The Nerf N-Strike series continues with the latest installment in the Elite line of blasters. Introducing the Retaliator Blaster, the one-of-a-kind four-in-one blaster. This is the blaster that can be edited to your hearts’ content and is always open to an infinite configuration. The three interchangeable attachments provided allow versatility, giving you a number of ways to adapt to different situations. What’s more, these additional extensions can be used alongside other blasters of the N-Strike Elite series as well, which means unending intensity for anyone who loves these amazing little model guns.


  • For ages 8 years and up
  • Size: 3.4 x 19.4 x 12.2 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Spring Action Blaster
  • Firing distance: Up to 90 feet
  • No batteries required.


The Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster is the combat rifle replica of the Elite series and has been well received by the fans for a number of viable reasons. This is truly an innovation as far as modern blasters are considered, especially considering the customization and adaptability options it provides the user with. You can use the Stock to fire steady shots or utilize a complementary Assault Grip for better speed and mobility. Barrel Extensions allow more custom options to be added, including the Tactical Rails which can be added to both ends. The main blaster is a powerhouse and muzzle speeds reach up to 70fps in this model. The purchase includes all the required N-Strike extensions, unlike other blasters where customization requires you to buy parts separately.

The overall design is quite new and feels good to use every time. This is also an excellent blaster to own because in case you lose the darts that come with it, you can get substitute darts easily. Its compatibility with other elite/suction darts and components and removes a lot of worries in the long run. If accuracy seems a bit off, the additional barrel can remedy that issue. Keep in mind that the barrel might reduce the initial velocity of the darts but provide more accurate shots. The Retaliator allows what it is named after; retaliation. Since it is quick and powerful, expect your opponents to have no chance at all!


  • Out of the box, it comes with Stock, Barrel extension, 12 dart clip, and Foregrip.
  • Four possible configurations to act as both your primary and secondary weapons.
  • The replaceable fore grip provides for very stable and accurate shots.
  • Amazing firing distance that sets it apart.
  • Comfortable and sturdy Stock gives stability and gives you the upper edge in any game with friends.
  • Controlled Fire rate because it’s a spring-action blaster and shots can be shot only once at a time.


  • Darts do get jammed sometimes in Retaliator. This mainly happens when you pull the priming handle incompletely and push it back. This catches the dart improperly and sometimes tears the darts. This jamming can be avoided to a great extent by carefully pulling the priming handle to its fullest extent and pushing it back to the endpoint before trying to shoot. This gets easier with practice.
  • Retaliator XD model releases in white and blue color combination advertise huge performance improvements but is pretty much only a theme redo.

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