After many memorable models of Nerf N-Strike’s series of Elite blasters, any long-time fan would expect that Rhino-Fire blaster to be a huge success. The end result was a mixed bag of both. While the size and strength of the Rhino-Fire has never been claimed to be disappointing, its less obvious factors pull it down. However, despite its disadvantages, one should not underestimate this blaster immediately, since it holds a number of unique features to its name.

 Main Feature: Dual Barrels

First and foremost, the Rhino-Fire blaster is the only blaster that can utilize more than one clip or drum to fire its shot. While a few models may have been similar in function, none has reached the performance level of the Rhino-Fire. Its flat firing range has been claimed to be about 50 feet, which can increase up to 90 feet during angled shots. This is impressive no matter how it is looked at.

The two barrels that it holds can be used alternatively to fire a restless barrage of Elite darts. Supported with a clip-system, this blaster also includes two tactical rails and two strap points. Its internal flywheel system allows an automatic mode of fire. It is recommended for kids aged above 8 years, so never take this blaster lightly. It stands at a length of 33.9 inches, and weighs 7.4 pounds; certainly indicating how big it really is.


  • The pair of barrels holds 25 darts in each; and a total of 50 darts completes its barrage potentials.
  • Even though the initial firing speed is about 3 darts per second, the blaster takes no more than 30 seconds to fire all 50 darts.
  • The shots have good power and range behind them, which is never a bad thing for any blaster.
  • This gun will rarely, if ever, jam; unless there are problems with the darts.


  • The power requirement is a bit too high. This blaster needs 6 “D” batteries to perform, which is a lot to ask for. This is a main reason why dedicated fans choose to not prefer this model over others.
  • The size makes carrying around awkward. The overall bulk of the gun makes setting up quite a troublesome feat to accomplish. The size also discourages smaller children to use this blaster to its fullest potential.
  • The accuracy might be dissatisfying for long-time model gun users. This affects the otherwise admirable shooting power and firing rate of the blaster.


The battery requirement can be supported by the fact that unlike many other blasters, the performance of the Rhino-Fire is quite consistent. The batteries ensure that the flywheels never slow down, so each shot is fired with the same power and speed. This further removes the need to adjust the motor after each shot, since the necessary power is always provided by the batteries. The awkward size is a minus point, but even then, other blasters have been known to have more troubling sizes. All in all, the Rhino-Fire is a welcome addition to the huge family of Nerf N-Strike Elite blasters.

RhinoFire is a premium blaster at a premium price. Prices for this blaster start from 115 dollars in Amazon.

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