Nerf blasters have been a popular toy for children and adults alike since their introduction in the 1980s. Over the years, the brand has released various models and themes to cater to different interests and fandoms. One such theme is the Halo franchise, a popular video game series that has captivated audiences for two decades. With the release of several Halo-themed blasters, Nerf has taken its collaboration with Microsoft and the Halo franchise to a whole new level, offering fans the chance to experience the game’s weapons in real life.

In this article, we will look at all the Nerf Halo blasters and try to understand which one suits your needs.

Overview of Nerf Halo Blasters

Hasbro’s Halo action figures and role-playing toys have become hugely popular! The brand is based on the highly successful Halo video game franchise, which has gained a large following since the release of its first game in 2001. The Halo brand boasts an array of action figures and role-playing toys, each drawing its inspiration from the riveting characters, vehicles, and weapons featured in the iconic video games.

The Halo blasters, inspired by iconic weaponry from the Halo video games, are one of the most sought-after products in the Halo brand – the perfect way to bring the world of Halo to life. These blasters are designed to look and feel like weapons from the games, and they are a favorite among fans of the franchise, who enjoy engaging in mock battles and other forms of role-playing.


Mattel’s BOOMco. brand brought us the very first Halo-inspired dart blasters. These blasters were designed to resemble weapons from the Halo universe and came with specialized darts that were painted to look like the game’s iconic energy projectiles.

In 2020, Hasbro announced that it had acquired the Halo toy license from Mattel and that it would be releasing its own line of Halo-themed Nerf blasters. The new line of blasters would be designed to resemble weapons from the games and would come with custom darts featuring the Nerf logo. The Halo Nerf blasters have since become popular among fans of both the Halo franchise and the Nerf brand, allowing them to bring their favorite video game weapons to life in a safe and fun way.

Nerf Halo Blasters


The MA40 is one of the Halo-themed Nerf blasters released by Hasbro in 2020. This blaster was designed to promote the release of the highly anticipated Halo Infinite game and is based on the MA40 assault rifle from the game. The blaster features a bullpup clip system, which means that the clip is located behind the trigger rather than in front of it. This design makes the blaster more compact and easier to maneuver. Additionally, the blaster uses a flywheel system to propel the darts, which allows for rapid firing and increased accuracy.

The MA40 has quickly become a fan favorite among Halo and Nerf fans alike, thanks to its realistic design and powerful performance. It’s just one example of how the Halo and Nerf brands have come together to create exciting new products that allow fans to bring their favorite games to life in a whole new way.

Nerf Halo Needler

The Nerf Halo Needler is another exciting addition to the line of Halo-themed Nerf blasters, released by Hasbro in 2021. This blaster is based on the Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher from the Halo game franchise and is designed to be a compact, single-shot blaster that is similar in size to the popular Jolt EX-1 blaster.

The Nerf Halo Needler features a unique design that mimics the appearance of the in-game weapon, complete with glowing darts that resemble the Needler’s homing projectiles. The blaster also features a top-loading clip system that holds one dart at a time, making it quick and easy to reload and fire.

Nerf Halo Mangler

Introduced by Hasbro in 2021, the Nerf Halo Mangler has become a favorite among fans of Halo-themed Nerf blasters. Inspired by the weapon of the same name from the Halo video game series, this blaster is designed as a six-dart revolver-style blaster that is user-friendly and enjoyable to use. Its standout feature is its ability to slam fire, which allows users to hold down the trigger and rapidly shoot all six darts. Furthermore, the blaster boasts a tactical rail on top, enabling users to attach accessories such as sights or scopes, which enhances their accuracy when targeting.

Nerf Halo Bulldog

In 2021, Hasbro released the Nerf Halo Bulldog, a pump-action blaster modeled after the CQS48 Bulldog shotgun from the Halo video game series. The blaster’s integrated ten-dart drum makes reloading fast and simple during gameplay. The Nerf Halo Bulldog’s most notable feature is its slam-fire capability, which enables users to hold the trigger down and shoot darts rapidly in succession.

To improve accuracy when aiming, the Nerf Halo Bulldog includes two flip-up sights and a shoulder stock. Its realistic design, and powerful performance make it a popular choice among fans of both the Halo and Nerf brands. The integrated ten-dart drum and slam-fire capability contribute to a fun and seamless gameplay experience. Overall, the Nerf Halo Bulldog is a great addition to any player’s arsenal.

Nerf Halo SPNKr

The Nerf Halo SPNKr is a powerful blaster released in 2021 that is based on the iconic M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon from the Halo video game series. It features a sleek design and accurate detailing that captures the essence of the original weapon perfectly. The blaster has two barrels, with the bottom one firing a single dart at a time and the top one acting as a storage space for an extra dart. The SPNKr comes with six Nerf Elite darts and is capable of firing them up to 85 feet. Its unique design and high firepower makes it an excellent addition to any Nerf collection, especially for Halo fans.