Playing cops and robbers with neighborhood kids is probably the most fun little kids can have when they are not glued to mobile screens, of course. The current age and day have seen the evolution of children's' playtime become an immobile in-home activity for the most part. Though computer games can be a lot of fun, kids have to be encouraged to play outside too. Playing physical games is has a multitude of benefits. Starting from improved health, the child also develops strong social and leadership skills with a tremendous boost in confidence. Among a wide variety of outdoor toys available in the market currently, we see toy guns are the most coveted and best-selling products decade after decade. It's safe to say you can never go wrong gifting your little one with a nice big but safe toy gun.

With that being said, what toy guns would be the best for your kids? There are so many options available each in a different size, power, and capabilities. So we want to help you make the best possible choice for your kid or yourself ;).

Here is a list of things you might want to consider before purchasing a toy firearm.

1. Safety

When it comes to our kids 'Safety' is ultimately the topmost priority. Making sure the product does not cause any harm in any way should be the first item on the checklist. The recommendations we have made here in this article are absolutely safe with good sales history and public reviews.

2. Budget

It might surprise a few readers to see cost as an important factor considering this is just a toy. But long gone are the days when they were just small cheap playtime objects. Nowadays companies release very well-engineered Foam blasters that are even capable of fully automatic rapid-fire, magazine feed, safety switch, and even a lot of customization options. These little powerhouses can cost anywhere from a dollar to upwards of 150 dollars.

3. Age

Age is a factor you definitely have to consider before buying toy guns for your kids. Usually, toymakers have distinct options for guns (blasters) for different age groups. Some gun brands are entirely only meant for teens and adults. For instance, Airsoft is a sport played with guns that fire small plastic pellets at high speeds. It is advised that only older teens or adults play with Airsoft after undertaking good safety measures. Meanwhile, water guns and foam dart blasters such as Nerf primarily focus on kids, keeping in mind their safety and at-home gameplay style.

4. Play Space

If your idea of a gun game is to find open spaces, wear safety gear and spend a considerable amount of time in a competitive manner, then Airsoft will be more to your liking. But the majority of blasters sale is from foam dart blasters like Nerf and water guns like super soakers. These fun toys let you play at home, garden, or in the pool with friends and siblings with minimal safety measures. Water guns are of course harmless, while the foam darts are designed in a way they don't cause any injury on impact. But it's always advisable to cover sensitive areas like the eyes during playtime.