Following the incredible success of Fortnite, in the year 2018 Hasbro made the deal with Epic Games to release Nerf blasters under the Fortnite label. The first wave of Fortnite Nerf blasters was released in the year 2019 and more later in 2020. These Hasbro products are an excellent way to show off your shooting skills offscreen and have some real-life Nerf Fortnite fun. As expected the AR-L has become the best selling product in this series of blasters.

Assault Rifle – AR

These are semi-automatic blasters mimicking the various Assualt Rifle variants found in Fortnite. Each of these Nerf Fortnite guns is clip-fed with a ten-round banana magazine. These fire ‘Fortnite’ darts through a flywheel system powered by four ‘AA’ batteries. There are two flip-up sights and a tactical rail at the top for Nerf addons.


AR-L: ‘Legendary Assualt Rifle’, the standard orange and yellow AR version.

The AR-L Nerf blaster is a powerful and exciting toy that was released on March 22, 2019. Designed to replicate the legendary assault rifle from Fortnite, the blaster features a striking yellow color that reflects its rarity in the game. The blaster is battery-operated and utilizes a semi-automatic flywheel clip system to propel darts at high speeds. The flywheel system spins rapidly when the trigger is pulled, providing an intense and exciting experience for users. The blaster also features a clip system that can hold up to 10 darts, allowing for easy and fast reloading. With a range of up to 90 feet, the AR-L Nerf blaster is perfect for outdoor play and is sure to provide hours of thrilling entertainment.

The AR-L Nerf blaster is a versatile and customizable toy that boasts a range of impressive features. Its integrated shoulder stock offers stability and support during use, while the long tactical rail on top allows for the attachment of various accessories such as scopes and sights. Additionally, the two flip-up iron sights provide precision and accuracy when firing, ensuring that every dart hits its intended target. The clip release is conveniently located in front of the firing trigger, enabling rapid and easy reloading during intense Nerf battles. Furthermore, the acceleration trigger is situated underneath the firing trigger, facilitating efficient dart propulsion. The package includes a ten dart clip and twenty Fortnite darts, providing sufficient ammunition for extended play.

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AR-Durrr Burger

AR-Durrr Burger: The AR version with the Rare Durrr Burger wrap.

In 2019, the AR-Durrr Burger was released as a unique and exciting Nerf blaster. This re-release of the AR-L features a striking white and orange color scheme that draws inspiration from the Durrr Burger weapon skin found in the popular Fortnite video game. The blaster requires four “AA” batteries to function and propels darts at high speeds with ease. The package also includes several Durrr Burger-themed stickers, allowing for a customized look to the toy.

The AR-Durrr Burger Nerf blaster boasts an impressive array of features to elevate the Nerf experience. Its long tactical rail atop the blaster provides a customizable platform for players to add accessories and attachments. The integrated shoulder stock ensures stability and support during gameplay, while the two flip-up sights enhance accuracy and precision when aiming at targets. Additionally, the jam door located on the left side of the blaster allows for swift removal of any obstructions or jams that may occur during intense battles. These features combine to make the AR-Durrr Burger a versatile and reliable option for Nerf enthusiasts of all skill levels.


The AR-E is a re-release of the popular AR-L blaster, with a new purple color scheme that reflects its “epic” rarity. It’s a flywheel-powered, electronic clip system blaster that’s inspired by the assault rifle weapon from the popular game Fortnite. The blaster comes equipped with flip-up front and rear iron sights, which allow for more precise aiming, and a tactical rail that provides the option to add additional accessories. The electronic clip system allows for quick reloading, while the flywheel power delivers high-velocity firing. The AR-E is a great addition to any Nerf collection and a must-have for fans of Fortnite.

Tactical Shotgun – TS

This is a Nerf Mega Shotgun under the Fortnite brand. The TS comes packaged with eight Fortnite Mega Darts. Four can be stored in the stock while four can be loaded in the built-in magazine under the muzzle. There are no batteries required, rather a pump-action handle allows you to prime, fire the gun. The performance is solid with muzzle velocities reaching over 75 feet per second, but we suggest using Mega Accustrike darts for more target precision.


TS: Standard Tactical Shotgun

The TS Nerf blaster, released in the fall of 2019, is a popular choice for Nerf enthusiasts. It boasts a pump-action breech-style design with slam fire capabilities, allowing for rapid-fire action during gameplay. Based on the Tactical Shotgun weapon from the game, the TS feeds from an internal clip located under the priming pump, mimicking its in-game functionality. Additionally, the TS features a non-functioning display on the left side and an integrated shoulder stock with space to store up to four darts. With its impressive features, the TS Nerf blaster is a great addition to any Nerf arsenal and a popular choice for competitive gameplay.

In addition to its impressive features, the TS Nerf blaster also includes a small, non-functional green monitor with a faux cable that must be attached during assembly. This detail is present on the in-game model as well, adding to the authenticity of the blaster. Another helpful feature of the TS is the unjamming button located near the grip. This button can be used to override the priming mechanism during jams, allowing access to the blaster’s chamber and making it easier to quickly resolve any issues that arise during gameplay. These small but useful details make the TS Nerf blaster a top choice for both casual and competitive Nerf enthusiasts.

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TS-R: Rare Tactical Shotgun with three Llama targets

The TS-R is a revamped version of the popular TS Nerf blaster, which was originally released in 2019. This pump-action blaster features an internal four-dart clip, inspired by the Rare Tactical Shotgun from the game. It offers easy reloading during gameplay. The TS-R package also includes three Llama Targets, eight Fortnite Mega Darts, and a set of detailed instructions. The TS-R is an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced Nerf enthusiasts, with its sleek design and impressive features.

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Bolt Action Sniper Rifle – BASR

Just as the name implies these are manual bolt-action sniper rifles with great performance. This blaster is fed by a 6-round magazine. Being a sniper rifle, a scope is included that can perched on the top tactical rail. The priming handle is ambidextrous meaning both right and left-handed players can use this blaster comfortably. The BASR also supports slamfire.


BASR-L: Legendary Variant with the standard yellow and orange theme

Released in June 2020, the BASR-L – a blaster designed to look like a sniper rifle – was created in collaboration with Epic Games to bring a piece of the Fortnite universe to the physical world. The blaster, based on the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle in the game, features a classic bolt-action and can be fired in single-fire or slam-fire mode. Outfitted with a single tactical rail atop its body, the blaster is designed to easily accommodate the included scope. When opened, the jam door situated in the tactical rail exposes the breech, ready for action.

The Fortnite BASR-L blaster possesses all the traits of an enjoyable Nerf sniper gun, making it an entertaining choice for those who enjoy such blasters.

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The BASR-R is a state-of-the-art clip system blaster that has been styled to mimic the classic Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle from the widely acclaimed Fortnite. It comes complete with a single tactical rail on the top, to which a scope can be attached for increased accuracy when shooting at a distance. An interesting feature of the BASR-R is its jam door which has been conveniently integrated into the tactical rail, providing quick and easy access to clear jams without the need to disassemble the blaster.

The BASR-R features an ambidextrous priming handle located under the tactical rail, making it easy for left-handed users to operate the blaster. After pulling the priming handle back, a clip can be loaded from the bottom, and the firing trigger and clip eject button are located right behind where the clip loads into. One unique feature of the BASR-R is its slam fire capabilities, which allow for rapid-fire shots by holding down the trigger and continuously priming the blaster. With its bolt-action sniper rifle-inspired design and powerful slam fire performance, the BASR-R is a great choice for Nerf enthusiasts and Fortnite fans looking to add some extra firepower to their arsenal.

Suppressed Pistol – SP

A manual breech-loaded handgun with a barrel extension slot. A silencer comes along in the package to ‘suppress’ the shots along with six darts. Three Fortnite/Elite/compatible darts can be loaded at a time in the barrel. After each prime, pulling the trigger fires a single shot. The Suppressed Pistol also has been released in many different variants.


SP-L: Legendary variant with orange, yellow, and black colors.

The Nerf Fortnite SP-L blaster, released in 2019, is the perfect way to bring the thrilling battles of Fortnite into the real world. With a slide-action and an integrated clip capable of holding three darts, it is both compact and user-friendly. What’s more, you can customize its performance and look with a detachable barrel extension. All in all, the SP-L is an excellent Nerf blaster that is sure to be a blast!

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SP-R: Rare suppressed pistol with three Llama targets included in the package

The Nerf Fortnite SP-R blaster was introduced in 2019 as a slide-action blaster that includes an integrated clip capable of holding up to three darts. It is modeled after the Rare Suppressed Pistol from the popular Fortnite game and features a similar design. Additionally, the SP-R comes with a barrel extension, three Llama Targets, and six Fortnite Darts, offering users a complete package for their Nerf battle experience.

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Dual Pistols – DP

Dual Pistols are essentially re-shelled Suppressed pistols without the silencer and there are two of them. The rear sight is more subtle compared to the SPs. Similar to the SP, three darts can be loaded into the internal clip and fired one at a time after using the sliding prime handle.


DP-E: Epic Dual Pistols with a really cool purple and black palette.

Released in 2019, the Nerf Fortnite DP-E blaster is a slide-action blaster that is designed to resemble the Epic Dual Pistols from the Fortnite game. This blaster features an internal clip that can hold up to three darts, making it compact and easy to carry. Moreover, the DP-E is compatible with various barrel extensions, allowing users to customize their blaster’s performance and appearance. With its sleek design and ability to shoot darts up to 90 feet, the DP-E is an excellent addition to any Nerf arsenal, especially for fans of the Fortnite game.

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Rocket Launcher – RL

This a manual pump action missile launcher based on the in-game Rocket Launcher. It spots two flip-up sights to help aim the missile. The Nerf missile can be front-loaded and fired by bringing together the grip and pumping handle with enough force. The performance is entirely dependent on the player’s force.

RL: Standard

The Nerf Fortnite RL blaster is a pump-action missile blaster modeled after the Rocket Launcher weapon from the popular Fortnite game. This blaster lacks a firing trigger and instead relies on HAMP-action to launch missiles. When the user primes the blaster, the front barrel extends out mid-prime, making it easier to aim and fire. The RL also features two oversized aiming sights that improve accuracy and an integrated shoulder stock that adds stability and comfort during use. With its unique design and missile-launching capabilities, the RL is a great addition to any Nerf collection, especially for fans of the Fortnite game looking for an authentic blaster experience.

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Nerf unveiled their RL-L pump-action missile launcher in 2019 – a remarkable re-imagining of the Legendary Rocket Launcher from the hit game Fortnite. But unlike traditional blasters, the RL-L forgoes a firing trigger, using HAMP-action instead. It comes with an integrated shoulder stock for greater accuracy and stability, as well as an oversized set of iron sights for improved aiming. Fans of the game will be delighted with the unique design elements inspired by the RL in-game weapon.


Released in Fall 2020, the RL-Rippley is a Nerf blaster inspired by the Rocket Launcher and Rippley Wrap from the widely-popular game, Fortnite. This pump-action missile launcher comes with two Elite Missiles, fired via HAMP-action for greater precision. Plus, the RL-Rippley boasts an integrated shoulder stock and enlarged iron sights just like the RL-L, enabling you to accurately fire your missiles with better stability.

Hand Cannon – HC

This is a front-loading, single-shot Mega blaster with a sliding prime. You can use the Nerf Fortnite/Mega/Accustrike Mega darts here.


HC-E: Epic Hand Cannon

Released in 2019, the Nerf Fortnite HC-E blaster is a stylish and powerful weapon inspired by the Epic Hand Cannon from the Fortnite game. The front-loading blaster can fire Mega Darts and comes with a pair of iron sights to enhance accuracy. However, its rear sight lacks a notch, so accuracy could be compromised for some users. While the grooves at the top of the barrel are attractive, they are not compatible with tactical rail accessories. The package of the Nerf Fortnite HC-E blaster includes three Mega Darts specifically designed for Fortnite battles.

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This unique Nerf blaster, the HC-L, was inspired by the Legendary Hand Cannon from the renowned game Fortnite, and it was released in 2019. You can only get it as part of the Legendary Supply Drop blaster set, not by itself. It has iron sights, but no notch on the rear one. The HC-L is a must-have for any serious fan of Fortnite or Nerf, thanks to its ingenious design and uncompromising performance. But it’s worth noting that the grooves at the top of the barrel on the HC-L blaster are purely for aesthetic purposes and represent the in-game weapon’s rail. These grooves are not compatible with any tactical rail accessories, so while they may look cool, they don’t serve any functional purpose beyond adding to the blaster’s overall design. Nevertheless, the HC-L remains a popular choice for fans of Fortnite and Nerf, thanks to its unique appearance and powerful performance.

Tactical Sub Machine Gun – SMG

This is a semi-automatic flywheel blaster powered by four AA batteries and fed by a six-dart clip.


SMG-E: Epic SMG with a purple and black theme.

The Nerf Fortnite SMG-E blaster is a stunning flywheel system blaster, designed to replicate the Tactical SMG weapon from the beloved Fortnite video game. With its bright purple hue, representing its Epic rarity, this blaster is sure to stand out in any battle. Boasting a jam door located on the top, it is easy to keep your blaster running in the heat of the battle. The black and gray handle of the SMG-E is ergonomically designed, with the firing and acceleration triggers conveniently placed, making it comfortable to hold and use in a fight.

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In 2021, the SMG-L, a flywheel clip system blaster, took inspiration from the Tactical SMG in the hugely popular video game Fortnite. This remarkable blaster emulates the classic N-Strike Elite Stryfe design with its flywheel system and clip, easily detachable at the bottom. It stands out with its distinctive vibrant yellow hue, symbolizing its “Legendary” rarity, and boasts a sleek, modern design that pays tribute to its in-game weapon counterpart.