The Nerf Mega TwinShock is a Nerf gun true to the Mega Line. If you’re looking for a huge, intimidating blaster as big as the Mega Mastodon, but want it to be manual and spring-powered then the TwinShock is a perfect choice. The Twinshock has been compared with the Nerf Elite Roughcut and even touted as its successor. Both guns sport multiple front-loading muzzles with two-step triggers. Here’s a more detailed review.

Nerf Mega TwinShock – Specifications

The package is simple with the blaster itself and ten mega darts. The Nerf Mega TwinShock is akin to a double-barrel shotgun with an ammo capacity of ten darts. The blaster has two tactical rails at the top to add on N-Strike attachments. Being a Mega blaster there are no nozzle extension slots or stock. This vastly reduces any customization options but this is generally expected from the Nerf Mega Series.

The tens darts are to be loaded at the front end of the barrel in their slots and can be fired one by one, or two at a time. This is made possible through the use of a two-stage trigger. A halfway pull fires one dart while a complete pull fires the second dart. A smart air restrictor enforces that each time the handle is primed only two shots can be fired.

Nerf Mega TwinShock – Design Aspects

The design of the TwinShock closely aligns with other blasters of Nerf Mega Series. Bright Red, Orange, and Grey colors form the paint job, while bold white ‘MEGA’ letters embellish one side of the blaster. The grip is large and comfortable and the priming handle also has its own grip. This considerably increases the stability and accuracy of the blaster as well. There are two sling mounts to strap your TwinShock while you battle your way through a Nerf war.

Nerf Mega TwinShock – Pros and Cons

The TwinShock is spring powered and so it weighs much lesser than it looks. It’s easy to carry around, quickly reload, aim, and fire for even younger kids.  There is no need to purchase batteries and the blaster is easy to use right out of the box. Also since it’s front-loaded there is no chance of a dart jam happening. If we had to nitpick, the only con would be that we can’t personalize or customize this blaster except maybe repaint it entirely.

Final Word…

The Nerf Mega Twinshock is at the time of this article, the biggest spring-powered Mega blaster that you can purchase. A goto primary weapon that is sure to win you big points in a Nerf war with its incredible performance and big caliber.

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