Are you searching for a high-capacity Nerf gun? The Nerf N Strike Mega Megalodon is your perfect pick! Our top-rated Nerf gun, the Megalodon toy blaster, is a true powerhouse! It can hold a whopping 20 red foam Nerf Darts at once, plus take on the Nerf Mega whistler darts for extra fun. And get this: it even has slam-fire action for rapid-fire capabilities. This Mega blaster has raised the bar for excellence!

Overview of Nerf Mega Megalodon Blaster

The first look of the Mega Megalodon

The Mega series of Nerf N-Strike blasters was released in 2013, introducing a new breed of long-range guns to the world. The 2019 Megalodon is the newest addition to the series, modeled after the extinct shark and boasting a whopping firing range of 100 feet – double that of the Elite series!

The powerful Megalodon blaster, belonging to the Mega series, is an awesome machine with a huge punch! It packs a whopping 20 Mega Whistler Darts, a removable cylinder drum, and a set of instructions in one bundle. And the best part? These Mega Darts are not your ordinary Nerf Mega darts; they are super-sized darts that make a whistling sound when fired and are designed for power!

It include 20 Mega Whistler Darts


The powerful Megalodon is a lever-action blaster that packs a major punch with its twenty-dart drum. Distinguished from the Mega Mastodon by its manual priming mechanism, this blaster allows for slam-firing action. Equipped with three convenient strap points on the front, back, and handle, you’ll always have your blaster close at hand. Even more, the drum comes conveniently detached for efficient packaging – and can be easily reattached or removed with a simple screwdriver in a few easy steps.

Features of the Nerf Megalodon

1. High Capacity Cylinder Drum

Your gaze will be instantly drawn to the colossal rotating cylinder drum at the front of the Megalodon’s blaster as soon as you set eyes on it. While it appears overly large, it doesn’t feel too heavy at all – the blaster is nicely balanced overall. It can carry up to 20 Mega darts or AccuStrike darts crafted for added precision. As you fire, the drum rotates and provides enough ammunition that you don’t have to worry about reloading every 5 seconds.

Taking note that the cylinder is not to be removed from the blaster is important: it comes in its package, yet it is designed to stay attached to the blaster, not to be swapped with other Nerf weapons. So, to summarize, the cylinder is meant to remain on the blaster.

2. Priming Handle

            Priming Handle

This blaster is equipped with an eye-catching, boomerang-shaped priming handle at the top, setting the Megalodon apart from the competition. Despite its bulky appearance, the priming mechanism of this firearm is remarkably silky, offering a pleasurable shooting experience. Unfortunately, the blaster is not the most ergonomic and comfortable, but it makes for a great visual!

3. Single-Fire and Slam Fire Mode

Equipped with two modes of operation, the Megalodon lets you choose between Single-fire – which demands you to operate the primer handle back and forth before pulling the trigger. Then, there is Slam-fire mode, which enables you to fire off all 20 Mega darts in one go by holding down the trigger and priming. There’s no question this blaster does its job well – making it worth the investment!

How does Nerf Mega Megalodon Operate?

The Megalodon is a breeze to use: pull the handle back, then push it forward and pull the trigger to fire. As you go along, it cycles through the 20-round drum.

For those times when you need to get the job done in a hurry, you can just hold down the trigger while cranking, and it’ll activate the slam fire feature. The crank handle offers great leverage, just like the gear train of Rival Blasters, and you’ll get plenty of power with just a short priming stroke.

Accuracy and Distance test

Pros of Nerf Mega Megalodon

The Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon Blaster has a lot of pros going for it.

  • 20-Dart Rotating Drum- Fill your Nerf battles with plenty of firepower with the 20-Dart Rotating Drum! It’s designed to hold up to 20 Nerf Mega darts, so you’ll never be short on ammo.
  • Slam fire mode- Experience the intense power of slam-fire action! Shoot all 20 red foam darts rapidly by holding down the trigger and cranking the handle.
  • The blaster can shoot darts up to 85 feet( 26 meters).

Cons of Nerf Mega Megalodon

  • The Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon Blaster has some cons that, include no tactical rails and a slow loading system, which can make it difficult to reload quickly during a Nerf battle.
  • Additionally, the darts may be a choking hazard, so it is important to be aware of this when purchasing the gun and playing with it.
  • Furthermore, the blaster is quite bulky and can be difficult to store.
  • Finally, the blaster does not come with extra darts, so it is necessary to purchase extra darts separately.

Nerf Mega Megalodon mod


What is the difference between Megalodon and Nerf N-Strike?

The key distinction is that the Megalodon isn’t powered by batteries like the Mega range of Nerf N-Strike blasters, introduced in 2013 – a sub-series of Nerf N-Strike with an impressive firing range of up to 100 feet (23 meters).

How many darts can you fire in a row in Megalodon?

You can crack 20 darts in a row with the Mega Megalodon Blaster.

Is the Megaladon a good Blaster?

Megalodon is a real gun that is fun to use. Although slightly weighty, priming is easy for even the youngest, thanks to its ratchet. With its Mega speeds, this blaster packs a real punch, and the vivid green tongue priming indicator serves as an eye-catching reminder that you’re all set for action!