Best Nerf Guns in 2016

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Over the years Nerf has released a wide range of blasters under different series for different gaming scenarios. Some guns are great for outdoor Nerf wars with the whole gang, and some are tame and perfect for some indoor family fun. As kids, we’ve all owned our Nerf arsenal waiting for the perfect moments to get back at our friends with some well-aimed revenge shots. But these nifty toys have evolved with us. The best Nerf guns from the 90s simply don’t make the cut in 2016. The kids now are so lucky to be able to play with blasters that are actually pushing the limits of government restrictions on toy guns. Teens and adults too are indulging in Nerf games in the form of HvZ and office Nerf wars.

The blasters of the current era are better built, more powerful, shoot darts further, and in all prove to be excellent updates to the older models. Generally, before 2015 Nerf produced blasters for kids 8 years and above. So they make sure they are safe and don’t actually hurt when you’re hit. The darts are made of foam that just bounces off things and doesn’t cause any damage. But for kids that young, these blasters are pretty impressive and more than exciting. In 2015 Nerf demonstrated a new class of blasters specifically for competitive gameplay along the lines of paintball and airsoft. They termed this series Rival and advertised for teens 14 years and above. The new series is much more powerful and speaks more to the adult players who are into Nerfing.

So to speak, a Nerf war is going to lift your spirits irrespective of your age. It can spice up your parties with friends, get you refreshed in the office, or help you bond with your kids during playtime.  All you need is to get a few blasters and dart ammo and start your own nerf battles. The best part of Nerf is that you can have a lot of fun without being concerned about any safety protocols as each blaster is designed and produced within the restrictions imposed by the country the product is sold in. To win your backyard nerf warfare, you should choose only the top nerf guns available. This list will give you an idea of the latest guns to purchase this year for some nerfin’ fun.

Top Nerf Guns based on function


1. Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2 in 1: Best Multifunction Blaster

This is definitely one of the top nerf guns to buy in 2016! This is a gun with which you can do some serious damage in a nerf war. This gun can fire the regular foam darts, and for the extra punch, it has its own integrated missile launcher that shoots foam missiles! It is manufactured using industry-standard, durable plastic which makes it totally safe for children of all ages, though it’s advertised for 8-year-olds and above. The Elite Demolisher is one gun that will last you a long time. This awesome gun can fire up to 10 darts and can reach your enemies as far as 90 feet! A missile can be blasted up to fifty feet depending on how much strength you put in pulling the missile launching slider. The barrel rocket launcher that shoots the missiles is well integrated and not detachable.

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The stock that comes with the Demolisher is sturdy allowing the user to target accurately. In addition, it has a socket to store an extra rocket missile giving you an added advantage in a nerf war. The primary dart blasting mechanism installed in this gun is a powerful motorized flywheel system. It allows you to shoot faster, farther, and more accurately. Being electronic it requires batteries to operate, 4 AA batteries to be exact. Additional tactical scope attachments or laser add-ons can be attached to this already monster of a gun to make it even more powerful.

The trigger is smooth and easy to operate, with a very comfortable grip. There is no priming required and you can simply get the Flywheels running with an auxiliary trigger while pressing the primary trigger shoots out the dart. These advantages, the design, and lightweight make it easy for smaller kids to operate without hard effort even though this gun is not a small pistol model.

In terms of gripes, these come with very few. Some say batteries are a deal-breaker, but a flywheel system cannot operate without them. Another trait which can possibly become a disadvantage in any nerf war is that the motors can be a bit noisy. So it makes it hard for you to be able to sneak up on your enemies from your cover. Sometimes you may experience some jam issues with the Elite Demolisher, but there is a jam access door allowing you to clear any stuck darts. In all the advantages of the Demolisher massively outweigh the disadvantages. The average retail price of a Nerf Elite 2 in 1 Demolisher was around $39 and now has dropped down to around 37 dollars. Even though it was released in 2014, the Demolisher still ranks in the top nerf guns list in 2016.

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2. Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm: Best Revolver Blaster

The Elite Strongarm was released in 2013 and immediately took over the hearts of Nerfers all over the globe. And promptly made it as the best seller in Amazon under toy guns category. The reason is simple. This is one mighty revolver blaster. It is a successor of the Nerf Maverick Rev-6. The Strongarm is a bit bigger in size compared to the Nerf Maverick and considerably more powerful, accurate than its predecessor. This blaster has been rated as the top Nerf Sidearm blaster and can serve you as the perfect secondary weapon to holster during your Nerf wars. It feels light in your hands and comfortable to use with a single hand due to a simple but spectacular design. It even comes with different color schemes like the XD blue white and orange or the cool Sonic Fire red and orange combinations.

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The Elite Strongarm comes with a rear positioned primer that can be easily slid by kids. It supports slam fire which enables the user to simply keep the trigger pressed and just slide the primer back to shoot a dart. You can load this blaster with a maximum of 6 darts, but reloading it is a breeze. You can simply pop out the revolving barrel and load it with darts that just perfectly slide into position. This allows for some quick functioning and rapid shooting.

This blaster is stable and gives you precise aim. Being light, it lets the user single-handedly prime and shoots the blaster with the least effort. Jams almost never happen in Strongarm as the reverse plunger and the dart to be shot are pretty much out in the open. If during the rare case of a jam, it’s pretty straightforward to clear out the stuck dart and continue your play.  Convenient. And most importantly while you are engaged in an intense Nerf war, all that matters is how far your dart can reach, and with the Elite Strongarm being all Elite, you can fire your dart up to seventy-five feet!

This blaster is the perfect entry model. Whether you’re about to buy the first nerf blaster for your kid or purchasing an efficient and convenient sidearm for your nerf battles, this would be the apt choice. In addition, this blaster is pretty cheap, retailing for less than 10 dollars on Amazon.

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3. Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10: Best customizable blaster

The Modulus ECS-10 is the flagship model of the N-Strike Modulus Series of Nerf blasters. The Modulus series was initiated in 2015 with customization as the primary focus. Characteristic features of Modulus blasters are multiple tactical rails, stock and barrel extension slots, bright white with orange, green and gray graphics and powerful internals.


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The Modulus ECS-10 comes with quite a number of accessories. A 10-round banana clip, foregrip for increased accuracy, a short barrel extension with its own extension slot, a scope attachment, a slightly flimsy but replaceable stock, and some modulus-themed darts. With these add-ons, you can create multiple configurations with a single blaster to modify your gameplay as and when required.

Modulus ECS-10 blaster’s internals is similar to Elite blasters and this ensures great performance. The range is up to 90 feet with angled shots with muzzle speeds of darts reaching up to 78 feet per second. This is impressive and does not sacrifice power. The motorized flywheels which fire darts require 4 AA batteries to operate. The ECS-10 is a semi-automatic blaster similar to the Elite Stryfe. You need to hold down the acceleration trigger to rev up the flywheels and press the action trigger for a single dart shot. It’s not heavy in-spite of all the attachments and makes it perfect for both kids and adults to use it alike.

Apart from the base ECS-10 package, Modulus also has multiple combo-kits that enable users to make modifications to this blaster. Kits like the stealth ops, defense, and long-range kits can be bought separately to augment the Modulus experience. This is the go-to blaster for people who are into modding, repainting, and cosplays. All-in-all this is one powerful package both in terms of power and re-configurations and sure to keep the kids occupied without losing interest and discarding it as just another toy!

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4. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage : Best Pump-action shotgun blaster

Another amazing blaster from the Elite series is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage. This mechanical blaster was released back in the year 2012 and is an upgraded version of the Nerf Raider Rapid Fire. This blaster features as the best shotgun in this top nerf guns list.

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The design work on this blaster is just eye-catchy with sleek looks and well defined, bold orange and blue Elite colors. It comes with a 25 darts drum barrel, which may sound like a lot at first, but is actually smaller than the 35 darts drum barrel that used to come with the Nerf Raider. The small barrel size is compensated with increased agility and lesser weight.

The grip, and in turn the handling of this blaster is top-notch. Even though the drum barrel has a significant weight, the overall blaster weight distribution is balanced. The rampage is equipped with two firing modes, with one of the modes being the single fire mode while the other being the slam fire mode, which can give you an extra benefit in a nerf war. With the slam fire mode, you can fire around three to four darts every second depending on how fast you can pump the primer while holding down the trigger! Rampage is really easy to use. To fire, all you have to do is pull back the handle, push the trigger, and fire the darts. So technically this is a semi-automatic blaster but works well if you want to single shot each time as well. However, if you are in a mood for some rapid firing, then the rampage is the best bet in the mechanical elite blasters. While using the slam fire mode, you do have to be extra careful about priming the handle back and forth. Improper and incomplete priming urgently may cause the dart to jam before the plunger. But there is a jam access door to clear it off but only rarely is it needed, though.

The direct plunger system installed in the rampage is powerful and enables you to reach distances up to 50 feet at hip-fire angles. 75 feet if shot at an angle. Its predecessor has a much lower range. If you have a target that lies beyond 50 feet, you can simply angle the blaster upwards and reach your target! With its accuracy, you will surely not fail. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampages retails for an average of $39. The extremely functional design, easy to use primer, large ammo barrel, and incredible build quality of Nerf makes this blaster a complete steal at this price.

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5. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18: Best full-auto rifle blaster

If you’ve looked at the high end of the nerf spectrum then you’re sure to have heard of the RapidStrike. The top nerf guns list would be empty without mentioning the Rapidstrike. This blaster is the remodeled and enhanced version of Stampede ECS. The Stampede was the most powerful and hugely desired Nerf blaster of the previous generation of N-Strike blasters. RapidStrike being its successor in the Elite series has done very well to hold up the mantle. It’s more powerful, accurate, easier to use and most of all very well designed. This blaster is much more than just a toy. A beautiful piece of well-engineered machine.

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Hasbro completely outdid themselves while designing this. The Rapidstrike is an extremely customizable blaster and it comes with five tactical rails. One tactical rail is on the blaster handle while two others are on the top and the bottom of the forward barrel. The last two rails are attached to each side of the blaster. It also has a transparent dart clip which can contain a maximum of 18 darts and allows you to track the remaining ammo. The rapid-fire system utilizes flywheels which use 4 C-sized batteries to operate. The stock that comes with the package is sturdy and allows accurate shots. All these accessories do increase the weight of the blaster and require two hands to operate. But this being a popular choice for the primary weapon in nerf wars and HvZ, two-handed use is warranted.

You can fire RapidStrike in two ways. You can fire single shots by holding down the accelerator trigger and pulling the firing trigger slightly. For burst shots, you will just have to hold down on to the firing trigger. The Rapidstrike is potent with full automatic firing capabilities. On average at hip fire level, the darts can travel up to 55 feet, but with angled fire, you will be able to achieve distances up to 75 feet! However, the most impressive thing about this dynamic blaster is that a single dart can have muzzle speeds of up to 70 feet per second, as the high velocity pushes the darts to cover a little more distance.

There are almost no gripes with this blaster. But one point to note with the Rapidstrike is that since it can fire darts so quickly, you will have to reload more than you would expect. In less than 7 seconds you can empty the full 18-round clip and this fire rate is going to exponentially increase your ammo consumption. The Nerf N-Strike RapidStrike CS-18 is a little pricier compared to the other “elite” series blasters, but the RapidStrike brings much more to the table. In all, a premium gear package at a justified price point.

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