Are you a kid or an adult who loves the thrill of shooting opponents with a Nerf gun? The Nerf Modulus Mediator Blaster is one of the most advanced and powerful Nerf guns on the market today. This awesome blaster features advanced features, a long-range design, and many customization options for those who are serious about their Nerf battles. Learn about this blaster and how it can take your Nerf game to the next level!

Overview of Nerf Modulus Mediator Blaster

Launched in the spring of 2018, the Mediator was a game-changer in the N-Strike Modulus series of Nerf blasters. The Mediator boasts a revolutionary pump-action clip system that loads its clips horizontally from the side rather than the traditional bottom-loading design. In addition, one side of the clip holder is equipped with an unjamming button – making it perfect for detachable shoulder stocks and barrel extensions. Plus, it’s even capable of being slam fired!

Loads its clips horizontally

This blaster has a tactical rail on its top and right side, a sling mount on the top, and another at the handle’s end. It also includes a 6-dart clip and 6 Elite Darts, all conveniently packaged together.

Key Features of the Blaster

  • The Mediator features pump-action and clip-fed blasting.
  • The Nerf Modulus Mediator can do both single-fire as well as slamfire action.
  • It features two tactical rails and attachment points
  • The blaster comes with a 6-dart clip and 6 Elite Darts.
  • It is equipped with a sling hook point at the back.


Inside the blaster

The Mediator has all the components you’d expect for a slamfire blaster. The priming handle is located beneath the blaster instead of at the front like the Rampage. You may notice a ratchet mechanism in line with the priming handle – this feature is borrowed from the Dreadbolt and ensures that the priming motion is completed in its entirety, which can cause a bit of extra noise, but it is a minor inconvenience.

Unboxing of Nerf Modulus Mediator Blaster

Pros and Cons of Nerf Modulus Mediator Blaster

Benefits of the Blaster

  • The NERF Modulus Mediator is an easily customizable blaster; with a myriad of attachable features to give you the perfect NERF gun for your needs. Two essential add-ons to be aware of are the Mediator Barrel and the Mediator Stock. With these two components locked in, you can construct the Mediator XL – the ultimate in NERFing excellence!

Mediator, Mediator Stock, and Mediator Barrel

  • The blaster is equipped with two tactical rails – one on the side and one on the top – the blaster gives you the opportunity to customize it further with Nerf Modulus accessories!
  • The Mediator can be used in either single-shot mode, where you press the trigger for each individual shot, or “Slamfire” mode, allowing for rapid-fire capability.

Downsides of the Blaster

  • The Mediator may find difficulty in utilizing N-Strike’s latest six-dart clip, given the old-fashioned design of the older, outdated clips.
  • The Mediator’s main handle is quite reasonable; however, the pump grip is slightly shorter and maybe a bit too tight for those with big hands, despite its width.
  • The ergonomic design of the Prime makes it less comfortable to use than other pump-action blasters like the Rampage, as the proximity between the firing grip and priming grip leaves your hands feeling cramped. Unlike other models, the pump grip is offset from the firing hand, meaning users will need to apply extra upward force with their priming hand to counteract the downward pull of their other hand.

How to unjam Nerf modulus mediator?

Nerf Modulus Mediator Blaster Mod Guide


Is nerf modulus discontinued?


What is the Mediator Blaster core?

The mediator Blaster core is a part of the Modulus Mediator Series, which allows you to attach the Mediator Stock and Mediator Barrel to assemble your own unique blaster. You can construct the Mediator XL Blaster – the ultimate blaster – with the included attachment points on the Blaster Core!

How does the Nerf N-Strike Modulus mediator core Blaster work?

The Nerf N-Strike Modulus Mediator Core Blaster is a perfect combination of pump-action and clip-fed blasting. You need to gently pump the handle back and forth to ready the blaster, then yank the trigger to fire off a dart!