Fortnite Nerf Guns

Fortnite Nerf Guns

Following the incredible success of Fortnite, in the year 2018 Hasbro made the deal with Epic Games to release Nerf blasters under the Fortnite label. The first wave of Fortnite Nerf blasters was released in the year 2019 and more later in 2020. These Hasbro products are an excellent way to show off your shooting skills offscreen and have some real-life Nerf Fortnite fun. As expected the AR-L has become the best selling product in this series of blasters.

Assault Rifle - AR

These are semi-automatic blasters mimicking the various Assualt Rifle variants found in Fortnite. Each of these Nerf Fortnite guns is clip-fed with a ten-round banana magazine. These fire ‘Fortnite’ darts through a flywheel system powered by four ‘AA’ batteries. There are two flip-up sights and a tactical rail at the top for Nerf addons.

AR-L: ‘Legendary Assualt Rifle’, the standard orange and yellow AR version.

AR-Durrr Burger: The AR version with the Rare Durrr Burger wrap.

Tactical Shotgun - TS

This is a Nerf Mega Shotgun under the Fortnite brand. The TS comes packaged with eight Fortnite Mega Darts. Four can be stored in the stock while four can be loaded in the built-in magazine under the muzzle. There are no batteries required, rather a pump-action handle allows you to prime, fire the gun. The performance is solid with muzzle velocities reaching over 75 feet per second, but we suggest using Mega Accustrike darts for more target precision.

TS: Standard Tactical Shotgun

TS-R: Rare Tactical Shotgun with three Llama targets

Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - BASR

Just as the name implies these are manual bolt-action sniper rifles with great performance. This blaster is fed by a 6-round magazine. Being a sniper rifle, a scope is included that can perched on the top tactical rail. The priming handle is ambidextrous meaning both right and left-handed players can use this blaster comfortably. The BASR also supports slamfire.

BASR-L: Legendary Variant with the standard yellow and orange theme


Suppressed Pistol - SP

A manual breech-loaded handgun with a barrel extension slot. A silencer comes along in the package to ‘suppress’ the shots along with six darts. Three Fortnite/Elite/compatible darts can be loaded at a time in the barrel. After each prime, pulling the trigger fires a single shot. The Suppressed Pistol also has been released in many different variants.

SP-L: Legendary variant with orange, yellow, and black colors.

SP-R: Rare suppressed pistol with three Llama targets included in the package

Dual Pistols - DP

Dual Pistols are essentially re-shelled Suppressed pistols without the silencer and there are two of them. The rear sight is more subtle compared to the SPs. Similar to the SP, three darts can be loaded into the internal clip and fired one at a time after using the sliding prime handle.

DP-E: Epic Dual Pistols with really cool purple and black palette.


Rocket Launcher - RL

This a manual pump action missile launcher based on the in-game Rocket Launcher. It spots two flip-up sights to help aim the missile. The Nerf missile can be front-loaded and fired by bringing together the grip and pumping handle with enough force. The performance is entirely dependent on the player’s force.

RL: Standard


Hand Cannon - HC

This is a front-loading, single-shot Mega blaster with a sliding prime. You can use the Nerf Fortnite/Mega/Accustrike Mega darts here.

HC-E: Epic Hand Cannon


Tactical Sub Machine Gun - SMG

This is a semi-automatic flywheel blaster powered by four AA batteries and fed by a six dart clip.

SMG-E: Epic SMG with a purple and black theme.