Do you want to get your kids outside and away from technology? Creating an epic DIY Nerf Obstacle Course could be the perfect way to get them off the couch and running around for some fun. With a few simple supplies, you can make this exciting obstacle course that's perfect for kids of all ages. Here are some ideas and tips to help get you started!


What is Nerf Obstacle Course?

A NERF obstacle course is a type of physical activity or game where participants navigate through a series of obstacles while shooting NERF blasters at targets or opponents. The course typically includes obstacles such as walls, tunnels, balance beams, and other challenges that require physical dexterity and agility to overcome. Participants use NERF blasters to shoot at targets or opponents as they navigate the course. The goal of the course is to complete the challenge in the fastest time possible while hitting all targets or opponents. NERF obstacle courses are often used for team-building activities, birthday parties, or other events where participants can engage in fun, active play.

How to build a Nerf gun obstacle course?

With a little bit of creativity and some household items, you can create an epic course that will provide hours of endless fun for your children. Here's how to get started:

Choose your location

nerf obstacle course
Choosing the right location 

Choosing the right location for your DIY Nerf obstacle course is an essential step to ensure a successful and enjoyable game. The size of the area you choose can make a big difference in the overall experience of the game. A spacious area will give you more room to create exciting obstacles and challenges for the participants to navigate. A smaller area, on the other hand, may limit the number of obstacles you can incorporate, making the game less challenging.

When deciding on a location, you should also consider the type of terrain you want to play on. Outdoors, you can create your obstacle course in a park, beach, or even your backyard. On the other hand, if you choose to play indoors, you can use a large open space, like a gymnasium or an empty room in your house.

Regardless of whether you choose an indoor or outdoor location, you should ensure the area is safe for participants to navigate. Be mindful of any potential hazards, such as uneven surfaces, sharp objects, or areas that may cause participants to trip or fall. Additionally, be aware of the weather conditions and avoid playing in areas that are prone to flooding or have high wind speeds.

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Create the Base

Creating the base for your Nerf obstacle course is an essential step to make the game challenging and exciting for the participants. Here are some tips on how to create a solid base:

  • Use cardboard boxes: Cardboard boxes are versatile and can be used to create a variety of obstacles, such as walls, tunnels, and barricades. You can cut the boxes into different sizes and shapes and use tape to hold them together.​
  • Use cardboard boxes to make Obstacles
  • Use cushions: You can use cushions to create soft barriers that participants can hide behind or manoeuvre around. Make sure to stack the cushions securely to avoid them from falling during the game.
  • Use chairs: Chairs can be used to create obstacles that participants need to climb over or crawl under. Make sure to use sturdy chairs that can support the weight of the participants.
  • Consider the age group: When creating your base, consider the age group of the participants. Younger children may require smaller obstacles, while older children may need more challenging and complex structures.
  • Create a variety of obstacles: To make the game more challenging, create a variety of obstacles that require participants to climb, crawl, or dodge. This will keep the participants engaged and excited throughout the game.

Add Obstacles

Adding obstacles to your Nerf obstacle course is an important step to make the game more challenging and engaging for the participants. Here are some tips on how to add obstacles to your course:

  • Use PVC pipes: PVC pipes can be used to create tunnels and obstacles for participants to crawl through. You can cut the pipes into different sizes and shapes and connect them using connectors.
  • Use pool noodles: Pool noodles can be used to create soft obstacles that participants can manoeuvre around. You can use them to create hurdles or barriers that participants need to jump over or crawl under.
  • Use cardboard: Cardboard can be used to create walls and other structures that participants need to climb over or crawl under. You can use tape to hold the cardboard together and make it sturdy.
  • Incorporate items such as hoops, rings, and hula hoops: These items can be used to create targets that participants need to shoot with their Nerf guns. You can place them at different angles and heights to make the game more challenging.​

  • Consider the safety of the obstacles: When adding obstacles to your course, make sure to consider the safety of the participants. Avoid using sharp objects or materials that can cause injury.

Incorporate targets

Incorporating targets into your Nerf obstacle course can add an extra level of challenge and excitement for the participants. 

Incorporate targets

Here are some tips on how to create targets for your course:

  • Use different types of targets: Incorporate a variety of targets, such as hanging targets, moving targets, and stationary targets, to make the game more challenging and interesting.
  • Vary the size and difficulty of targets: Make some targets larger and easier to hit while others smaller and more difficult. This will keep the game engaging for all participants, regardless of their skill level.
  • Use multiple targets at once: Place several targets at once, and give participants a limited amount of time to shoot them all. This adds an element of speed and urgency to the game.
  • Incorporate scoring: Assign points to different targets based on their size and difficulty. This can add a competitive element to the game and motivate participants to aim for higher-scoring targets.
  • Use creativity: Incorporate targets into the obstacles themselves, such as having participants shoot at a target while navigating through a tunnel.

Set up the course

Setting up the course is a crucial step in creating a fun and engaging Nerf obstacle course. After selecting the obstacles, it's important to take the time to carefully set up the course in the chosen location, ensuring that each obstacle is secure and safe for participants to navigate. By doing so, you can create an exciting and challenging course that will provide hours of fun for all participants.

Here are some steps to follow when setting up the course:

  • Clear the area: Clear the area of any debris, obstacles, or hazards that could pose a risk to participants. Make sure the area is safe for participants to navigate and play.
  • Set up the obstacles: Use your sketches and plans to set up the obstacles in the desired locations. Make sure the obstacles are secure and will not move or collapse during the game.
  • Test the obstacles: Test each obstacle to make sure it functions properly and is safe for participants to navigate. Adjust or remove any obstacles that are not functioning correctly or pose a safety risk.
  • Mark the boundaries: Use cones, tape, or other markers to clearly mark the boundaries of the course. Make sure the boundaries are clearly visible and easy to follow.

Test the course

Testing the course before playing the game is a critical step in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all participants. After setting up the course, take the time to carefully test each obstacle to ensure that it functions properly and is safe for participants to navigate. You can do this by having a few volunteers run through the course, identifying any areas that may need adjustment or modification. This will help you make any necessary changes before the game begins, ensuring that the course is both challenging and safe for everyone who plays. By testing the course beforehand, you can create an exciting and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Other Nerf obstacle course ideas

Here are some NERF obstacle course ideas that you could consider:

  1. The Maze: Create a maze of obstacles, such as tunnels, walls, and other barriers. Place targets throughout the maze that participants must hit with their NERF blasters.
  2. The Gauntlet: Create a series of obstacles that participants must navigate, such as balance beams, a rope climb, and a wall climb. Participants must hit targets placed throughout the course to move on to the next obstacle.
  3. The Assault Course: Create a course that simulates a military-style assault course. Participants must navigate through obstacles such as walls, tires, and monkey bars while shooting at targets placed throughout the course.
  4. The Survivor Challenge: Create an obstacle course that simulates a survival challenge. Participants must navigate through obstacles such as a mud pit, a river crossing, and a rope swing while shooting at targets to collect points.
  5. The Time Trial: Set up an obstacle course with targets placed throughout the course. Participants must hit all targets in the fastest time possible to win the challenge.

These are just a few NERF obstacle course ideas to get you started. You can customize the obstacles and challenges based on the age and skill level of the participants, as well as the available space and equipment.


  1. How do you set up a Nerf battlefield?

Setting up a Nerf battlefield requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that the game is safe, challenging, and enjoyable for all participants. Here are some steps to follow when setting up a Nerf battlefield:

  • Choose a location: Select a spacious indoor or outdoor location that provides enough room for participants to move around freely and safely.
  • Establish boundaries: Clearly mark the boundaries of the battlefield using cones, tape, or other markers to ensure that participants stay within the designated area.
  • Set up obstacles: Use a variety of obstacles, such as cardboard boxes, cushions, chairs, and other materials, to create cover and barriers for participants to hide behind and manoeuvre around.
  • Designate respawn points: Designate specific areas on the battlefield as respawn points where players can return to the game after being tagged out.
  • Set up game objectives: Establish game objectives, such as capturing a flag or eliminating the other team, to create a clear goal for participants to work towards.
  • Establish rules: Create and communicate clear rules for the game, such as banning headshots or setting a maximum number of shots per player, to ensure that everyone plays safely and fairly.
  • Provide safety equipment: Provide safety equipment such as eye protection and knee pads to ensure that participants are protected during gameplay.
  1. What is Nerf Obstacle Course Kit?

A Nerf obstacle course kit is a set of materials or equipment designed to create a customizable obstacle course for Nerf games. These kits can include a variety of obstacles such as tunnels, walls, ramps, and targets, as well as accessories such as hoops, rings, and hula hoops. Some kits also come with instructions or suggestions for setting up the course, while others may be more open-ended and allow for creative customization.

Nerf obstacle course kits can be a convenient way to set up a fun and challenging course without having to source and gather materials on your own. They may be sold by Nerf or other toy companies or by third-party sellers online. Some kits may also come with Nerf guns or other accessories, while others may simply provide the materials needed to create the course.