Hasbro brand launched Alpha Strike blasters in the year 2019, along with targeting sets and multi-packs. The guns in this series possess a strikingly different theme, with retro classic bright yellow and orange frames. The ammo is physically the same as Elite, with the exception of the color theme. Let’s dive deeper into details about this new gun series and see if it could be the right weapon in your blaster Nerf wars.

What is Alpha Strike?

Alpha Strike blasters are budget blasters meant to bring more kids into the world of Nerfing. Anyone who wishes to have a taste of dart shooting fun can start with blasters from this series. They look like a product that can be printed at home using a 3d printer. There is also lesser plastic used throughout the body of these blasters which makes them much lighter compared to other categories.

Fang QS – 4

Most importantly these Nerf blasters are cheaper. By a lot. For example, let us compare the best selling Elite Stryfe with the Alpha Strike Flyte. Both are semi-automatic flywheel blasters with very similar specifications. But the Flyte is cheaper by around ten dollars while retaining the same Elite performance.

Elite Strfe

Flyte CS -10
Cobra RC 6
Released in 2019 under the Alpha Strike series, the Cobra RC-6 is a rotating-cylinder Nerf blaster that will have you blasting your opponents with precision. Not available for solo purchase, the Alpha Strike blaster set offers this component as part of various blaster sets-from the Mission Ops Set and Ultimate Mission Pack to the Dual Targeting Set and Targeting Set. So you can find the perfect one for you!



The Uppercut, released in the fall of 2020 as part of the Alpha Strike series, is a Nerf blaster with a shape quite similar to the Stinger SD-1. Yet, unlike the Stinger, it does not have a firing trigger and instead operates with HAMP-action, with the pump handle located at the bottom, just like the Jolt EX-1‘s plunger rod. In contrast to a standard HAMP blaster, it uses a spring to push the pump handle back out and allow for firing.


Is Alpha Strike good?

Yes. Alpha Strike series is great……for the price. They have excellent performance and specifications very similar to the Elite series. There is a vast variety of blasters available there too. Models include tiny single shots, shotgun, sniper, pistol, and a whole lot of mission packs (multiple blasters put together in a single package for more savings) and target sets.


But there are a few cons as well. Reduction in price leads to a sacrifice in quality. They are made out of slightly lighter, cheaper plastic and may not last long with very rough usage. For those of you looking to shave a few bucks off your new nerf gun purchase, this is perfect.

Can we use Nerf brand Attachments with Alpha Strike?

Yes. Elite attachments such as barrel extensions, magazines, and the Nerf elite darts can be used interchangeably with an Alpha Strike blaster. But please do note that the Alpha Strike and Elite products carry totally different color schemes. So visually this cross-compatibility may not quite be appealing the eyes.

Nerf blaster prices keep changing based on the newest nerf gun releases each year. To check whether these blasters are available and their latest prices and discounts check Amazon here.

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