Take your Nerf wars to the next level with remote controlled Nerf drones

You could have the latest Elite blasters or even the heavy hitting Mastodon but to win each Nerf battle you need some tactical advantage. When you’re outnumbered and surrounded and cornered to a hideout, it would be helpful to have some remote controlled Nerf drones at your command. Nerf too has been actively involved in converting the Nerf battle to a full blown war experience with innovative releases every year.

At present, we have two options for remote controlled Nerf drones. One is the Nerf Combat creatures Terradrone that was released in 2014. And the latest one just out in the market is the Nerf Terrascout RC Drone (2016). Both these Nerf drones have been hugely successful and have great reviews from Nerfers everywhere. Do go through their detailed reviews to purchase the best one for you.

Best Nerf Drones

  • Terrascout RC Drone (2016)

The TerraScout is one of the most exciting releases of this year. Simply put it is a small Tank that can completely change the Nerf game.

Nerf drones

The TerraScout is insanely packed with many great features. And this is the only Nerf Tank that you need by your side to win any Nerf battle. The whole package can be split and discussed in three parts.

Firstly the Tank base. It is complete with a continuous tank tread that is operated by six wheels on either side. It is very sturdy, easily rolls over obstacles and can handle any terrain. The TerraScout can reach up to speeds of 215 feet per second with fully charged battery. The package comes with a rechargeable 9.6-volt battery and its corresponding charger. But since this battery is lodged into the base of the tank, it cannot be used on wet surfaces.

Secondly the blaster itself. It is a fully automatic N-Strike Elite blaster that comes with a 18-dart magazine. The magazine can be replaced with a higher capacity magazine or a dart drum too. The performance is on par with any elite blaster with muzzle velocities reaching more than 70fps. The blaster has front nozzle extension slot and two tactical rails to even customize its looks. A 480p video camera is housed on top of the muzzle which feeds live video to the remote controller. There is also a sd card slot if the video feed is to be recorded.

The remote controller of the TerraScout is on par with the latest drone controllers technology. A small LCD screen shows the live feed from the integrated camera on the blaster.  A four-level switch sets the radio frequency in which to operate the drone. This allows up to four TerraScouts to run around in the same space without confusing the remotes. An On/Off switch, record video button, Forward/Backward joystick, Left/Right joystick and two triggers are also present. The left trigger moves the blaster up and down while the right trigger fires the blaster. The remote takes in 4 ‘AA’ batteries to operate.

Nerf has definitely outdone themselves with the release of TerraScout this year. It is considerably expensive that any other standalone Nerf blaster but the abundance of features and well-integrated package stops us from complaining. Check the latest price and reviews by following the link below.

  •  Nerf Combat Creatures TerraDrone (2014)

The Terradrone is a remote-controlled hexapod walking on six robotic legs. The black colored remote looks like an old gaming controller with directional buttons for moving forward and backward. The left and right buttons turn the firing Turret around 360 degrees. Also, there is a Firing button that fires the turret and automatically rotates to load the next round. Finally, there is a UP/DOWN button to change the muzzle angle.

The TerraDrone takes in four ‘AA’ batteries to operate. The speed of the drone is quite slow as it imitates an insect. The turret takes in 12 Elite darts. Loading the turret is easy as it can simply be removed, reloaded and fixed back in the slot. The muzzle velocity is only around 35 feet per second. If you’re looking to buy a unique robotic nerf blaster that moves just like a huge insect and fires elite darts then the Terradrone is a good choice.