Nerf Modulus series is one of the standard lineups offered by Nerf. Released around the mid of 2015, this series is targeted people interested in customizing the blaster along with some shooting fun. The key focus of this series is to enable players to experiment with various accessories and add-on kits.

Modulus – As the name suggests, these blasters strive to be modular. But what is there to modularize in a toy foam blaster, you may ask. There is. There are multiple components in a Nerf gun just like there would be in a real-life weapon. Starting from barrel extensions, silencers, scopes, stock, magazines, flashlight there are so many different options where a player can customize his blaster to match his playing style. Modulus Nerf guns aim to satisfy the same need of a child to make a blaster their own by using Nerf attachments.

Please note that modulus attachments and upgrade kits don’t really improve the blaster’s performance in terms of ammo firing speeds and ranges. The improvements come in the form of better appearance, ease of use, and improved target accuracy. The modulus darts are default Nerf Elite darts that are themed in line with this series in clean white and orange colors.

How much does a Nerf Modulus Blaster cost?

Depending on the model, a Modulus gun can cost from 15 USD to upwards of 60 USD. The entry-level Modulus blaster is the IonFire. It is a breech-loading, spring action blaster where the player has to load each foam dart in the slot, prime, and then fire the single dart. It sports a carry handle at the top in case you decide to add on multiple attachments and make it heavier. Also included in the package are a Modulus barrel extension and a four dart storage clip.

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On the higher end of the spectrum, there are a few notable blasters. These include the Modulus ECS-10, Tri-Strike, Regulator, and even a nerf modulus sniper, The Longstrike each priced more than 50 bucks. But prices constantly reduce based on demand, discounts, and new blaster releases.

Which is the best Nerf Modulus Blaster?

Modulus Regulator

This is a relatively recent addition, launched in the year 2017. Nerf Modulus Regulator gun probably tops the chart to be the best in the modulus system. It ticks a lot of boxes that make it an exceptional modular primary blaster setup.

The Nerf Regulator Modulus package includes two barrel scopes (can be used as barrel extension or a scope), a swivel handle (for hip-fire), a storage stock (to store the additional magazine and the handle), two 12-round magazines and modulus darts. A unique and technically incredible feature in this blaster is the switch fire knob. It allows select-fire of three different modes – a standard semi-automatic, three-round burst fire, and fully automatic modes. This is also one key reason that this product is touted to be in the best in this series.

Apart from these distinctive features, this Nerf gun displays great performance as a stand-alone blaster. Muzzle velocities of darts reach more than 70 feet per second which is the Elite standard. This excellent power combined with the two magazines for quick reloads, stability improved by the stock and accuracy from the scopes all put together makes the Regulator Nerf gun an excellent choice for a primary weapon.

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Modulus Tri-Strike

Closely following the Regulator is the Tri-Strike, another excellent item on this list. On par with the Regulator when you consider how this aligns with the Modulus’ modular design language. It’s basically three different blasters put together into a single package. A missile launcher that works in conjunction with the stock, a mega dart firing handle, and the primary spring-action blaster that fires the regular modulus/elite darts. The Tri-Strike displays the true capabilities of this series. Proof that modular firepower can be added on, as per the player’s choice. A complete review of the Tri-Strike here.

Modulus ECS-10

The first and most popular ECS-10 was released with a ton of accessories, each of which can be detached and replaced by other Modulus attachments. It is a semi-automatic, fly-wheel blaster with a banana clip magazine! Also to maintain N-Strike attachment re-usability, the Modulus Blaster has N-Strike compatible tactical rails, Barrel extension nozzle, and Stock attachment slots. The modulus and Elite add-ons can be used on either series models. This is a great play by Nerf and encourages buyers to buy blasters without fear of their favorite Nerf parts becoming futile. We have a complete review of the ECS-10 here.

Nerf Modulus Sniper

The modulus series has its own Sniper Model named the LongStrike. It is a remake of the original N-Strike Longstrike that was a huge hit in the previous decade. Just this one has upgraded performance and the Modulus theme and styling.

The package comes with the blaster, a Longstrike barrel, a storage stock with two slots, three magazines, a scope, and also a bipod. This is a complete sniper setup for any Nerfer looking for a wholesome Nerf sniping experience. The performance too is solid with muzzle velocities often exceeding the Elite standard of 70 feet per second. For Cosplayers wanting to sport a sniper gun in any of their acts, this is a spot-on blaster that can be customized and painted to your heart’s content.

Modulus Nerf Upgrade kits

Upgrade Kits are packages with multiple different extensions for improving or customizing a Modulus system. These are not any third party aftermarket attachments. They are pure Nerf products and fit and work perfectly Modulus blasters and also other compatible Elite guns too.

Flip Clip Kit is a pack with a dual and reversible magazine that can hold 12 on each clip, making quick reloads a breeze. It also comes with 24 modulus darts in the package. Long Range Upgrade Kit can transform any compatible blaster into a Nerf Sniper gun. Stealth Ops upgrade kit can convert a modulus blaster into sharpshooting with a silencer/flash-hiding barrel and a red dot sight. There are many more kits in this series. You can check which kits are available and their prices in Amazon here.

For a comprehensive list of all Nerf Accessories including Modulus attachments, check out this page.

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Compared to other series, the number of releases in Modulus has been fewer and inconsistent. And there hasn’t been a single release yet in 2020. We hope Hasbro announces many more product launches in this lineup. Check out the reviews and prices of Modulus Blasters below…

All Modulus Blasters

Recon MKIII (2021)

The Recon MKIII is a powerful and versatile Nerf blaster that was released in the summer of 2021. This 4-in-1 slide-action clip system blaster offers a range of features that make it an excellent choice for Nerf enthusiasts. It’s compatible with barrel extensions and detachable shoulder stocks, allowing for customization and versatility.

The Recon MKIII features two tactical rails that provide additional customization options and allow for the attachment of various Nerf accessories. With an advertised firing range of up to ninety feet, this blaster packs a punch and can provide impressive accuracy and power in a Nerf battle. The slide-action clip system of the Recon MKIII allows for quick reloading and rapid-fire action, making it an excellent choice for intense Nerf battles. Additionally, the blaster’s design offers comfortable handling and easy operation, making it an ideal choice for Nerf players of all ages and skill levels.

Tracker ECS-10(2019)

Released in the fall of 2019, the Tracker ECS-10 is a top-tier Nerf blaster with an electronic clip system and a range of impressive features. It’s compatible with barrel extensions and detachable shoulder stocks and comes with a Distance Scope and twenty Elite Darts, making it ready for instant gameplay. This semi-automatic clip-fed flywheel blaster delivers reliable power and accuracy, making it a formidable weapon in a Nerf battle. It also has five tactical rails, allowing for customization and the addition of various Nerf accessories. The banana clip can hold up to ten darts, providing the ability to unleash rapid-fire action during fast-paced gameplay.

One of the most noteworthy features of the Tracker ECS-10 is its compatibility with barrel extensions and detachable shoulder stocks. This feature offers versatility and allows for customization to suit individual preferences. The electronic firing mechanism provides consistent power and accuracy, and the responsive trigger and comfortable grip make it easy to handle in any situation.

Longstrike (2019)

In 2018, Nerf released the LongStrike N-Strike Modulus blaster, complete with a barrel extension, Distance Scope, bipod, three six-dart clips, eighteen Elite Darts, and instructions. Equipped with a bolt-action clip system, this blaster outclasses its predecessor with its direct plunger system. In addition, the blaster features two unjamming buttons on the left side, a novelty that was not available with the initial model. When you press the top button, the priming bolt can be released even when the blaster is primed; press the bottom button to temporarily disengage the intermediate prime lock if the bolt handle jams while priming.

What’s more, the LongStrike’s bolt handle is detachable – reducing the blaster’s storage size and opening the door for simple customization. This kit is packed with features, boasting an integrated shoulder stock, barrel extension compatibility, three tactical rails, three sling points, and – the icing on the cake – two additional clips housed within the shoulder stock.


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Mediator Barrel(2018)

The Mediator Barrel Blaster is a versatile Nerf blaster that was released in 2018. It has a unique design that allows it to function as both a standalone blaster and a barrel extension for other blasters. The blaster uses an air-powered system, which is similar to older Nerf blasters, to launch foam darts. The top portion of the blaster features a barrel that can be folded up against the top of the blaster when not in use as an extension. The barrel can also be lifted up and used as a grip, which provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip for users.

The Mediator Barrel Blaster comes with three Elite Darts, which are designed for increased accuracy and distance. Reloading the blaster is a simple process. To reload, insert up to three darts into the blaster’s muzzle. Once the darts are in place, pump the blaster six times to achieve maximum range. The air-powered system used by the blaster ensures that the darts are launched with enough force to travel long distances. Additional Elite Darts can be purchased separately, allowing for extended playtime and more opportunities for target practice.


Regulator (2017)

The Regulator – part of the N-Strike Modulus series – was released in August 2017 and came with a Storage Stock, Long and Short Barrel Scopes, a Swivel Handle, two 12-dart clips, and 24 Elite Darts. This powerful blaster runs on four C batteries. It is a revolutionary flywheel clip system blaster like no other – boasting SwitchFire Technology! This innovative technology gives you the choice of three firing modes: semi-automatic, fully automatic, and the awesome “burst mode,” which lets you shoot off three darts in quick succession. The switch dial in front of the firing trigger makes it all possible.

Positioned just ahead of the firing trigger instead of next to the clip well, the clip release button is there for your convenience. And don’t worry, if you ever experience a dart jam; you can simply open the jam door and gain access to the inner workings of your weapon to sort it out. This one stands out from the rest due to its latch, which keeps it secure, just like the N-Strike Elite HyperFire. For the blaster to fire, make sure the latch is firmly shut and locked. And don’t forget about the LED light situated atop the rear iron sight – it flashes to let you know when a loaded clip has run out.

This blaster comes with a detachable shoulder stock, a barrel extension, and a set of iron sights perched atop, ready to blast away! This gun is equipped with two tactical rails – one on top and one at the muzzle – and two built-in sling mounts at the iron sights. Plus, you can attach the included shoulder stock for an extra mount.


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Stryfe (2017)

The NERF Modulus Stryfe is a motorized blaster that was introduced in 2017 as part of the N-Strike Modulus series. The blaster requires four “AA” batteries to function, which are not included in the package. The Stryfe is designed to provide a more convenient and exciting experience for NERF enthusiasts. It comes packaged with a range of accessories, including a barrel extension that helps to increase accuracy and range, a Drop Grip that enhances grip and stability, a six dart clip that enables quick and easy reloading, and six Elite Darts that are known for their excellent performance.

Unlike most NERF guns that require a two-step process of pulling back the handle or slide and then pulling the trigger to shoot, the NERF Modulus Stryfe offers a more effortless experience. This motorized blaster can be easily operated by simply turning it on and pulling the trigger.

With the NERF Modulus Stryfe, firing a dart requires just one trigger pull, and the speed of firing can be increased by quickly squeezing the trigger. The motorized blaster remains primed for action as long as it is switched on, making it a more enjoyable toy to play with than the traditional manual models.

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BarrelStrike (2017)

The BarrelStrike blaster is a versatile and unique addition to the Nerf blaster lineup. One of its standout features is its ability to double as a barrel extension for other blasters. The back half of the blaster can be folded up against the top for use as an extension, making it a useful accessory for players who want to modify their blasters. In addition to its extension capabilities, the BarrelStrike also has a single tactical rail for adding accessories such as scopes or sights. It also has a strap point on the extension piece, which makes it easier to carry around during gameplay.

One of the most innovative features of the BarrelStrike is its intelligent air restrictor system. This system helps to regulate the amount of air that is released with each shot, resulting in more consistent and accurate firing. This is particularly important for players who want to achieve precise shots at longer ranges.

The BarrelStrike blaster is a versatile and unique Nerf blaster that offers a range of useful features for players of all skill levels. Whether used as a standalone blaster or as an extension for another blaster, its innovative design and intelligent air restrictor system make it a top choice for Nerf enthusiasts.


The StockShot blaster is a unique and versatile addition to the Nerf blaster lineup. It was released in 2017 and features a detachable shoulder stock that can double as a blaster. The front attachment piece can be extended forward for use as a shoulder stock, making it a useful accessory for players who want to modify their blasters. The blaster itself has a four-dart capacity and comes packaged with four Elite Darts. It is also equipped with an intelligent air restrictor system, which helps to regulate the amount of air released with each shot for more consistent and accurate firing.

In addition to its other features, the StockShot also has a strap point on the end of the blaster. This makes it easier for players to carry it around during gameplay, ensuring that it is always within reach when needed.

Recon MKII (2016)

Released in 2016 as part of the N-Strike Modulus series, the Nerf Modulus Recon MKII blaster is a clip system blaster with many amazing accessories. It comes with a barrel extension and detachable shoulder stock. The blaster also includes six dart clips and six Elite Darts. Additionally, this firearm is outfitted with two tactical rails – one atop the slide, the other on the right side – and can fire rounds up to ninety feet away.

The Recon MkII is a nicely crafted blaster that inherits design elements from the Recon/Retaliator platform, but also boasts its own distinctive look with inspiration drawn from the Modulus line. Like most N-Strike clip-based blasters, it features a single sling loop located at the base of the handle. The blaster is also equipped with two tactical rails, one located at the top of the slide and the other situated lower down on the side. This side rail presents a great opportunity to attach lights to the blaster, although Nerf hasn’t released a light accessory for it in some time. Overall, the Recon MkII is a visually appealing and versatile blaster that is sure to please NERF fans.


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Recon BattleScout (2016)

The Modulus Recon Battlescout is an exciting addition to the NERF blaster lineup, offering an immersive experience for those who want to capture their battles on camera. With a built-in 720p HD camera, this blaster enables users to record their battles and take photos of the action. Additionally, the Recon Battlescout comes equipped with an indexing clip blaster and a 10-dart indexing clip, making it a formidable weapon in any NERF battle.

Whether you’re engaging in stealth operations or close-quarters combat, the Recon Battlescout is a fantastic choice. The blaster is easy to use, and the camera is conveniently mounted on top of the blaster, allowing you to capture all the action from your perspective.

It is important to note that the Recon Battlescout requires AAA batteries to function. While the blaster itself is loads of fun, the camera feature adds an extra layer of excitement to your NERF battles. With the Modulus Recon Battlescout, you can relive your battles and share your experiences with friends and family. Overall, this blaster is a great choice for those who want to take their NERF battles to the next level.


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Ionfire (2016)

The Nerf Modulus IonFire Blaster is a revolutionary blaster of the modern times – sleek and slim, but with plenty of proprietary attachments, such as the long barrel and dart storage stock.

This Blaster is an impressive blaster that boasts a range of features and accessories. One of the main advantages of this blaster is its ability to be customized for each battle or mission. The blaster comes with a variety of accessories, including two dart holders and a barrel extension. These accessories allow users to customize the blaster to suit their needs and preferences, giving them an edge in any Nerf battle.

The blaster itself comes equipped with four darts and has the ability to fire a single dart at a time. This allows for more precise targeting and accuracy, making it a great choice for those who want to take their Nerf battles to the next level. The blaster is also relatively lightweight, weighing in at just 1.2 pounds. This makes it easy to carry and maneuver during battles.

To ensure that users get the most out of their Nerf Modulus IonFire Blaster, the blaster comes with well-detailed instructions on how to use it in the best way possible. This ensures that users can get the most out of their blaster and use it effectively during battles.

In terms of dimensions, the Nerf Modulus IonFire Blaster measures 2.2 x 8.3 x 14.8 inches. This makes it a compact and portable blaster that can be easily stored and transported. Overall, the Nerf Modulus IonFire Blaster is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a customizable and versatile blaster that can adapt to any situation.

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Tri-Strike (2016)

The Tri-Strike blaster is a straight-forward spring-powered blaster with a clip feed system. The magazine that comes along with the blaster can hold 10 Modulus/Elite/Suction Nerf darts and it can be inter-changed with 12 or 18 clip mags. The priming is of the pump action model where you pull the orange primer and push it back forward to load a single dart in the plunger ready to fire. Then pressing the trigger fires the dart. The blaster is completely manual and requires no batteries to operate. But Slam-Fire feature is present which allows you to repeatedly prime the blaster while having the trigger pressed to shoot off darts in quick succession.

A jam access door is present to clear of any stuck darts, but as long as you use good condition darts, this blaster never jams. Rear and front iron sights are present along with a tactical rail on the top of the blaster. Though the Rocket Launcher is meant to be attached here, you could add any N-Strike attachment to the tactical rail.

The Mega Blaster is a formidable weapon capable of launching Mega Darts as far as 100 feet, making it ideal for long-range battles. For those seeking an even more devastating attack, the Rocket Launcher is the ultimate choice. This powerful weapon can launch foam rockets up to 90 feet, providing a tactical advantage for surprise attacks.


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Battlescout ICS-10 (2016)

Launched in the fall of 2016, the Battlescout ICS-10 Nerf blaster revolutionized the way you play. Its cutting-edge indexing clip system can hold up to ten darts simultaneously, allowing for maximum firepower in any battle. To operate its camera accessory, you’ll need four “AA” batteries. Designed with attachment points for detachable shoulder stocks and barrel extensions, the blaster provides a highly customizable experience for users. With one tactical rail and two strap points, the Battlescout ICS-10 offers extra options for a versatile combat experience. Whether used for a stealthy operation or a close-quarters battle, the Battlescout ICS-10 is a reliable and adaptable weapon for any Nerf enthusiast

ECS-10 (2015)

If you are a fan of modifying blasters, then you will love Nerf N-Strike’s Modulus ECS-10. Designed as a clip system blaster that utilizes 4 AA batteries to perform, the user is able to customize it in any way desired. A total of thirty different configuration options are available for the Modulus ECS-10, and with the compatibility to freely add shoulder stocks and barrel extensions, there is simply no end to how different you can make your blaster look and perform like. This motorized blaster can go from a long-distance shooter to a powerful gun, giving you a myriad of ways in which you can alter your tactics, even during mid-battle. Since the blaster is semi-automatic, the firing speed is entirely dependent on the user. But of course, with the sheer firing range of even a non-modified Modulus ECS-10, the speed should never disappoint, even for newer users.


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Blaster Stock(2015)

The Blaster Stock is an amazing invention designed with Nerf enthusiasts in mind. Released in 2015, this detachable shoulder stock provides extra stability and accuracy when using a blaster. But what really sets it apart from other shoulder stocks is the addition of a built-in dart blaster. That’s right – if your primary blaster runs out of ammo, you can just grab your Blaster Stock and continue your battle! Its design is inspired by the Jolt EX-1, and its barrel is located directly above the attachment point, making it perfect for any type of blaster. The Blaster Stock’s low-profile design ensures unhindered fire and a short tactical rail behind the barrel makes it easy to attach additional accessories, giving the user more combat-oriented power.