each of which can be detached and replaced by other Modulus attachments. It is a semi-automatic, fly-wheel blaster with a banana clip magazine! Also to maintain N-Strike attachment re-usability, the Modulus Blaster has N-Strike compatible tactical rails, Barrel extension nozzle, and Stock attachment slots. The modulus and Elite add-ons can be used on either series models. This is a great play by Nerf and encourages buyers to buy blasters without fear of their favorite Nerf parts becoming futile. We have a complete review of the ECS-10 here.

Nerf Modulus Sniper

The modulus series has its own Sniper Model named the LongStrike. It is a remake of the original N-Strike Longstrike that was a huge hit in the previous decade. Just this one has upgraded performance and the Modulus theme and styling.


The package comes with the blaster, a Longstrike barrel, a storage stock with two slots, three magazines, a scope, and also a bipod. This is a complete sniper setup for any Nerfer looking for a wholesome Nerf sniping experience. The performance too is solid with muzzle velocities often exceeding the Elite standard of 70 feet per second. For Cosplayers wanting to sport a sniper gun in any of their acts, this is a spot-on blaster that can be customized and painted to your heart’s content.

Modülüs Nerf Upgrade kits

Upgrade Kits are packages with multiple different extensions for improving or customizing a Modulus system. These are not any third party aftermarket attachments. They are pure Nerf products and fit and work perfectly Modulus blasters and also other compatible Elite guns too.

Flip Clip Kit is a pack with a dual and reversible magazine that can hold 12 on each clip, making quick reloads a breeze. It also comes with 24 modulus darts in the package. Long Range Upgrade Kit can transform any compatible blaster into a Nerf Sniper gun. Stealth Ops upgrade kit can convert a modulus blaster into sharpshooting with a silencer/flash-hiding barrel and a red dot sight. There are many more kits in this series. You can check which kits are available and their prices in Amazon here.

For a comprehensive list of all Nerf Accessories including Modulus attachments, check out this page.

Compared to other series, the number of releases in Modulus has been fewer and inconsistent. And there hasn’t been a single release yet in 2020. We hope Hasbro announces many more product launches in this lineup. Check out the reviews and prices of Modulus Blasters below…

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ECS-10 (2015)