Are you looking for an exciting, fast-paced activity to keep your kids entertained? Then look no further than the Nerf Mega MotoStryke! This powerful blaster is packed with intense firepower and offers hours of fun and excitement. With its easy-to-use design, this mega blaster is perfect for children of all ages, whether they’re beginners or advanced players. So don’t wait; grab one today and get ready for non-stop action!

Overview of the Nerf Mega MotoStryke Blaster

Nerf Mega MotoStryke

The Nerf Mega MotoStryke Blaster is a powerful and impressive blaster that demands attention. It is an ingenious semi-automatic flywheel-powered blaster reminiscent of the classic N-Strike Elite Stryfe. Featuring a convenient carry handle on the top, similar to the Rapidstrike CS-18, and a stabilizing shoulder stock, the MotoStryke is a truly formidable choice. This carry handle is exquisitely adorned with a tactical rail and a set of iron sights, the front with an integrated sling mount, and the rear with a rear sling mount. In addition, this is a magazine Fed mega blaster with flywheels.

The blaster is powered by four “C” batteries and has a 10-dart clip for firing multiple darts. It is comfortable to hold and has a large foregrip, with the batteries sitting in the stock to help keep it balanced. It was released in the fall of 2020 under the N-Strike Mega series and came packaged with a clip, ten Mega Darts, and instructions.

Highlights of the blaster

  • Motorized 10-dart Blasting: Feel the power of the motorized Motostryke Blaster! Load 10 Mega darts into the clip-fed chamber, rev up the motor, and launch those darts at high speed!

  • Huge in Size and Power: Featuring impressive power and size, the Nerf Mega Blaster is sure to overpower any adversary with its motorized, multi-dart, massive-scale capabilities!
  • The set includes Ten Nerf Mega Darts and a ten-dart clip- Load up and aim! This set includes 10 Nerf Mega Darts and a 10-Dart Clip so you can let fly whistling darts that soar through the sky.

Benefits and Limitations of the Blaster

Pros of the Nerf Mega MotoStryke

The MotoStryke blaster has a comfortable grip, considering the kind of wacky ergonomics of the blaster. Even though it’s oversized, it has a comfortable grip, especially for a thumbhole stock, making it a pretty good example of a grip that should work with just about anybody. The blaster also features a transparent clip, allowing you to keep an eye on how much ammo you have left. Another huge benefit of the blaster is that it is backward compatible with previous Mega magazines.

Cons of the Nerf Mega MotoStryke

The MotoStryke has earned its share of criticism due to its notorious trigger, which all too often gets stuck in the rear after being pulled. This deficiency can likely be attributed to the trigger using plastic leaf springs instead of metal return springs – not nearly sturdy enough to ensure reliable returns.

How ro fix Nerf Mega MotoStryke?

Nerf mega motostryke instructions

How to use nerf mega motostryke

Before you can start shooting, you’ll need to load your 10-dart clip into the bottom of your Motostryke semi-automatic NERF blaster. Pull the trigger for each shot, and you’re ready to go. With a quick trigger finger, you’ll be able to keep up with the opponents who have full autos, and you won’t be caught short with the transparent clip keeping an eye on your ammo. Let the battle commence!

Tips for Improving Accuracy

To improve accuracy when using the Nerf Mega MotoStryke, it is important to have a steady aim and to maintain a consistent firing stance. Additionally, it is important to choose the right darts and to make sure that they are properly placed in the magazine. Make sure to choose darts that are designed for the blaster, as darts that are too light or too heavy may affect accuracy.

It is advised to use a bipod or a tripod stand for added stability and to practice with the blaster to get the feel of how it works. 

Finally, if the blaster is too powerful, it is recommended to adjust the power with Nerf Mega-compatible accessories such as the Mega Longshot Mod Kit.

Safety Guidelines

Here are some important safety precautions that need to be followed when using the Nerf Mega MotoStryke.

  • Don’t take aim at faces or eyes; for added protection, it’s recommended that all players and that nearby wear eye protection.
  • Alterations to darts or blasters should not be made.
  • It is recommended to be used only with official Nerf Mega darts. No other darts may be able to meet safety regulations.


How far does the Nerf Mega Motostryke shoot?

The Motostryke provides adequate performance as a standard Mega blaster, with individual shots averaging 66fps.

What Type of Battery Does the Nerf Mega MotoStryke Use?

In the fall of 2020, Hasbro released the ultra-powerful MotoStryke N-Strike Mega blaster, which needs a jolt of four “C” batteries to unleash its full force!