The Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike is the one all Modulus fans have been waiting for. Latest to be released in the N-Strike Modulus series the Tri-Strike is a complete package with three sub-components each capable of functioning independent of the other parts. The Modulus line had the premium ECS-10 as its flagship model which was a flywheel blaster. Similar to Elite blasters it functioned well as a semi-automatic blaster with many add-ons sold separately to augment the Modulus experience. These add-ons were primarily muzzle extensions, stock replacements and other upgrade kits that needed a functional blaster to attach with. For the first time since its inception, Modulus series sees the release of a truly Modular blaster this year.

The Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike is currently the only blaster that can shoot three different types of darts. Yes. The muzzle extension is a small air-powered blaster in itself that can fire four Mega darts one at a time. The Stock can pump-fire a Demolisher missile. And the primary blaster fires regular Modulus/Elite darts. A simple break down of the individual blasters follows.

The Tri-Strike blaster

The Tri-Strike blaster is a straight-forward spring-powered blaster with a clip feed system. The magazine that comes along with the blaster can hold 10 Modulus/Elite/Suction Nerf darts and it can be inter-changed with 12 or 18 clip mags. The priming is of the pump action model where you pull the orange primer and push it back forward to load a single dart in the plunger ready to fire. Then pressing the trigger fires the dart. The blaster is completely manual and requires no batteries to operate. But Slam-Fire feature is present which allows you to repeatedly prime the blaster while having the trigger pressed to shoot off darts in quick succession.

A jam access door is present to clear of any stuck darts, but as long as you use good condition darts, this blaster never jams. Rear and front iron sights are present along with a tactical rail on the top of the blaster. Though the Rocket Launcher is meant to be attached here, you could add any N-Strike attachment to the tactical rail.

The Mega Dart Blaster

The Barrel Extension of the Tri-Strike is also a Mega blaster in itself. Its not spring or flywheel powered, but rather uses air pressure to fire Mega darts. There is a nozzle at the top that allows the Elite darts to pass through from the primary blaster. Beneath the nozzle are four slots which can hold one Mega dart each. Below those slots is a handle which can be pulled forward to let in air, and quickly with some power pulled backwards to position to fire the Mega dart. A smart air restriction system allows one only Mega dart to be fired at once even if all four slots are loaded.

It’s imperative to note that the performance of this Mega-dart-shooting-barrel-extension is entirely based on the force with which you retract back the firing handle. With enough conviction you could launch a Mega dart at upto 60 feet per second velocities. This performance would not cut it for a primary blaster, but this launcher being just a barrel attachment, its well worth to add on to your primary weapon.

The Rocket Launcher

This attachment of the Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike is the most notable improvement from previous Modulus blasters. It is a shoulder stock that also duals as a air powered Rocket launcher that’s capable of firing huge Demolisher Missiles. The handle at the rear of the stock can be pulled back further and pushed back in to fire the Rocket missile. There is a thin tube that runs from the stock to the missile holder which transfers the pressure to fire the missile. Here too the force with which you push the handle directly affects the firing velocity.

Now for the interesting part, this shoulder stock attachment/Rocket launcher can in itself be used as a complete stand-alone blaster. The back of the missile holder has a stock attachment point allowing you to connect with the stock and fire off rocket missiles without having to use any actual blaster.

Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Verdict

Performance of the central blaster is quite good but slightly below par to Elite blasters. But the add on attachments that supplement this blaster compensate for the slight lack of a power. The entire package as a whole is really versatile allowing you to fire three variations of darts. Also the beauty being the Nozzle and stock attachments are N-Strike variants and so can be attached to any Nerf blaster (N-Strike/Modulus) that have the required extension slots.

So all in all this blaster is a must buy for all Modulus fans and any nerfer interested in tactical attachments. If you’re buying it for your kid, rest assured the Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike will keep them occupied for long enough time before they earn for their next toy. Purchase it from Amazon right away.

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