The RotoFury blaster lives up to its name by being one of the most furious blasters of all time. Using a rotating drum that can hold upto 10 darts at a time, watch your opponents cower in fear as you rain down a barrage of darts upon them. Recommended for ages 8 and up, the agile RotoFury is always ready to unleash a torrent of shots at your target.

RotoFury Features

  • RotoFury currently has the highest ammo capacity in the Nerf N-Strike Mega Series up until the Mastodon is released.
  • At a height of 12 inches, the RotoFury Blaster stands proudly to exert its dominance over its counterparts.
  • A weight of 3 pounds means that it is easy to carry for little kids, making it perfect for quick attacks.
  • The rotating drum further allows you to fire 10 shots consecutively without having to reload the blaster. The priming handle rotates the barrel to position the dart to be fired after each prime.
  • This blaster utilizes Mega darts, which leaves quite a bit of damage with the help of the internal plunger present inside the machine.
  • The pump-action mechanism allows both single-fire and slam-fire methods of shooting. The slam-fire option can be activated by holding down the trigger and priming the handle rapidly to fire the darts.
  • The RotoFury also comes with a tactical rail and three strap points to sling the weapon.
  • Muzzle velocities average at 70 feet per second. Flat hipfire carries the darts to upto 70 feet and the firing distance can be increased to 90 feet if the shots are angled. Slam-fire reduces the distance and accuracy a little bit though.
  • The slam-fire allows you to have a high rate of fire depending on how fast you can prime the weapon. Two darts per seconds easily, a good speed, when combined with massize ammo is impressive firepower.
  • One notable point about the darts is that they are of the ‘Whistler’ variety. This means that they let off a wailing sound when launched, so that immediately ruins any sudden attacks. Nonetheless, the sheer sight of ten screaming, speedy shots being fired at a single target is an amazing experience, and is a top reason why devoted fans have loved the RotoFury blaster so much.


The operation of the RotoFury is completely manual. The sheer range and shot capacity are possible without any batteries, which is a huge plus for this Mega nerf gun. It can fire quite accurate shots, and the darts are easy to follow.

Since this blaster uses a rotation barrel to stock up, there is no possibility of Jams. You can use the blaster without having to be careful of getting the darts getting stuck in the mechanics. Furthermore, the gun is made to be used easily. The priming handle is smooth and each load and fire is consistent. So there is absolutely no reason why any toy gun enthusiast would pass up the RotoFury blaster.


The ammo barrel does not roll out of the blaster body. The darts have to be shoved into their slots and the barrel rotated to reload further slots. This makes reloading a little cumbersome. There is almost no customization options except for a single tactical rail at the top. You cannot attach any stock or muzzle extension due to the lack of slots. But…at present there are no Mega accessories available, so this isn’t actually something we can complain about. While not necessarily a con, the internal structure is filled with gears, so modifiers are expected to stumble when taking this blaster apart. Then again, with such impressive performance, there is no need to.

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