Are you someone who loves it big? If so, say hello to the longest Nerf blaster in history: The Mega Centurion! At a length of over 1 meter, this blaster not only looks impressive, but holds some serious firepower inside it as well. This big blaster, which is recommended only for ages 8 and up, is aptly a bit heavy considering its size, at a weight of 4.8 pounds.


This bolt-action blaster is manual single-fire shot weapon, and its magazine can carry a total of 6 darts at a time. While this may seem unimpressive at first, consider the fact that it uses Mega Darts, and can shoot them to a range of upto 100 feet. Angled shots in ideal conditions ofcourse. This is actually the highest advertised distance for any Nerf blaster, which goes to show that size really does amount to power. Fire-rate is upto the user depending on how long it takes for you prime and shoot off a dart. The blaster operates using a reverse plunger mechanism as its internals. Additionally, it contains two tactical rails situated at the muzzle and the end of the stock. It has an integrated shoulder stock for added support as well.


The Mega Centurion package includes a bipod stand that greatly eases the way in which the blaster can be used. The stand gives the big blaster good support when firing heavy shots, and has been tested to improve the overall accuracy of the darts. The Mega Centurion has been modeled after famous sniper rifles, especially the .50 BMG, so you can expect to get some good marksmanship training done using this bad boy. The power of each shot, especially with the bipod stand, is quite admirable too. You can easily hit and even knock down boxes with the Mega Darts fired from the Mega Centurion. The combination of huge mega darts and a powerful plunger system built-in result in overwhelming strength.


The Mega Centurion exudes immense power without the use of any batteries. This is a major plus. The main selling point of the Mega Centurion blaster is simply its sheer size, which contributes to the record-making firing range that it provides. Best of all, the bipod stand and the impressive design will make you feel like an actual covert sniper when using it. The potential of a sniper simulation is perhaps the best reason anyone would want to try out this big gun in the first place.

The darts in themselves are mega and almost twice the size of Elite darts. They are also quite stable in air compared to the regular elite darts contributing to its long range. Construction of the centurion is solid, and the components feel sturdy and doesn’t wobble much.

There is a bit of recoil effect when you fire this gun which adds on to the sniping experience. Also this blaster should definitely be a great addition for cosplays and props, considering its size and badass design.


The Centurion is bigger and heavier as far as nerf blasters go. This makes it a little bit inconvenient for small kids to carry it around and fire at ease. But its best to use it in sniper mode with the attachable bipod provided. Improper and urgent priming of the weapon causes the darts to get jammed and after this is repeated a few times, the darts seem to get bent and compressed in a way that ruins them for further use. In case you do run into these jams, be sure to pull the bolt back a bit and slam it forward. Afterwards, pull out the clip by using the jam access door provided.

The priming mechanism is two-step. Meaning you’d need to pull the primer back and then push it forward to load the gun and then fire it. This process is quite loud and frankly a bit irritating. For sure cannot be used to sneak up on your enemies in a nerf war.

Players who are into customization are going to be disappointed with this blaster. The stock is not detachable but the muzzle extension is. But there are no alternate Mega barrel extensions as of now to replace the original extension. But a good option would be to use the centurion without the stock barrel extension, increasing both range and mobility at once.

So to sum it up, this nerf gun is very specific in its purpose. Patience is the key. IF you can find your spot, wait with the dart loaded and pick off your enemies one by one from a distance, then the Mega Centurion would be a good choice. But those of you who simply want to be running and gunning, this nerf gun isn’t for you.

Be as it may, the Centurion is a very successful and popular model and is priced at 40 dollars in Amazon with highly favorable ratings.

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