Nerf Rival Series

Nerf Rival Series

The Rival Series is Nerf’s attempt to foray into the world of more competitive play and tactical games along the lines of paintball and Airsoft. For too long Nerf has been criticized for catering only to pre-teen kids, leaving out the adolescent and the mature. But this series is out to change this perspective entirely. With considerably better ammo velocities, range and target accuracy, the blasters in this line have a learning curve. This is bound to keep the players engaged trying to master shooting accurately. As a result, gun games become more skill-based and doesn’t simply hand out lucky kills.

What’s in a Rival blaster?

Blasters in this lineup are geared towards teens and young adults. It features spherical foam ammo and appealing mature paint jobs in comparison with other Nerf series. The blasters in this series are recommended for teens above 14 years. The blasters are considerably more powerful than even the Elite series, and hence the higher age requirement. They shoot what nerf calls ‘High impact rounds’. This ammo is basically foam balls that have dimples all over their surface just like a golf ball.

The series has both Spring Action blasters and flywheel blasters both delivering a great performance with muzzle speeds reaching up to 100 fps! At close quarters these guns are a beast. But the actual total range is pretty close to that of Elite darts, because of the air resistance acting on the less streamlined foam ball. Accuracy is high, with very close grouping, meaning each foam ball deviate very less from the ideal path and you can actually aim long distance.

In a bold move, Nerf has named the blasters in this series after the Greek gods themselves, showing off their confidence in this line-up. Late 2015, Nerf released Apollo (a spring action blaster) and Zeus (Flywheel blaster). Both have had a warm reception in the Nerf community. Encouraged, Nerf has made Rival one of its main lineups for foam blasters.

Is Nerf Rival better?

Yes, absolutely. This series appeals to teens and adults with mature design choices, powerful performance, precision accuracy, and unique ammo. The Rival guns are geared towards a more competitive side of Nerf with color choices for two teams Blue and Red. Also, there is a third alternate theme ‘Phantom Corps’, with a simple white and black theme.

Rival blasters are OP than other Nerf blasters in many different ways. Firstly the firepower. Muzzle velocities reach 90 to 100 feet per second and this lets players easily acquire targets. The ammo, ‘High Impact Rounds’, don’t waver much from their trajectory, further increasing accuracy. Furthermore, Nerf Rival has the highest ammo capacity blasters in all of Nerf. The Nemesis MXVII-10K has a 100 round capacity with easy fast reloading using the ammo hopper. The Prometheus MXVIII-20K followed with an even crazier 200 round capacity hopper!!

So for ages 13 or above, a Rival blaster would be the go-to choice when it comes to Nerfing.

Do Nerf Rival Guns hurt?

Rival blasters use ‘High Impact Rounds’ and that sounds quite intimidating. But in any case, they are still created using proprietary Nerf foam. It doesn’t cause serious injury but you can definitely feel it when fired directly on the skin. It’s highly advisable to have sensitive areas like the eyes and face to be covered during a Rival Nerf war. It’s important to wear safety accessories that have been released as part of the nerf series. These addons include safety goggles, masks, bandana, and also tactical body vests. Scroll below to find all the gear you may need to have safe playtime.

You can find information on all Nerf Accessories here –

Is Nerf Rival illegal in Australia?

Well, technically yes. Distribution of Nerf Rival Guns has not been allowed in Australia due to certain safety standards. These blasters shoot faster and further than every other Nerf series and could not pass the requirements for toys that can be sold to children in Australia. But, there is good news yet. Certain Rival models are listed in Australia’s amazon as US imports and can be purchased at considerably higher prices compared to their US counterparts.

Phantom Corps Series

Rival Nerfers could split into two teams, the Red-team and the Blue-team, when they have competitive matches. Later-on Nerf is introduced a whole new sub-series of Nerf Rival – the Phantom Corps series.

The Phantom Corps series has blasters with specs similar to those of Rival. The same high impact rounds, range, firing speeds and accuracy as found on Rival weapons. This series differs primarily in its paint job. White theme with black graffiti fonts. A spartan helmet in black and white shades forms the logo of this series.

We assume Nerf has released this new series as a rebel team that could go against the red and blue teams or maybe collab even with them. It’s up to your creativity on how you use this new series of blasters. The new white paint jobs with black highlights and the stylish logo give these blasters a premium aesthetic. This sub-series also has exclusives that are not available in the regular Rival line-up. The Hades XVIII-6000 and the Prometheus MXV20k are available only as part of the Phantom Corps.

Nerf Edge and Camo Series

Apart from the original Rival and the Phantom corps series, Hasbro also introduced a ‘Camo’ and ‘Edge’ lineups. Camo has few Rival blasters reskinned with white/grey camouflage design. The Edge series meanwhile was released to be a target practice series. Meaning each blaster in this lineup comes packaged with a target set. Apart from the color theme, presentation, and packaging the blasters are pretty much redesigned nerf gun Rivals. They fire the same ammo, carry similar internals and sport close to the same performance. Many of these series blasters appear to be Walmart exclusives and not available on Amazon.

What is the best Nerf rival gun?

The primary characteristics we look for while rating a blaster are muzzle velocity and range, ammo capacity, semi/full auto capabilities, and whether they carry great design aesthetics, rate of fire, ease of reloading, and battery considerations. Note, price is not taken into account.

The Prometheus MXVIII-20K shines in every single one of the above aspects. It’s simply too good. Starting with the design. The Prometheus is akin to a mini-gun but without the rotating barrels. It is a single barrel full-auto machine gun meant to be fired from the hip. The ammo is stored in a hopper similar to the Rival Nemesis, but only here it twice the capacity. 200 rounds of high impact ammo. Since it is a hopper styled loading with no magazines, reloading is a breeze. You can simply collect the littered rival ammo balls that you fired off the ground and shove them in the hopper and continue decimating your enemies. The blaster also has a high rate of fire, around eight rounds per second in full auto mode. The muzzle velocities reach speeds of over 90 feet per second with excellent accuracy due to this being a Rival blaster. The package includes a proprietary rechargeable battery pack that works only with the Prometheus. This further makes it a truly premium product from Hasbro. Another particular to be noted here is that the Prometheus was released as a Phantom Corps exclusive and did not feature the classic blue/red color themes.


A close second spot is filled by the Nemesis MXVII-10K. It first introduced the hopper concept which could hold a hundred round capacity. The performance was on par with the Rival line with a slightly lesser rate of fire compared to the Prometheus. It was designed like a familiar full auto rifle that can be shouldered and became the primary weapon of choice for many Nerfers around the world.

Rival Nemesis

Nerf Rival Pistol

The Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500 is a smaller Rival handgun. An outstanding product that will stand the test of time. Designed like a sci-fi pistol with a thick muzzle, five-round capacity, and works by manually priming each shot. The best part is that this blaster is available in multiple variants, namely – the standard blue and red variants, the Phantom Corps variant, a super cool Deadpool alternative, and even an X-Force Deadpool adaptation. Needless to say, each of these variations looks stunning, but we have a special inclining towards the Deadpool versions of course. They are quite highly coveted blasters and may quickly run out of stock. So check them out before they vanish.

The Nerf Rival Knockout XX-100 is at present the smallest and the cutest Rival blaster. It is a small handgun that is quite similar to the Elite Jolt. But only that it packs excellent Rival performance in such a tiny frame. It even sports two slots to hold two high-impact ammo rounds.

Knockout XX-100
Knockout XX-100

Both the Kronos and the Knockout are perfect options for a sidearm in your Nerf wars, to fire off quick shots when your primary weapon runs out of ammo.

Nerf Rival Shotgun

The word ‘Shotgun’ is quite vague as a lot of blaster variants can fall under this blanket term. A shotgun could be a manual, semi, or even fully automatic. Breech-loaded or magazine fed. Can be shot either from the shoulder or the hip. Can fire multiple pellets or a single slug. So yeah, the category is broad. But simply stated a Shotgun is a short-range weapon that fires from shell cartridges.

Takedown XX-800
Hades XVIII-6000

As far as Nerf Rival is concerned there is only one blaster that fires more than one round at once. And that is the Atlas XVI-1200, released way back in 2016. It has a pump action priming handle and a single barrel from which two shots are fired at once. Other than the Atlas, few other rival guns also fall into this category. The Rival Artemis XVII-3000 and the Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000 are two unique pump action variants from this series. The Artemis and Hades have similar engineering design. There is a turret with four barrels at the front that revolve with each prime and fires a single shot from the bottom barrel. The pump mechanism has a handle for easier loading action. Both the Artemis and the Hades shotguns have integrated magazines with 30 and 60 ammo capacity respectively.

A more recent addition to the Rival Shotgun family is the Takedown XX-800. This new rival Nerf gun is a pretty close rendition of a sawed-off shotgun with an oversized grip and a capacity of 8 rounds. This is a manual pump-action shotgun that fires one round at a time.

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