Ever wished for a blaster with 25 darts shooting power? Yes? Then the Rampage Blaster is definitely something that you need to be introduced to. Coming straight from Nerf N-Strike’s collection of Elite blasters, the Rampage is here to decimate your opponents and unleash your true potential as a shooter. As the name implies, this thing is powerful. Its normal, non-modified shooting speed reaches upto 70 fps, and each dart can reach up to 50 feet in flat shot, even increasing to 75 feet during angled shots. So performance is on par with other spring action Elite blasters. As with other blasters the Rampage is also produced for kids 8 years and above.

The Rampage actually is the re-imagined version of the old N-Strike Raider . And they outperform the Raider in almost every way. While the Raider shot about 30 to 40 feet, this blaster easily crosses 60 feet. But older darts cannot be used with the Rampage. Only Elite and Elite-Suction darts can be used with this blaster. The Rampage works through a direct plunger system. The priming handle doubles as a foregrip and allows you to prime the weapon while shooting it using a regular trigger. Slam Fire can be done by pressing down the trigger and simply priming the blaster repeatedly. With 25 darts to unload you can use Slamfire to your advantage and shell out a lot of ammo on to your opponents when compared to many other Elite barrels. One might expect the Slam Fire option to be uncontrollable, especially considering the huge amount of darts it can shoot. But that is not the case. Even with so much power at hand, you will always be able to control the precision and rate of the shots you fire.

In addition a jam access door is present on the right side of the blaster to help clear out any jams. Tactical rails are present on top of the front barrel and at the back of the blaster for N-Strike scope attachments. The front barrel that comes in stock is pretty long and delivers accuracy, but does not dampen the power of the shots much. With a length of 20 inches and a weight of about 3 pounds, this blaster provides high mobility and ease of use. Kids can operate the primer with ease as it is not as tensed as many other Spring action Elite blasters.


  • Batteries are not required to run this powerhouse, but still keeping performance on par with flywheel blasters.
  • The drum of 25 darts is compatible with the other Nerf N-Strike blasters. This is good news for someone who owns a large collection of Elite blasters.
  • It runs on a direct plunger system which can increase spring tension. Notably, this feature does not damage the internal parts in any way.
  • This is a beneficial model for expert modifiers of blasters, since it is easy to take apart without any risk to the function.
  • It functions quietly, especially compared to earlier models that cause a ruckus when priming. The priming is pretty noise-less in Rampage and it allows you to easily sneak up on your opponents which is never possible using Flywheel blasters.
  • N-Strike Stock attachments can be added , but have to be bought separately.
  • Reviewers have rated the Rampage blaster to be an all-around, satisfying blaster. As far as criticism goes, it has more pros than any important cons.


  • Reloading is quite a hassle, since it takes a long time to fully load the drum once it is empty.
  • The weight is un-evenly distributed due to the large ammo barrel and causes balance issues.
  • Can jam really badly if the reloading is not done properly. While this is a common issue for blasters, it is especially troublesome in the Rampage. Properly reloading the drum barrel is paramount.
  • Cannot add barrel extensions, but the integrated barrel is long enough to deliver accurate shots.

All in all the Rampage is perfect for someone who loved the old Raider model and looking to upgrade. With the cool blue-orange trademark paint job, large ammo capacity and slam-fire capabilities this blaster is surely a top pick.

You can purchase Nerf Elite Rampage at little less than 33 dollars from Amazon.    Check Price