RapidStrike CS-18 is the most elite of the Elite series Nerf blasters. It’s the boss. Unparalleled performance, ease of use, convenient design, large ammo capacity, tacti-cool looks, low price point and automatic firing all put together make this beast undeniably the most popular dart-shooting blaster in the history of Nerf. Designed for 8 years and up, this blaster has been the go-to weapon for anyone interested in some serious nerfing.

Main features

The RapidStrike CS-18 Blaster is light with a sturdy designed so both kids and adults alike can play with ease. Primarily it is a flywheel blaster that uses 4 C-sized batteries to operate. The Flywheel is revved up by an acceleration trigger present at the bottom of the main trigger in front of the blaster handle. This blaster is fully automatic, meaning that you could press the rev trigger and keep the primary trigger pressed and the gun will automatically shell out all it’s 18-dart load. Clip system is used as a feed and the blaster comes with transparent 18-round magazine out of the box. If more firepower is required, this clip can be replaced by a 35 barrel drum that can be bought separately. The fire-rate is quite high and the RapidStrike can unload its 18 rounds in a matter of 5 seconds, which is very impressive considering any company’s blaster in general. In addition to all this, the blaster comes with a barrel extension slot in the front for more N-Strike attachment add-ons. Five tactical rails are present all around the blaster for additional scope/led/laser attachments as required. The stock is permanent but it is extendable and very stable allowing the player to get accurate shots each time. Also present is a jam access door that allows you to clear any jams if they happen at all. The trigger will not work when the jam door is open, so this prevents kids from getting their finger stuck in the flywheel by any chance.

RapidStrike CS-18 Unboxing


The RapidStrike CS-18 Blaster has a muzzle energy of about 0.1250 feet/lbs. The muzzle speeds reach upwards of 70 fps while the range of the elite darts is around 75 feet. This, combined with 11×66 mm bullets of plastic foam, enables it to be a powerful weapon for your HvZ or nerfing games. This blaster is the closest you can get to a balance between power and safety, so rest assured, despite the amazing firepower, it will never cause harm to the kids since the darts are simply foam and do not hurt in reality. Suction darts, sold separately, also can be be a great addition to this blaster. They improve accuracy and also stick to perfectly smooth surfaces. Over-all the working of this blaster is really smooth, with very rare jams, and there is no much dart damage. Once bought the darts can be used for a longer duration without much tear.The clip is firm and loads the darts for great shooting impacts, and the shots themselves are instant and accurate. Be sure to treat this blaster seriously, because this is one powerful weapon!


The best advantage the RapidStrike CS-18 Blaster gives over other similar blasters is its potential at close-quarters. Because it is so easy to shoot close targets, it is also possible to lob rounds during increasing distances. This makes the blaster not only seem stronger in a harmless fight, but allows dexterity that not many other models can boast of. For easier mobility, try taping the magazines upside-down to each other. This increases the amount of rounds you can carry as well. Then again, at a height of 12.8 inches and 3 pounds in weight, this blaster was made for easy carrying anyway. It’s pure fun to rev up these powerful flywheel and let go of the ammo at your opponents.


Well…, there are almost no cons to be said about this blaster. Except maybe they require batteries, but that’s just the characteristic of any motorized blaster. Even the price is decent at around 40 dollars, making this blaster a complete all rounder.

Whether you’re a beginner user or a serious modder or buying a Nerf for your kids, RapidStrike is the first choice you’d have to consider. If you’re looking to buy a blaster that shoots darts (foam balls – Rival series), which is fully automatic, looks great and would be a blast to customize then the RapidStrike is your best bet.

RapidStrike CS-18 Mod

You can purchase the Elite RapidStrike at less than 40 dollars from Amazon.         Check Price