If you are a fan of modifying blasters, then you will love Nerf N-Strike’s Modulus ECS-10. Designed as a clip system blaster that utilizes 4 AA batteries to perform, the user is able to customize it in any way desired. A total of thirty different configuration options are available for the Modulus ECS-10, and with the compatibility to freely add shoulder stocks and barrel extensions, there is simply no end to how different you can make your blaster look and perform like. This motorized blaster can go from a long-distance shooter to a powerful gun, giving you a myriad of ways in which you can alter your tactics, even during mid-battle.

If performance seems a bit lackluster, customize the drop grip and dual-rail barrel for greater stability. A targeting scope can be added to ensure 100% accuracy for each shot. With a firing range of 90 feet, you can expect the shots to go a long way. At dimensions of 3 x 30 x 15 inches and a weight of 3.6 pounds, this blaster, despite its infinite potential to be altered, is easy to carry around. The attachment mechanism of the Modulus ECS-10 is quite simple to utilize. They can be detached without hassle and reattached with ease.

The banana clip holds a maximum of 10 Elite darts, and considering the firing range, your foes will have no breathing space. Be sure to hold down the acceleration trigger to unleash an unstoppable barrage of high-speed shots. The internal flywheel system is strong and helps the blaster to reach great heights in performance. Since the blaster is semi-automatic, the firing speed is entirely dependent on the user. But of course, with the sheer firing range of even a non-modified Modulus ECS-10, the speed should never disappoint, even for newer users. Keep in mind that this blaster is recommended for only 8 years and above, and the modifications, especially, should be done by other professionals only.


The main feature that puts the Modulus ECS-10 above other blasters is its ability to customize into a total of 30 different combinations. Be it a modified tactical rail or a stock, the blaster will always perform at its best and enable the user to cope with any situation. Such adaptability cannot be expected from typical blasters, which makes the Modulus ECS-10 one of a kind. Even though it is bigger than the Stampede ECS, it is lighter than the Demolisher 2-in-1, putting it at a comfortable balance between size and weight. Its accuracy is something to write home about too.


Because the blaster can be modified to fit any possible needs, cons are far and few. Still, the main shooting mechanism may jam when the trigger is pulled too fast. It is recommended to halt for about two seconds before pulling the trigger to avoid troublesome scenarios. Also, you can opt to add foams to the sides of the grip since they might feel a bit sharp when held tightly.

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