Updated on 1st March 2023

Nerf N-Strike brand of Elite blasters have always managed to raise expectant hype and deliver accordingly to fans both new and old. The Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster released in the year 2014 is no deviant. It is one of most highly regarded Elite blasters by both kids and HvZ players alike.  Keep in mind that blasters are a great time-pass for kids and even for adults (those brave enough to be seen doing so!) so give the exciting and thrilling Demolisher 2-in-1 a try before overlooking its potential.

Overview of the Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster

The Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster is recommended for children 8 years and up. It measures up to dimensions of 3.7 x 12 x 20.2, with an easy to carry weight of 3.4 pounds. The unique feature here is this blaster is capable of firing two different darts- The elite darts and huge missile darts. The elite dart firing happens with the help of flywheel blasters, while the missile is purely based on air pressure pump. This is a semi-automatic blaster and hence does not have a set firing rate. The Demolisher handles both the darts considerably well, with different shooting distances for each. While the Elite darts can be launched up to 90 feet, the Nerf missile darts can go 50 feet usually. This is where the ‘2-in-1’ of the names comes from, which is truly a huge step forward when considering most other blasters do not have such viable options. As with other motorized blasters the range of this blaster can be enhanced by giving the flywheels enough time in-between shots to rev them up to their maximum potential. The muzzle speeds of the primary barrel is on par with other elite balsters going upto 70fps. The missile can be launched at about 40fps based on how fast you pull back the missile priming handle.

The storage unit, banana clip, can keep up to 10 Elite darts at once and looks immensely tacti-cool. Like that of an Kailashnikov. Though it doesn’t change performance in any way. Best of all, you can load the missiles and the darts together to shoot them both at once, making your attacks not only fast, but greatly varied as well. Additionally, it comes with a barrel extension that can be attached or detached at will, two tactical rails, a shoulder stock and two strap points. The stock attachment also has space to stock up a single extra missile dart.

Key features of the blaster

  • Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster fires both darts and missiles.
  • It advertises a firing range of up to 90 feet for both missiles and darts.
  • It is equipped with an Acceleration trigger that powers up the motor.
  • The blaster features a detachable shoulder stock that can carry an extra missile.
Detachable shoulder stock that can carry an extra missile

The Elite Missile

The Demolisher, a revolutionary Nerf blaster, is the first since the Titan to fire Elite Missiles! Constructed of airy foam, the body of the missile is light, while the head is constructed of a more dense and durable foam. The fins are made of a rigid foam sheeting, slightly angled so that the missile spins in flight, helping it remain on a straight trajectory and maximizing its accuracy.

Ergonomics and Design

Fitted with a shoulder stock, the Demolisher is an oversized blaster with a notable weight imbalance towards the front, but luckily the missile pump handle is conveniently located at the bottom, ready for an extra hand. As is the case with all Nerf products, the main handle is perfectly sized and comfortable to hold, with an “acceleration trigger” positioned beneath the primary firing trigger and across from the clip release for ease of use. With its top-level tactical rail doubling as iron sights, the detachable shoulder stock can come in handy to carry an extra missile – a pretty awesome idea! But let’s not forget the cool-looking banana clip which, unfortunately, can only hold 10 darts – but that can be quickly remedied by exchanging it for a higher-capacity one. And the shoulder stock attaches securely, a testament to its nicely designed build.

Unboxing of the Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster


  • True to it’s name , a 2-in-1 blaster, with double the fun.
  • The firing range is impressive. This ties into how the firing speed can be entirely controlled by the user.
  • Allows N-strike attachments for both barrel extensions and replaceable stock.
  • A bit of trivia: This is the first blaster to utilize a banana clip, for the Elite darts.


  • It requires 4 AA batteries to perform, but so is the case with any semi or fully automatic nerf blaster available.
  • The Demolisher might jam certain times, but this is primarily due to human error or improperly loading the clip.

Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster: Mod Guide

The Demolisher was well received during its release and still is one of the best selling Elite blasters. With the cool color combination , game-weapon like design, 10-dart banana clip, barrel extension slot, and capability to fire missile darts, this blaster is definitely not boring and makes for a great addition to the Nerf Elite arsenal.

You can purchase Demolisher 2-in-1 under 37 dollars from Amazon.         Check Price