Younglings today are shifting towards passive modes of entertainment at too early an age. They're getting hooked on to video gaming, television, and tablet apps when rather they should be running around with kids of their own age having fun on the streets. Here at NerfAuthority, we are bent on spreading the word about brilliant toys that can keep your kids on their toes. With a wide variety of options taking over the market every single day, we have filtered, tried, and reviewed the best of NERF blasters for your consideration.

NERF is a premium model gun manufacturer based out in the US. They have been industry pioneers since the seventies and produce blasters based on different themes. Nerf has set high benchmarks on design and performance that other companies have tried hard to meet the standards and failed. Here in our web portal we will be constantly updating you on the latest released Nerf blasters, scoops on upcoming releases, and reviews of individual blasters.  Check out our lists of best Nerf guns in various categories and choose the right one for you or your kids.

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