Nerf Zombie Strike Series

Nerf Zombie Strike

The year 2005 saw the dawn of Humans Vs Zombies (HvZ). Ever since then, this game of tag is being played in a number of universities and college campuses all around the world. Players can be either humans or Zombies. The Humans defend with Nerf blasters, while the Zombies tag the humans to make them the undead! This is the general gameplay, but rules and missions vary widely. Learn more about HvZ – humansvszombies.orgFollowing the viral hit of HvZ over the internet, multiple communities originated all over the globe. Nerf promptly took note and introduced a new series, the Nerf Zombie Strike, a line of blasters themed on Zombies in the year 2013.

These blasters became an instant hit among both HvZ players and Nerfers alike. The series adopted a zombie-based theme, with the color palette including bright green, orange and gray. Brown colored handles and parts gave these blasters a more authentic apocalyptic look and feel. Internally the blasters used constructions from big hits of other series, so as to deliver high powered blasters. Some models though are exclusively released under the Zombie-Strike series and have completely new externals, internal dart loading, and firing mechanisms.

What is Nerf Zombie Strike?

Zombies have been the creatures of choice lately for a lot of Hollywood movies, and these zombie killing machines have been selling like hotcakes. So what is in a Zombie Strike Gun?

Many Zombie Strike blasters share the same internal mechanisms with N Strike Elite blasters. Some are spring-powered manual mode guns while others are powered by Flywheels and batteries. The Nerf Zombie Strike blasters also come with unique bright green colored darts named the Zombie Strike darts. They even have a big ‘Z’ – Zombie logo printed around each of them, Anatomically similar to elite darts, they perform exactly like them too. You could use either darts or even suction darts with these blasters. Getting a zombie strike gun wouldn’t lay waste to your old darts collection.

Externals are a whole different story. Each blaster in this lineup has its own story, purpose, and unique looks. The primary theme is green and orange colors, with a lot of the guns seem to sport duct tape or other garage materials (all made from plastic of course) to give them a makeshift weapon’s appearance. What’s a Zombie scene without crossbows! Yes, there are many crossbows that fire Nerf arrows in this lineup too. Check out our page on the best crossbows from Nerf.

What is the best zombie strike nerf gun?

Not considering the awesome crossbows for this category as they have been reviewed separately. Talking only about the blasters, there are more than one that can contend for this spot, due to various reasons.


The Revoltinator is a classic example that displays the uniqueness of the zombie strike series. This is the first electronic flywheel blaster in this lineup. Combined with powerful performance with some truly exciting externals, this Nerf Zombie gun is an excellent primary weapon of choice for HvZ.

Nerf ZombieStrike Revoltinator

The most unique feature in this Zombie Nerf gun is the motor sounds and led lights combo that activates on pressing the rev trigger. This is similar to a futuristic gun that powers up before firing an electric jolt. Also on pressing the trigger a single (semi-automatic) round and the lights at the top also light up to indicate the same. Added motor sounds combined with the flywheels revving sounds add a lot of style points to your zombie games.

The Zombie Strike Revoltinator is fed by an 18-round dart clip hence making reloads pretty quick if you carry multiple magazines. The blaster requires four AA batteries to power the flywheels and muzzle velocities reach upwards of 70 feet per second which are on par with Elite performance. The bottom line is this blaster is a very engaging and premium purchase for your Zombie wars.


Released back in 2015, the ominously named ‘Doominator’ is one of the best selling Zombie Gun nerf blasters in Amazon. Its a cleverly engineered manual pump-action blaster capable of firing 24 rounds on a single reload. The unique factor in this Zombie Strike blaster is the revolving ammo barrel. The ammo drum is a unification of four six-round cylinders that need to be manually changed using a switch handle in front of the grip.


The Zombie Strike Doominator also supports slam fire. This allows the player to fire 6 rounds in rapid succession and then flip the ammo cylinder and fire 6 more and so on. The priming handle can be attached either at the bottom or on either side of the muzzle making the blaster ambidextrous. Also present is a tactical rail at the top that provides a minimum level of customization options. We have an extensive review of the Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator that you can check out here.


The HammerShot is a simple handgun much smaller than the other two massive blasters in this list. But there are multiple reasons for it be featured here. The foremost reason would be the style factor. The priming mechanism is, as the name suggests, Hammer Action. This allows players to single-handedly fire the blaster. This would be very helpful when your primary weapon runs empty and you need to quickly open fire at a nearby zombie. It also sports a front-loading barrel that carries five rounds. So reloading is also easy and quick with this blaster.

Nerf Zombie Strike HammerShot

The Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot is designed with bright orange colors with a wooden colored handle with some tape wrapped around it. All made of plastic. This gives a genuine vintage handgun feel as well. It even has a tactical rail at the top for scope or other attachments! Priced at less than 15 USD, it’s an excellent choice as a hostler strapped secondary weapon.

Does Nerf Zombie Strike need batteries?

Usually, any nerf series has a good mix of pump action manual and electronic flywheel semi or full auto blasters. But in the Zombie Nerf Strike series, there is an unusual lack of flywheel blasters. So far in 2020, the Revoltinator seems to be the only electronic flywheel blaster that operates using four AA batteries. All the other blasters in this lineup are either spring action manual blasters or cool crossbows. So yeah, except the Revoltinator you can be safe you don’t need batteries to operate these blasters.

Nerf Zombie Strike Pistols

A surprising number of blasters in this series are pistols or small handguns that would act as excellent pocket weapons that you can fire when you run out of ammo in your primary weapons. We have already covered the HammerShot in the best Zombie Strike blasters list. The Nerf Zombie Strike DoubleStrike is another hammer action handgun, but not a revolver. Instead, it features two barrels with a smart air restrictor that allows you to fire a single dart with each hammer load. Package includes two zombie darts that can be front-loaded in each barrel. There are other interesting handguns in this series too.


The Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury is the mini version of the bulky Doominator. The ammo barrel has two switchable six-dart cylinders operated by a separate trigger. The Priming handle is placed similar to that of Elite Strongarm on top of the barrel along with the rear sight. Total firing capacity is 12 and reloading is easy as the cylinders are quite exposed in the front. This pistol also supports slamfire where you could just press down the firing trigger and simply prime the blaster repeatedly to fire multiple rounds in quick succession.



It is also a front-loaded double-barreled pistol that fires one dart with each prime. But the cool factor about this Zombie Strike pistol is the integrated spinning sawblade (made of foam). Apart from the slider priming handle, there is another trigger that causes the saw blade to rotate in case you need to slash through some zombies. The performance is as good as larger sized Elite blasters with dart velocities reaching more than 70 fps.



This is a four-barrel front-loaded pistol that has a very sleek futuristic form. The design is a very authentic zombie theme with externally visible nuts, bolts, screws and even a tactical rail for add ons. A ‘T’ prime handle present at the rear allows the user to prime and fire one barrel at a time with the help of a smart-air restrictor.



Another really cool pistol in this series is the Zombie Strike Alternator. True to its name, it lets the player alternate between a single, double or triple barrels. And the pistol fires one, two, or three darts respectively with the corresponding barrel. Plastic spanners and chain gears are incorporated with the externals giving an ominous character to this blaster. The blaster fires with enough power to launch even three darts at a time when the third barrel is set.


Nerf Zombie Strike Shotguns

There are three good options if you’re looking to purchase a shotgun from the Zombie Strike series for your HvZ games.


Released way back in 2013, the Nerf SledgeFire is a true shotgun. The primary reason for this approval is because this Zombie Strike gun takes actual Nerf Shells as ammo. Each shell can hold three Zombie Strike or Elite darts. There is a release trigger to open up the barrel and load a shell. Closing the barrel automatically primes the shotgun and pulling the trigger fires all three darts at once. The stock is also designed to hold three shells that can be used in succession.



This is a lever-action shotgun but unlike the SledgeFire it does not take in shells. It is clip-fed and comes packaged with a six-round magazine. The chill factor when it comes to SlingFire is that it can be primed single-handedly by flicking the blaster while holding the priming lever. This can add some style to your Zombie gameplay. Slamfire is missing though. We have covered this blaster with a detailed review here.



This is one of the latest additions to the Zombie Strike shotgun family. The Nerf Scravenger is an upgraded version of the SlingFire and comes with a number of addons as would a Nerf Modulus blaster. The core blaster is a lever-action just like the SlingFire but there is a button that enables slamfire. Add-ons in the package include stock, a barrel attachment, a clip holder, and scope combined into a single attachment, a tactical light, and two 12-round magazines! The stock has an integrated mini pistol that kind of looks like an Elite Jolt. That can be removed from the stock and fired separately too.


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