Simply put, the Nerf Elite Disruptor is a reskinned Elite Strongarm with a few modifications both aesthetically and functionally. Released in the year 2016 this new blaster has quickly become one of the best selling Nerf blasters online.

Nerf Elite Disruptor – Specifications

The Nerf Elite Disruptor is a spring action revolver blaster. The package is simple with the blaster and six elite darts.
A tactical rail on the top allows you to add elite attachments like the scope or flashlight. You can find some cool Nerf attachments in our Accessories page. There is no barrel extension slot to attach any accessories in the front though.

Like the Strongarm the Disruptor has slamfire capabilities. This is where you can hold down the trigger and repeatedly prime the blaster to fire consecutive darts rapidly. The priming action is smooth making this blaster an effective sidearm for your nerf wars. There is also a priming indicator behind the handle that lets you know whether the blaster is primed and ready to fire.

Also present are two sling mounts to strap on the blaster while you’re blasting away with your primary blaster.

Nerf Elite Disruptor – Design aspects

In many ways, the Nerf Elite Disruptor follows the same design principles as that of the Strongarm. The internal firing mechanism is identical but externally, the disruptor looks a bit more sleek and modern. The paint job is more trendy with the Elite theme and graphics.
In the Strongarm blaster, the revolving darts cylinder can be pivoted out to reload. In contrast, the Disruptor lets you load the darts while keeping the cylinder intact in the body. This reduces the reload times considerably allowing you to return fire faster.

The performance of the Disruptor is solid. The darts exit the muzzle with an average velocity of over 72 feet per second, which is great for the Elite series.

Nerf Elite Disruptor unboxing

Features of the Nerf Disruptor

The blaster is a Lightweight Sidearm

The Disruptor is a lightweight sidearm with a sleek, modern look reminiscent of a laser blaster. Stripped of the cumbersome plastic exterior, it appears more lightweight and streamlined than the Strongarm – an aesthetic difference to behold.

Prime Time

The Disruptor packs a slide-action primer, akin to the Strongarm, situated at the back of the blaster. Boasting a sizeable handle and a smooth sliding motion, it makes it a breeze to operate the blaster with just one hand atop and the other on the trigger. What’s more, a color-coded priming indicator on the back of the Disruptor turns orange when you are all set to fire away!

One of the downsides (pardon the pun) of a slide-action primer, especially on the top of the gun, is that it’s not necessarily the most comfortable spot for many to keep their non-trigger hand, but it really comes down to an individual’s preference.

Quick Reloads

A distinguishing feature of the Disruptor versus the Strongarm is the configuration of the cylinder: the front of the Disruptor cylinder is exposed for rapid reloading, a beneficial advantage for a blaster with a mere 6-round capacity.

 Slam Fire

If you need to surprise someone from a distance, the Disruptor is the ideal single-blaster for the job. With its advertised firing distance of 90 feet (27 meters) and slam-fire capability, you can quickly and accurately take multiple shots in rapid succession with a simple pull of the trigger.

Nerf Disruptor Mod


The Nerf Elite Disruptor is a great choice for a secondary sidearm for your Nerf wars. It is quick to reload, easy to prime and fire. The blaster is impossible to jam as it fires from an open revolving cylinder. One disadvantage is the lack of a slot to add barrel extensions. Then again, this is to be played as a sidearm, and needn’t have much customization capabilities. A Tactical rail is present though, to compensate that.

Overall, the Nerf Elite Disruptor is the one to buy if you’re looking for a really cheap entry level Nerf blaster to be used as a sidearm, before moving on to bigger and intimidating Nerf guns. But if you already own a Strongarm, the Disruptor isn’t that much of an upgrade and you should consider other blasters available from Nerf.

The best thing about the Nerf Elite Disruptor is its price. We think this could be the most value for money blaster in the Nerf Elite series. It’s only a slight bit costlier than some of the mini Nerf blasters like the DoubleStrike or the Triad. With great, smooth performance and six-dart cylinder capacity, you could just as well purchase this blaster compared to many mini Nerf guns available in the market.

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