Nerf Rival Series

The Nerf Rival Series is Nerf’s attempt to foray into the world of more competitive and tactical games along the lines of paintball and Airsoft. For too long Nerf has been criticized for catering only to pre-teen kids, leaving out the adolescent and the mature. But this series is out to change this perspective entirely. With considerably better ammo velocities, range and target accuracy, the blasters in this line have a learning curve. This is bound to keep the players engaged trying to master shooting accurately. As a result, the gun games become more skill based and doesn’t simply hand out lucky kills.


What’s in a Rival blaster?

The blasters in this series are recommended for teens above 14 years. The blasters are considerably more powerful than even the Elite series, and hence the higher age requirement. They shoot what nerf calls ‘High impact rounds’. This ammo is basically foam balls that have dimples all over their surface just like a golf ball.

The series has both Spring Action blasters and flywheel blasters both delivering great performance with muzzle speeds reaching up to 100 fps! At close quarters these guns are a beast. But the actual total range is pretty close to that of Elite darts, because of the air resistance acting on the less streamlined foam ball. Accuracy is high, with very close grouping, meaning each foam ball deviate very less from the ideal path and you can actually aim long distance.

In a bold move, Nerf has named the blasters in this series after the Greek gods themselves, showing off their confidence in this line-up. Late 2015, Nerf released Apollo (a spring action blaster) and Zeus (Flywheel blaster). Both have had a warm reception in the Nerf community. Encouraged, Nerf has come out with two more blasters in the Rival series, namely Khaos and Atlas. Reviews of Nerf Rival Series blasters are listed below…


Rival Apollo

Nerf Rival: Apollo (2015)



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Rival Zues

Nerf Rival: Zues (2015)



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Nerf Rival Khaos

Nerf Rival: Khaos (2016)


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Nerf Rival Atlas

Nerf Rival: Atlas (2016)


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Nerf Rival Artemis

Nerf Rival: Artemis (2017)


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Rival Nemesis

Nerf Rival: Nemesis (2017)


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Nerf RIval Kronos

Nerf Rival: Kronos (2018)


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Nerf Rival Helios

Nerf Rival: Helios (2018)


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Nerf Rival: Hypnos (2019)

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