For those of you who ardently believe bigger is better, Nerf has the perfect series for you. The Nerf Mega series. Everything about this series is Mega. Starting from the darts they fire, the magazine clips to the blasters themselves, every component is massive.

What is ‘Nerf Mega’?

The Mega series is the next step in the evolution of Nerf blasters after the Elite series. The N Strike Elite is a longstanding lineup with so many different blasters released over the years since its inception in 2012. To appease Nerfers interested in higher caliber foam blasters, Nerf launched the MEGA lineup in 2013. Ever since its release, Mega products have been a huge hit in the community.

So what’s different about the N Strike Mega series? Well, a lot. Let’s break it down starting from the externals. Every Nerf Mega gun is almost completely covered with deep-red color maybe with the exception of the magazine/drum and sometimes the muzzle tip. They fire Mega darts, and they too are red with mellow orange tips. The Mega darts are substantially bigger than the elite darts being at least twice their size. They are wider, longer, and heavier.

So to be able to fire these huge darts the blasters also have to be built colossal, with powerful internals. This is what the Mega series is all about. Many of the Nerf Mega guns are remodeled versions of their Elite counterparts. So when it comes to performance they are just as good as Elite blasters with almost similar muzzle velocities and firing ranges. Simply put, MEGA blasters are the high caliber Nerf guns for the big boys club.

But do not be misguided by the terms high caliber and powerful. The Mega series is just as safe as any other Nerf product and is also advertised for kids above age 8 years, just like the N Strike Elite. The darts may be bigger, but still only made from foam and doesn’t actually cause any injury on contact. It is perfectly secure for kids to play with and parents need not be worried. Having said this, we still highly recommend that kids should cover sensitive parts including their face/eyes with the help of Tactical Vests, Safety goggles, and Masks. Check various Nerf Safety Accessories here.

What is the best Nerf Mega gun?

There are two N Strike Mega guns that are worthy of this spot at the moment. One is the massive MEGA Mastodon Nerf blaster while the other option is a more recently released MotoStryke. The two blasters are contrasting in their profiles and capabilities but both are a hoot to play with.


Released way back in 2016, this Mega blaster captured every Nerfer’s heart. It’s a well-engineered and beautifully designed foam blaster from Hasbro. The Mastodon is basically a high caliber nerf machine gun that is meant to be fired from the hip to decimate your targets. This huge Nerf gun Mega blaster runs on 6-D batteries and it’s heavier than its N Strike Elite counterparts when fully loaded. It comes with sling mounts and a strap for easily carrying it around the field.

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The Mastodon was the first N Strike Mega blaster that featured a fully automatic flywheel mechanism. Up until then, there were only manual spring action Mega guns. It also touts a high ammo capacity with a 24 round Nerf Mega darts drum. Since each Mega dart in itself larger in size, the drum ends up being scaled up and is protected on the bottom with a shield. On the top of the blaster is a swivel/carry handle for easy hip firing and lugging it around.

The performance of the Mega Mastodon is well above the Nerf N Strike Mega average of 70 fps. Darts are heavier and exit the barrel at up to 80 feet per second. So combined with the dominating image and size, high ammo capacity, powerful performance this is the blaster to beat in this lineup. We have an extensive review of this blaster here.


Though in contrast to the Mastodon, the Nerf Mega MotoStryke is a very appealing Mega gun. Hasbro launched it in 2020 and is a definite challenger for the best in the Mega series. There is an ample number of differences between the two contenders.

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Unlike the Mastodon, the MotoStryke is akin to an assault rifle designed to fire Mega darts with accuracy. Instead of a drum, a ten-round magazine takes its place. The body in itself is sleek, a single structure without any of the bells and whistles. Supports only a semi-automatic firing mode unlike the Fully Automatic mode in the Mastodon. It also sports a support-handle below the muzzle and a carry handle at the top. There are also two tactical rails for adding attachments. This Mega gun is meant to be fired from the shoulder for precise targeting with the help of sturdy stock.

A simple straightforward blaster with excellent performance, the Mega MotoStryke is a perfect choice for primary weapon, that is if Mega blasters are allowed in your Nerf wars.

What is the biggest nerf gun?

Due to the larger size of the Mega darts, all Mega blasters tend to be higher n dimensions compared to their Elite counterparts. Starting from the magazine/drum, the firing chamber, the barrel all needs to be able to support the increased size. The ironically named BigShock is a pocket blaster that loads and fires a single Mega Dart. Even this is much bigger than the puny little Elite Jolt.

So with respect to size, weight, and power, The N Strike Mega Mastodon must be the biggest nerf gun in the market yet. It looks big in the arms of an adult, let alone a kid. But there is no doubt whether it is ok for kids to play with. Just like the Elite series, Mega blasters are rated for eight-year-olds and above. And of course, adults can have a blast too…

Pros and Cons

There are a few aspects you need to consider below getting yourself a Mega gun. First is the lack of attachments. Unlike the Elite or the Modulus series, the Mega blasters are one single unit and are not really customizable. At least the present blasters that are in the market lack any sort of slots for stock or barrel extensions. They do have one or two tactical rails for scope attachments, but that’s as much as they can be tailored with. Second is the fact that Elite blasters are still the most sold blasters at present and its highly probable that all your friends have Elite blasters and use elite darts. Or at least most of them. This makes it impossible for you to share darts with them, and you need to be prepared with enough of Mega-Ammo to last through the Nerf war.

But there are quite a number of upsides to purchasing a Mega Blaster as well. You would be wielding a unique weapon, that shoots massive red darts and are sure to stand out in a group of tiny Elite Nerfers. Certain game types also award Mega-Dart Body hits with higher points allowing you to score more than you would with regular dart blasters. Also, the blasters look dominating, and definitely macho in the world of Nerf.

All Nerf Mega Blasters

MotoStryke (2020)

We can’t help but swoon over the NERF Mega Motostryke – from the dazzling red textures to its muscular size, it’s sure to make an impression. It is an ingenious semi-automatic flywheel-powered blaster reminiscent of the classic N-Strike Elite Stryfe. Featuring a convenient carry handle on the top, similar to the nerf elite xd rapidstrike cs 18, and a stabilizing shoulder stock, the MotoStryke is a truly formidable choice. This carry handle is exquisitely adorned with a tactical rail and a set of iron sights, the front with an integrated sling mount, and the rear with a rear sling mount. In addition, this is a magazine Fed mega blaster with flywheels.

At an impressive 5 pounds, the blaster is big and bold – and ready to fire! It’s built with an oversized stock to keep you steady when shooting, a hefty fore-grip for a solid hold, and even a sling hook for extra comfort. Simply load your 10 dart clip, slot it into the blaster, and press the motor-acceleration button to get ready for action!


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Talon (2020)

The Nerf Mega line kicked off with the enormous – though not perfect – Centurion blaster, while the Mega Accustrike series began with the Thunderhawk. Though the “sniper” blaster with the sliding barrel was fun, it didn’t quite hit the mark. Yet, true to its Mega heritage, more advanced blasters followed – the Magnus and Bigshock for Mega, and the Bulldog and the Talon for the Mega Accustrike series.

Released in 2020, the Talon is a Nerf blaster from the AccuStrike Series. This single-shot blaster mimics the BigShock and conveniently houses two Mega AccuStrike Darts; one on the top and the other diagonally in its grip guard. For only $10, you can purchase the Talon Blaster, the pocket-sized pistol with a powerful punch! This classic Jolt features a simple yet fun design – simply pull down the plunger handle to prime it, load a dart, and pull the trigger for an accurate shot. And to top it off, the Talon Blaster also comes with three Mega Accustrike darts and convenient display packaging – just like the Bigshock before it!

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Megalodon (2019)

The Mega series of Nerf N-Strike blasters was released in 2013, introducing a new breed of long-range guns to the world. The 2019 Megalodon is the newest addition to the series, modeled after the extinct shark and boasting a whopping firing range of 100 feet – double that of the Elite series!

The powerful Megalodon blaster, belonging to the Mega series, is an awesome machine with a huge punch! It packs a whopping 20 Mega Whistler Darts, a removable cylinder drum, and a set of instructions in one bundle. And the best part? These Mega Darts are not your ordinary Nerf Mega darts; they are super-sized darts that make a whistling sound when fired and are designed for power!


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Released in spring 2018, the Nerf Tri-Break is a break-away, single-fire blaster with the capacity to load three Mega Darts at once via the accessible barrels revealed through the blaster’s amazing break-away mechanism. You can prime it with a plunger rod on the underside of the handle, just like the BigShock. Pressing the button on the opposite side of the trigger allows the front half to be detached. The top features one tactical rail, and the front has two sling mounts. The Nerf Mega Triad EX-3 blaster is equipped with a clever air restrictor system, allowing it to launch darts with impressive accuracy – making it a truly mega version of its Triad predecessor!

TwinShock (2017)

The TwinShock, an awesome pump-action blaster, is sure to make a big impression! It can blast two Mega Darts at a time, with an impressive range of up to eighty-five feet (twenty-six meters), plus it features two tactical rails and two strap points for extra customisation. And for an added edge, it can be slam fired!

The massive Twinshock blaster is a force to be reckoned with – at an impressive 28 inches in length, it’s OBSCENELY HUGE! Its simple design operates like a Rough Cut, but is equipped with five Mega darts on each side. Don’t let its size intimidate you, though; it’s surprisingly light and straightforward to use.


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DoubleBreach (2017)

With the Nerf Mega DoubleBreach, kids can fire Mega whistler darts up to a whopping 90 feet away – and it packs quite the punch! Unleashing the darts is half the fun; when they soar through the air, a delightful whistling sound adds an extra layer of excitement. Open the breach door and get ready for some serious fun!

The blaster is  packed with a clever air restrictor system that allows for dual-barrel and even slam fire! Plus, a bonus dart storage accessory gives you room for four darts, one tactical rail, and two strap points, one on the muzzle and one on the handle.With two barrels and no batteries required, this blaster allows your kids to experience pure active play.

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Mastodon (2016)

Do you want the largest and meanest NERF blaster money can buy? Not a clunky, tripod-mounted Rhino-Fire, but something more agile? No worries. But if standard darts are too “wimpy” for you, check out the Mastodon! The blaster was announced under the Nerf Mega Series in New York toy fair 2016 and ever since had gained immense popularity and hype among Nerfers all over the globe. This fully automatic blaster will have you firing three Mega darts every second, courtesy of its 24-round rotary cylinder. The rate of fire is insane too. Close to 4 darts per second and the entire barrel can be unloaded in around 6 seconds. This rate of fire is pretty close to that of RapidFire CS-18, but considering that this blaster shoots huge Mega darts it is incredible. Also since this is the first flywheels powered Mega blaster, it requires 6 D batteries to operate, which add on to the already heavy nerf gun’s weight. Not only do they hit harder than the standard darts, they’ll also whistle through the air as they fly!


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Lightning Bow( 2016)

This spring, Nerf launched the Lightning Bow: a bow-action blaster featuring Mega XD internals, two dart holders (packaged separately) that attach to either side of the top bow arm – perfect for shooting your opponents with rapid fire!

The Lightning Bow blaster boasts an impressive range of up to 85 feet, making it an ideal choice for those who need to take aim from a distance. However, there is a design flaw that may cause discomfort for the user. The plastic piece on the bow string, when held as intended, tends to snap into the user’s hand, which can make the blaster uncomfortable to use. This flaw may detract from the overall experience of using the blaster, and users may need to adjust their grip in order to avoid discomfort. Despite this issue, the Lightning Bow blaster still offers a range of features that make it a viable option for those looking for a long-range weapon.

HotShock (2016)

The Nerf Mega Hotshock blaster is a compact and straightforward toy blaster that packs a punch. With its minimalistic design, it is easy to use and handle, making it an ideal choice for young children and beginners. The blaster features a plunger tube, a barrel, and a handle, which is all you need to shoot foam darts. The Mega styling is standard, with the signature orange and blue color scheme that is synonymous with Nerf blasters. One unique feature of the Hotshock is that it can store a single Mega Dart in the top of the blaster, making it convenient for quick reloading during a Nerf battle. Overall, the Nerf Mega Hotshock is a simple yet effective blaster that offers hours of fun for kids and adults alike.

BigShock (2015)

The BigShock – a single-shot blaster akin to the Jolt EX-1 – boasts a single dart holder that doubles as an integrated sight when not occupied. With its dart holder situated atop the blaster, the BigShock truly gives you a leg up on the competition! In contrast to its competitors, BigShock blasters are equipped with a distinctive gray trigger as standard, regardless of the orange trigger featured in the stock images. Far from signifying any sort of diminished quality, this gray trigger was adopted worldwide when the blaster was released.

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RotoFury (2015)

The RotoFury blaster lives up to its name by being one of the most furious blasters of all time. Standing at a towering 12 inches, the RotoFury Blaster is currently the undisputed champion of the Nerf N-Strike Mega Series; with a weight of 3 pounds, it is perfect for small hands to carry, perfect for fast-paced battles. With a capacity of 10 darts, its rotating drum lets you fire 10 shots without the need to reload – a handle that rotates the barrel to ensure each shot is primed and ready to go. The pump-action mechanism allows both single-fire and slam-fire methods of shooting.

This blaster utilizes Mega darts, which leaves quite a bit of damage with the help of the internal plunger present inside the machine. One remarkable attribute of the darts used in the RotoFury blaster is their ‘Whistler’ variety. As they are launched, they emit a loud wailing noise that spoils any surprise attack. However, seeing ten bullets flying at a single target and hearing their haunting cries is an amazing sight that loyal fans can’t help but love.


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The Nerf CycloneShock blaster is a revolver-style toy blaster that was released in the spring of 2015. It features a six-dart cylinder that rotates with each pull of the trigger, allowing for rapid-fire action during Nerf battles. The priming handle is located above the grip, making it easy to use with either hand. The blaster also features a single tactical rail on top, which allows for the attachment of Nerf accessories such as sights or scopes. Unlike some other Nerf blasters, the CycloneShock does not have slam-fire capability. It boasts an impressive firing range of up to ninety feet, making it a great choice for outdoor Nerf battles. Overall, the Nerf CycloneShock is a reliable and powerful blaster that is perfect for Nerf enthusiasts who crave a revolver-style experience.

Mega ThunderBow(2014)

The Nerf Mega ThunderBow blaster, part of the N-Strike Mega series and released in 2014, stands out for its powerful and distinctive design. Modeled after a bow, this blaster doesn’t require a firing trigger, as its plunger system is activated by pulling back on the bowstring. An indicator on the back of the blaster turns green when the bowstring is fully drawn, ensuring accuracy and effective firing.

The Mega ThunderBow is a unique and innovative blaster that doesn’t follow the conventional style of a bow. Rather than requiring the string to be released, the plunger system is activated by slowly moving the string forward, generating a similar force to that of a normal bowstring release. By pulling the string back and forth rapidly, users can create a “pseudo-slam fire” effect that increases the rate of fire. With a firing range of up to 100 feet, which is tied with the Centurion for the longest range among Nerf blasters, the Mega ThunderBow offers unparalleled power and accuracy, making it a favorite among Nerf enthusiasts.

Magnus (2014)

Released in 2014, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster is a robust spring-powered blaster that feels substantial when held. Featuring a top-loading 3-round internal magazine, it enables one-handed reloading, providing a convenient and efficient experience for users.

The blaster is primed with a large slide that covers the top portion of the gun, and features a 3-round internal magazine for easy loading. It fires Mega Darts that are larger than the standard elite darts and emit a whistling sound when fired. A single tactical rail under the barrel is compatible with N-strike attachments, and an unjamming button located on the left side aids in clearing rare jams. The blaster also comes with a sling mount that can be used for team indicators or to help holster the blaster. The Mega Magnus Blaster is a formidable choice for fans of Nerf weaponry, offering both power and dependability.

Centurion (2013)

Are you someone who loves it big? If so, say hello to the longest Nerf blaster in history: The Mega Centurion! At a length of over 1 meter, this blaster not only looks impressive, but holds some serious firepower inside it as well.

This bolt-action blaster is manual single-fire shot weapon, and its magazine can carry a total of 6 darts at a time. The blaster uses Mega Darts, and can shoot them to a range of upto 100 feet. Fire-rate is upto the user depending on how long it takes for you prime and shoot off a dart. The blaster operates using a reverse plunger mechanism as its internals. Additionally, it contains two tactical rails situated at the muzzle and the end of the stock. It has an integrated shoulder stock for added support as well. This big blaster, which is recommended only for ages 8 and up, is aptly a bit heavy considering its size, at a weight of 4.8 pounds.


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