Cheap Nerf Guns

Nerf may be one of those manufacturers that produce premium products with a lot of thought, research and marketing put into their toys, but they also roll out cheap Nerf guns that can be great starters to building your arsenal.

Here we have picked out a list of really cheap Nerf guns that cost under 10 dollars. These nifty little blasters are comparatively small and low powered but not all the way so. These blasters would make an excellent gift for a little one, or someone looking for a tertiary weapon to tuck away in their jackets during Nerf wars. Also, these blasters have become quite popular with office-goers looking to mess with their colleagues for fun.

These little nerf guns carry simple design with a minimal number of darts and no other accessories. And all of them are manual shooters. Meaning each shot requires a manual prime and trigger press. This needs no battery which is a plus.

The order in which we have compiled is simply based on ease of use and aesthetics. Performance-wise they are neck-to-neck, with appropriate power for their tiny sizes.

Nerf Elite Disruptor

The Disruptor is one of those Nerf blasters that you don’t expect to fall under this category full of mini pocket blasters. The Nerf Elite Disruptor is the newer and the reskinned version of the Elite Strongarm. Though it is not as popular, it has garnered great reviews and one of the Nerf bestsellers.

The Nerf Elite Disruptor has some great features such as smooth rotating ammo barrel and slam-fire. There is also a tactical rail on the top to add nerf attachments such as sights and scopes.

Also, the performance of this little nerf gun is great. It can shoot darts at over 70 feet per second which is at par with other bigger Elite blasters! Considering all these factors, the Disruptor is a top choice under ten dollars. We have a complete review of the Disruptor that you can check out here.

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Nerf Micro Shots

Nerf Micro-Shots is a Nerf subseries that consists of miniature versions of previously successful Nerf blasters. The micro-shot blasters are all basically re-skinned Nerf Elite Jolt, a single-shot blaster. With respect to design, looks, and color themes they very closely resemble their elder brother blasters.

Each of the Nerf Micro shot packages come with a blaster and two darts. They also sport a mock tactical rail that cannot actually be used to add N-strike attachments. The Zombie Strike Hammershot Micro shot even comes with a dummy priming handle. All the Micro shot blasters sport a T-handle that has to be pulled down to prime the blaster. A single dart can be loaded via the front nozzle and shot one at a time. The performance of these tiny guns is good considering their smaller size with muzzle velocities reaching more than 50 feet per second.

There are no cons as such with these micro shots and they function very well as pocket blasters. Right now three versions are out on Amazon with more models yet to be released.


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Nerf Zombie Strike: DoubleStrike

The DoubleStrike is a really cute and highly rated blaster in the cheap nerf guns category priced at only around 7 dollars after price discounts in Amazon. It is extremely lightweight, easy to carry around and small enough to even tuck into your jacket pocket. The theme of this blaster is very apt to the series. Bright green and orange colors with taped handle graphics give the authentic apocalyptic aesthetic. This blaster would be appropriate for little kids starting out with their very first nerf gun. Or if you’re looking to have a backup gun to shoot with when you run out of ammo on your primary and pistol weapon during your nerf wars.



Visually the Double Strike resembles a small old pistol with a hammer that needs to be cocked to fire the pistol. This allows you to cock the hammer in one hand and fire it off at ease. Two Zombie themed green darts are included with the pack, which can be stored in the two slots on the front muzzle. But the blaster only fires them one at a time.

Considering the performance the DoubeStrike can shoot at muzzle speeds of up to 60 feet per second which would give a range of about 50 feet. This is not on par with the bigger Zombie Strike blasters but its pretty powerful for its size. No modifications are possible though, except for a single available tactical rail on top.

By far this is our favorite nerf gun in this category with a cool paint job, easy front loading, and perfect quick single-handed shots. 

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Nerf N-Strike Mega: BigShock

The ironic name BigShock blaster is a compact fun-sized Nerf gun priced only at 5.60 dollars. It's the smallest in the Mega series and shoots big mega darts. The package comes with two mega darts, only one of which can be front-loaded at a time. There is an iron sight that also doubles as storage for the second Mega dart. The blaster is painted a classic Mega-Red with orange accents on certain parts.

The primer is inside the gun handle which needs to be pulled below to be able to load the blaster. Hence cannot be used single-handedly. There are no other accessories or tactical rails either, meaning there are absolutely no customizing possibilities. Performance is on par with blasters of this size with muzzle velocities reaching 60 feet per second.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite: FireStrike

The FireStrike is hugely popular and one of the best-selling cheap Nerf guns. Technically it a not under 10 dollars, 11 to be exact. But it still is tiny and versatile to be included in this list. This blaster is available in two color themes, one regular blue/orange theme of Elite and the other completely orange.



The blaster comes with three elite darts. Suction darts can also be used here interchangeably. The blaster is front loading with one slot in the muzzle where the actual dart to be fired is loaded. The other two darts have their own slots to be stored in the front. But the most characteristic feature of the FireStrike is the Targeting Light Beam. This attachment is similar to the laser scopes in real guns that allow you to accurately locate your targets.

Operation of this blaster is quite fun. The primer is a handle behind the blaster and needs to be pulled backward till it locks and loads the plunger. There are two triggers, one which flicks on the targeting beam and the other regular trigger that fires the dart. This blaster also packs the power to fire darts on par with other blasters in this category.

The plunger operates without any batteries and simply requires a manual prime. But the light scope requires 2 AAA batteries, which can be ignored if not needed. Overall a cost-worthy purchase we must say.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite: Triad EX-3 XD

The Elite Triad XD is probably the most powerful blaster in the cheap Nerf guns category available in the market right now. It is the newer upgraded version of the Elite Triad which was advertised to shoot up to 75 feet. The XD version is redesigned with a full white paint job with blue accents and is marked to shoot up to 90 feet. This range is tremendous for a blaster of this minuscule size. Realistically in ideal conditions, this blaster would be able to fire the darts up to 80 feet with angled shots. This still is pretty impressive coming from a pocket blaster and on par with many of the bigger guns.

The package is simple with no accessories except for 3 elite darts. Suction darts could be bought and used also. The operation of this blaster is a combination of the Zombie DoubleStrike and the Mega BigShock. The priming handle is at the same place, inside the gun handle, just like in BigShock. This requires two hands to load and fire. Meanwhile, the front muzzle has three slots to stock the three darts. And once the darts are loaded the Triad can fire the darts one at a time, without having to re-slot the darts. This saves you time and earns you quick kills in a Nerf war.

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NERF Elite 2.0 Volt SD-1 Blaster

Don’t underestimate the Elite 2.0 Volt just because it’s a pocket blaster! It’s small but mighty, perfect for those times when you find yourself in a tight spot and low on ammo. With its integrated light beam, you can take accurate shots with ease and come out on top! And if you want to get creative, you can attach your favorite accessories to the Volt’s two tactical rails – the possibilities are endless! It utilizes traditional NERF Elite darts, which are constructed from high-quality foam and come with hollow tips – so you can enjoy this gun indoors and outdoors!

This blaster is crafted for close-quarter skirmishes. Despite its ability to shoot up to 90 feet, the light beam targeting system accompanying it only works for foes located within a 15-foot radius. Therefore this single-shot, front-loaded blaster may not be your go-to weapon, but with four NERF darts included you’ll have plenty of ammo to fire away. All you need to do to get ready for battle is pull back the priming plunger and you’ll be good to go!

What we like about the blaster

  • NERF’s Elite 2.0 Volt SD-1 blasters come with a bonus of six official NERF darts, providing hours of competitive fun.
  • The targeting system requires batteries to power its beam of light, yet the gun can still shoot without them.

Cons of the blaster

  • This is a single-shot blaster and requires reloading after every blast.

N-Strike Elite Jolt

Designed for stealthy battles, the Jolt Blaster is a small and compact NERF gun, perfect for kids looking to keep their weapon of choice out of sight until it’s time to take the shot! And, what’s more, it’s one of the best NERF guns under $10 due to its straightforward design and easy-to-reload darts, making it ideal for any battlefield!

The NERF Jolt blaster can be your go-to for fast-firing fun; this mini-sized blaster packs a powerful punch as it shoots one N-Strike Elite dart at a time! And although it only comes with two darts, it can be loaded with additional darts from any NERF Elite replacement pack. The blaster boasts a muzzle velocity of 60 feet per second and can take single shots before needing to be reloaded. Although this blaster may not have the same power as its bigger counterparts, its fun factor certainly makes up for it – making it perfect for target shooting and quickdraw competitions. This basic blaster truly exceeds expectations, providing an enjoyable experience no matter the situation!

What we like about the blaster

  • The blaster features a trigger that can be effortlessly pulled.
  • This grip is crafted to comfortably accommodate children with different hand sizes.

Cons of the blaster

  • It wasn’t created to withstand long, drawn-out NERF skirmishes.

N-Strike NanoFire

Equipped with a single front-loading barrel and two dart holders atop, this blaster bears a striking resemblance to a Jolt – take off the blue or green shell piece and you’ll see. Eventhough its firing system is similar to that of the Jolt, however, the NanoFire features an extra two rounds on the barrel which makes for a much simpler reload. 

What we like about the blaster

  • This compact-sized firearm fits snugly in one hand
  • It has the ability to store two extra rounds conveniently on the gun itself.

Cons of the blaster

  • The blaster wont be comfortable for big hands.
  • Only one shot is allowed with the blaster.

NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster

The Knockout XX-100 is an exciting addition to the Nerf RIVAL series that made its debut on October 1, 2019. This slide-action blaster can be swiftly and efficiently loaded through the convenient breech. The blaster is readied for battle with a priming rod, reminiscent of the same external mechanism seen on the Jolt EX-1. However, unlike other external mechanism blasters, the priming rod is not directly connected to the plunger rod, so you’ll need to manually push it back into position to fire off a shot. Moreover, the blaster has a muzzle underneath, which provides a safe haven for four High-Impact Rounds, with two slots on each side. In addition, an accessible safety switch is cleverly tucked under the trigger.

The Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster offers the same power as its predecessor, the NERF Rival model, but with a more compact design, making it easier to conceal in the midst of battle and easier to move around in tighter spaces. But don’t be fooled, its impressive firing strength remains suitable for medium- to long-range targets! This spring-action, hand-powered blaster requires no batteries to get it ready for action. We have a complete review of the Knockout XX-100 that you can check out here.

What we like about the blaster

  • This is a manual blaster; it does not require any batteries.
  • There is a trigger lock to avoid any accidental firing.
  • The diminutive stature of the blaster makes it the perfect weapon for playing fast-paced games and launching stealthy ambushes.

Cons of the blaster

  • Lacks firepower.
  • You cannot use it as your primary blaster.

Holdout NERF Doomlands Toy Blaster

The Holdout NERF Doomlands blaster is the perfect choice for budding sharpshooters, designed to be a single-shot NERF gun for easy use no matter the experience level. With no batteries required, you can fire away whenever you please – no need to worry about replacing power sources or being let down when you’re ready to shoot! This hand-powered blaster is ready to launch every single time.

Equipped with two dart-holding storage spaces that secure to its tactical rail for stability, the NERF blaster is an incredibly user-friendly tool crafted with Doomsland elite darts made of foam and hollow tips, plus a unique grip design for easy handling.

What we like about the blaster

  • This blaster is crafted with superior-grade plastic material for top-notch quality.
  • It can reach far enough to be effectively employed both indoors and outdoors.

Cons of the blaster

  • This NERF gun’s scope won’t provide you with any assistance.