The year 2016 is seeing Nerf trump all its top-of-the-line blasters with newer and more powerful versions in many of its series. With the release of the Elite HyperFire Nerf has successfully surpassed all previous Elite blasters in terms of performance and ingenuity. The Nerf Elite HyperFire is the latest in the Elite Series and the third fully-automatic Elite blaster. The previous two being the RapidStrike CS-18 and the Rhino-Fire. The Rhino-Fire blaster is meant to be a stationary SMG modelled Nerf blaster and not be carried around much. The RapidStrike CS-18 on the other hand is an assault rifle mimic and was one of the best selling blasters in the history of Nerf ever!  It has been the epitome of fully Automatic Elite Nerf blasters. Up until now. The release of Hyper fire has pushed the boundaries of the Elite series and is now ready to be the Elite flagship model.

The HyperFire is a cool looking gun , resembling a weapon straight out of an aliens shooter game. The body is a well constructed single shell model with no modular parts. The paint job is of the classic Elite blue and orange hues. Internally the Nerf Elite HyperFire is a motorized flywheel blaster and requires four D-sized batteries to operate. The battery slots are present in the integrated shoulder stock giving a linear weight distribution to balance the blaster, making it very easy to hold, carry and play with. Also the Nerf Elite HyperFire is magazine fed. Although, out of the box the blaster comes with a 25 round drum, it can be swapped with other Nerf Elite magazines of higher capacity if required. The handle of the blaster is of the thumb-hole stock variety.

Apart from the visual appeal, the key factor that differentiates the Elite HyperFire from other Elite blasters , especially the RapidStrike is its performance.

Nerf Elite HyperFire – Performance

 Nerf claims that this blaster has the highest rate of fire out of the entire Nerf arsenal and rightly so. The HyperFire boasts an incredible 5 darts per second rate of fire. With the 25 dart drum in place you would be empty in less than 5 seconds. The range traveled by the darts are pretty consistent at around 65 to 75 feet for angled shots which is the standard for the Elite series. Apart from the rate of fire, the Nerf Elite HyperFire also boasts of high muzzle velocity averaging at 74fps which is well above the 70 fps Elite benchmark. The custom flywheels along with the higher initial velocities give this blaster higher accuracy and allows you to hit your targets more often than not. A conveyor belt system feeds the darts into the flywheels making this blaster a lot smoother to fire in comparison with the RapidStrike. The flywheel system too is quieter and much less clanky.

Nerf Elite HyperFire – Cons

The cons of this blaster primarily is the lack of customization. There is only one tactical rail on the top of the muzzle. There is no muzzle extension slot. The shoulder stock is integrated but sturdy. Below the muzzle too there is only a hand grip of sorts and no rail to attach your own. So the maximum possible customization that you could do is re-paint the blaster. But nothing much else.

Final word…

The decision to buy this blaster entirely comes down to your personal preference. If you’re looking to experiment a little with the looks and add-ons then RapidStrike would be a good alternative. But if you’re the type to simply take the blaster out of the box and start firing off to your heart’s content then the Nerf Elite HyperFire is the go-to weapon. A perfect sci-fi rapid fire assault rifle model from Nerf with unbeaten Elite performance.

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