The basketball hoop can be one of the funniest and fulfilling toys that any toddle can get. It is not as simple as other toys around, the kid needs to handle the ball, run, and dunk. So it can keep the kid busy. With them, a basketball court can be set at home, driveway, or back-door. The toddler basketball hoop will help to exercise the kids' upper part of the body, including arm muscle power, and also develops social and coordination skills.

Before we get to know about the kids' basketball hoops, we will see the three general types of basketball hoop.

Different types of a basketball hoop

1. Inground

It is a traditional way of setting the basketball hoop. The setting of this hoop may take 3-4 days. It needs concrete to be put in, the pole needs to set on it, and more importantly, a whole lot of space is needed for this in the back-door. They are a permanent addition to the house. It is the costliest type of all and should be installed if you need the basketball hoop for the rest of your time. They are more stable than the other types and lasts long. The goals are very high to dunk. This type of basketball hoop is recommended for senior players, basketball stars, or players in a league. They recreate a professional basketball game.

2. Mounting

It is setting the basketball hoop against the wall or some concrete surface, without any pole. The hoops can be set very high on the walls. If you want the basketball hoop hanging on your wall or car park get this type of hoop. When there is not enough space for setting an inground basketball hoop, this might be another option to get. They ensure much more safety and easy installation than the in-ground type. They can be mounted both indoor and outdoor.

3. Portable

It is one of the most popular and convenient basketball hoop types, especially for kids. It inspires a toddler to play the game in both indoor and outdoor. It is not always easy for everyone to get the basketball hoop permanently in the driveway or back-doors. So the portable basketball hoop might be the best choice.

Mobility is the key to a portable basketball hoop. Having a portable basketball hoop is the best because it can be packed and taken along while moving houses and there is no need to talk about setting the inground basketball hoops to your neighbors. Whether a kid or a teenager, this type will be handy because its height can be adjusted to the need. So whatever the height of the kid is, the portable basketball hoop can be adjusted. Kids' basketball hoop are mostly of this type.

The portable basketball hoops are also made of materials that are quality and robust from the manufacture like Little Tikes which cannot be damaged easily and serve for long which will help to play basketball wherever we want to play. The Little Tikes provide the best basketball hoop kid with different colors and several designs. The color can be even chosen such that it matches the home interior designs from the plethora of designs available in the market.

In this blog, we will be seeing two types of basketball hoops. One is the portable basketball hoop and another one is the swimming pool basketball hoop.

Safety First

Even though kids' basketball hoop is fun, safety is the primary concern anyone expects when they buy something for a kid. Hence it is recommended to buy only toddler basketball hoop made of plastic. Soft plastic is much safer. Kids' basketball hoop is mostly made of plastic. We have heard of different materials used such as polyethylene, polycarbonate, acrylic for backboards, different kinds of steel for poles, and rims.

These kinds of materials are not safe for kids and it is too heavy for any kid to handle. They also make the overall price expensive. So manufacturers like Little Tikes choose the plastic as the best material for a basketball hoop for kids. With plastic, they are much less likely to be hurt. Choose breakaway rims and also soft, plastic balls for safety. Parents can keep the kids indoor, which also makes the child play actively indoors and let their parents keep an eye on the kids which most parents want.


·      There must be adequate space for the toddlers to play. This can be indoor or outdoor like backyard, driveway.

·      Sizes – There are different sizes of basketball even for men and women at the pro level. Some of the kids' basketball hoop comes with 2-3 balls(junior size) and some with only a single ball. So if there is more than one kid with different age, then you might need to consider buying another ball.

·      A small amount of sand. The base of a portable basketball hoop is usually hollow where the sand needs to be filled in. The sand is just to increase stability. The amount of sand to be used is determined by the capacity of the base.

·      Water can be another alternative for sand to keep the hoop grounded and stable. Another small tip if you are using water is using anti-freeze along with it. A small amount of anti-freeze will prevent the formation of ice in cold climates and a small amount of bleach will avoid the growth of algae. This can be a great choice if the basketball hoop is moved more frequently as it can be easily emptied and moved. Sometimes the water can evaporate if heat around is more. So check for the water levels regularly.

·      An alternative to sand and water in an absorbent gel. The gel needs to be mixed with water which will be equivalent to the weight of several bags of sand. It may cost around $20-$30.

Can be used in both indoor and outdoor

When it is cold outside, the basketball hoops can be used inside the foyer or any other place inside the house. They can also be used on grass or harder surface. The only thing needed is the surface must be flat for the stability of the hoop and more space must be available for the kids.

Can play Independently

The basketball hoops will allow the kids to play independently once it’s been assembled and set up for them. They encourage the active play of the kids both indoor and outdoor as it is more fun making baskets for anyone. Mostly the manufacturer recommended age for the kids' basketball hoop is 18 months – 5 years.

It is also needed to keep the kids away from tech and give them the best active play. In this modern world, tech is an indispensable one and it is difficult to keep it away from kids for a long time. Many don’t do exercise and this causes bad health. A kids' basketball hoop can keep the kids away from these.

Height Adjustments

A feature to set the height of the kids' basketball hoop comes handy when the child grows or there are two kids with an age difference. If the goals are as high as inground, then it would be difficult for kids to put baskets. They want to set the height for their needs. This makes the game challenging for growing kids. The manufacturer addresses these problems by making the height of the hoops adjustable. When there are younger players around, the height of the kids' basketball hoop can be set low and with senior players around, the hoop height can be increased. This makes the height adjustment feature of basketball goal fun and can be used for actual training in the basketball game. With kids growing every parent wants the basketball hoop kids height adjustable system.

Main components of the basketball hoop

1.    Backboard

2.    Rim

3.    Poles

4.    Base

1.   Backboard

When it comes to the backboard, the bigger is better and more expensive. A good and quality backboard will offer more shot opportunities with a maximum rebound. They are also made of other materials like polyethylene, polycarbonate, acrylic. When materials like these are used as backboards in portable basketball hoop, then more amount of sand needs to be filled in the base.

But for the kids, the kids' basketball hoop is mostly made of plastic. This ensures the safety of the kids and makes them lightweight, durable, and less cost. It is recommended to get the hoop only made of plastic backboard for the kids. The NBA regulation backboards are 72” W x 42” H and the preferred material to make it is tempered glass.

2.   Rims

Standard rims are 18 inches in diameter. There are two types of rims

1.    Breakaway rims

2.    Static rims

The breakaway rims are safer to play with and have a spring that absorbs shock during a dunk. They add more durability and longevity to the rim. For safety reasons, this type of rims is recommended.

Static rims are less in cost and it is not recommended to dunk as much force on the static rim may cause them to break. When a dunk is done with much greater force, they have the possibility of breaking down.

3.   Poles

The poles hold up the backboard and the rim. They are the backbone of the basketball hoop. Hence a more strong and durable pole is needed to make the best pole. The poles are only used in portable and inground types.

The poles can come with three-piece pole construction or two-piece construction. The three-piece pole is available in cheap and moderated priced basketball hoop which is less stable than the two-pieced pole which offers more stability and is costly.

4.   Base

The base is a portion which holds the entire basketball hoop. The base is responsible for the balance. Hence it is recommended to add sand in the base to add more stability.

The bigger the size of the base, the more stability it provides for the basketball hoop. For the backboard made of plastic which is light, the base need not want to be very heavy. When the backboard is made of materials such as tempered glass, the acrylic then sometimes the weight of the base may exceed 50 gallons. This makes the movement of the basketball hoop difficult. Hence for a heavier base, wheels are provided to move them from one place to another.

Assembling the package

The kids’ basketball portable is pretty easy to assemble and will take only around 5-10 minutes.

1.    The first step to do after opening the package is to check if all the material you have paid for are there inside the package or not. The hoop set generally has a backboard, rim, pole, basketball, net, sand. Some may not include sand and some can have 2-3 balls in the hoop set. So check for all the things promised in the package.

2.    Attach the rim to the backboard. Make sure the rim is fully inserted into the backboard.

3.    Then attach the pole to the base.

4.    The backboard’s bottom gets inserted into the top of the pole.

5.    Now the pole may have the ability to adjust the height. The height can be set and a lock needs to be put on the pole.

6.    Next, put the net to the rims. Make sure to attach the larger end of the net to the rims.

7.    The last step is filling sand or water in the base. While filling, make sure to have a funnel and let the sand through it to fill the base as the spilling of the sand can be avoided.

These are the steps commonly followed for most of the kids' basketball hoop.

Swimming pool basketball hoops

These basketball hoops are just used in the pools. The pool basketball hoop is the ultimate fun to play with, especially in summer. When relaxing in the pool, adding the hoops will be much more fun. There are generally two styles of swimming pool hoops:

1.    Floating

2.    Poolside

The floating basketball hoops on the water consist of legs connecting the round base which floats on the water or another type of hoops is kept at the deck of the pool which has a backboard, rim, and is usually made stable by adding sand or water to it. They usually come with the poolside water basketball and for the floating swimming pool hoop, a pump may be added to fill the air to the base. They are lightweight, easy to transport, and setup.

If you have a swimming pool then this is a great option for you to have or if you love swimming then buying this will be the best option as it is very easy to transport and can provide lots of fun with your family. Consider the size of the pool before buying it. Even if is a hot tub or small pool get smaller options available and for larger pools get the larger hoops.

If the hoops are made of steel, it can be easily corroded by the saltwater. Don’t leave them in the sunlight for a long time, as it can make a deteriorating effect and make them look ugly and old. With the chlorine and amount of water splashing on the hoops, spraying a rust corrosion protective spray will help increase their lifetime.

Basketball to choose

In the market, there are basketballs made of different materials like leather, synthetic, rubber. The balls that are 100% leather are the best basketball and used by professional players and used in the NBA. It is also the most expensive one of all. The synthetic or composite leather is an artificial type of material that is cheap to produce. Balls made with rubbers are the cheapest and is recommended to the beginners.

The recommended circumference of the basketball is 9’’-20’’ for 0-4 years which is more like a nerf toy, for 2-4 years old it can be 16’’ which is ‘size 1’ and for 4-8 years old it can be 22” which is ‘size 2’. The junior size basketballs(size-5) measure up to 27” – 28” and weight between 14-26 ounces.

How much do basketball hoop cost

It depends on the material you choose in which the backboard, pole, rim, net, base are made. The more the quality of materials, the more the price will be. The price of a kids' basketball hoop with good quality is affordable by most of the people. For example, the backboards made with tempered and shatterproof glass are costlier than backboards made with polyethylene, polycarbonate, or acrylic.

The basketball hoop for kids can range from $5 - $250. The hoops are not made with heavy materials such as tempered glass or polyethylene. They are usually made of soft plastic, steel, Pvc board for safety purposes.

Products we recommend

Even though when we are ready to buy, the huge number of products in the stores and online listing in e-commerce sites makes it difficult to search and get the best. Hence we have handpicked five best basketball hoops for you in the market.

1.   Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set, Blue, 3 balls

Color:  Blue

Number of Balls: 3(Junior size)

Height: Six heights from 2.5 to 4 feet

Weight: 7 pounds

Recommended age: 1 ½ to 5 years

Rating: 4.7/5

Manufacturer: Little Tikes

Current PriceCheck Here

Arguably this is one the best product in the portable basketball hoop for toddlers by Little Tikes out there in Amazon. It has more number of reviews with the best rating. It is safe, sturdy, and long-lasting. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. The three free balls and an over-sized rim makes it an even more exciting product. The three balls will not make the child search the ball after each shoot as there are two more extra balls. There are six adjustable heights from 2.5 to 4 feet. Sand or water needs to be added at the base for stability.  The hoop is height adjustable and safer because of the soft plastic build.

Check out this product in amazon.

2.   Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

Color:  Blue

Number of Balls: 1(Junior size)

Height: Six heights from 2 to 4 feet

Weight: 9 pounds

Recommended age: 1 ½ to 5 years

Rating: 4.7/5

Manufacturer: Little Tikes

PriceCheck Here

Arguably this is one the best product in the portable basketball hoop for toddlers by Little Tikes out there in Amazon. It has more number of reviews with the best rating. It is safe, sturdy, and long-lasting. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. The three free balls and an over-sized rim makes it an even more exciting product. The three balls will not make the child search the ball after each shoot as there are two more extra balls. There are six adjustable heights from 2.5 to 4 feet. Sand or water needs to be added at the base for stability.  The hoop is height adjustable and safer because of the soft plastic build.

Check out this product in amazon.

3.   Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set, Pink, 3 balls

Color:  Pink

Number of Balls: 3(Junior size)

Height: Six heights from 2.5 to 4 feet

Weight: 7 pounds

Recommended age: 1 ½ to 5 years

Rating: 4.7/5

Manufacturer: MGA Entertainment

PriceCheck Here

They encourage more active play with an oversize rim and kid-sized ball to make the baskets easier for the toddler. This bright pink colored basketball hoop is perfect for little girls. The base must be weighted with sand or water.

Check out this product in amazon.

4.   GoSports Splash Hoop PRO Swimming Pool Basketball Game

Color:  Blue and Red

Number of Balls: 2(inflatable water basketballs)

Pump: 1

Weight: 22 pounds

Rating: 4.8/5

Manufacturer: GoSports

PriceCheck Here

Check Price

They are the poolside basketball hoop that sits on the deck of the pool. They are perfect for pool parties and swimming pool party games. The backboard is robust with 31” x 23” in dimension and a 14” rim which is specially engineered to withstand the pool play. Fill the base with water to add more stability to the base. The two inflatable balls get the pump.

Check out this product in amazon.

5.   GoSports Splash Hoop 360 and Splash Pass Floating Pool Games

Color:  Red

Number of Balls: 2(water basketballs)

Pump: 1

Weight: 4.6 pounds

Rating: 4.6/5

Manufacturer: GoSports

PriceCheck Here

It is a floating style basketball hoop that can be assembled pretty much easily. The sturdy ensures to withstand all the splashing that comes with water basketball. The 2 water balls come with an anti-slip grip, so you need not chase the balls out of the pool. This hoop is worth the cost.

Check out this product in amazon.


Basketball is a game enjoyed by both males and females. So gender doesn’t matter for the basketball hoop. Choose the basketball hoop by considering the age and height of the toddler.

A basketball hoop can be one of the best gifts that you can get the kids on any special occasion. Buying the best portable basketball hoop can create lasting memories for the child with good health as a bonus.

Turn the space into a basketball court, let the kids have the fun!