Everybody loves some Sniper Action. Both in movies and video games, kids are drawn to sharpshooters and their sophisticated weapons. There is a certain level of intrigue in the assembling of a sniper rifle and their tremendous potential to change the course of the war. When a sniper in his vantage point holds his breath to take a long-range shot, so do the movie audience. All Great War movies have a moment or two that glorifies snipers, their sheer will and the effort they undergo to record a kill.

Nerf releases blasters every year in different categories akin to real-life arms industries. Hence we see Nerf Automatic Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Mini Pocket Guns, and even Nerf Grenades! Of all these different classes of blasters, Nerf Sniper Rifle category is undoubtedly the most coveted among Nerfers across the globe. Like their real-world counterparts, Nerf Sniper Guns also have certain distinguishing features that set them apart.

So what makes an actual rifle a Sniper Rifle? They sport certain key characteristics that set them apart from assault rifles or machine guns.

Real Life Sniper Rifle Characteristics

  • Long Range provided by the presence of long free-floating barrel. The barrel is more of an attachment than a part of the weapon. Being longer than average rifles, there is increased muzzle velocity and longer ranges.
  • Improved accuracy at long ranges with the help of telescopic sights.
  • Smaller Magazines that carry lesser rounds of ammo, unlike heavy automatic machine guns.
  • Sniper Rifles could be either bolt-action or semi-automatic mode of firing.
  • Solid stock with a cheekpiece to rest the shooter’s cheek, which is sometimes even adjustable.
  • A foldable/adjustable bipod to stabilize the rifle on the ground and take really accurate shots.

Putting the above distinguishing characteristics of a Sniper Rifle in Nerf perspective, we can see that Nerf Sniper Guns also tend to follow similar rules. Relatively of course :) Generally they sport an extra barrel attachment, a scope, bolt-action, and low capacity magazines and adjustable bipods.

Here’s a listing of the best Nerf Sniper Guns that you can purchase right now! The blasters are split and placed under their specific series and not in any particular order.

Star Wars

Nerf has released many replica blasters for the Star Wars franchise and they have garnered excellent sales with the fans. Most of these blasters technically belong in the Elite category with foam darts and standard Elite performance. Among those many releases, the  StormTrooper Blaster stands out in the nerf rival guns. Its an apt choice for any Star Wars fan looking to get their hands on a Nerf Sniper Rifle.

StormTrooper Nerf Gun

Released in late 2018, this blaster is a very close replica of the StormTrooper blaster packed with all the power and performance that a Rival Nerf gun has to offer. Being a Rival gun, it is recommended for teens and adults only.

Performance: 90 feet per second average, On par with other Rival products


  • Age: 14+ years
  • Firing Mode: Manual, Bolt Action
  • Ammo: High Impact Rounds. Capacity: 7 rounds magazine
  • Battery: None

Price: Check the current price at Amazon.

Design and Features: Designed specifically for Star Wars fans, the Storm Trooper blaster is a pretty good dedication to the movie franchise. The scope is fixed and so is the stock. There isn't any customization options and can be played with as is. There is a jam access door and a safety switch like in all other Rival blasters. This blaster is a perfect choice for a StarWars cosplayer or hardcore fan looking for a Rival perfomance Nerf Gun Sniper.

For more details about the Rival series checkout out 'Nerf Rival' article.


As the name suggests this Nerf series is dedicated to all Fortnite fans. It consists of a long line up of various kinds of weapons that the players use in-game. With this set of blasters fans can have some real-life Fortnite fun. For more info on this series checkout our detailed article 'Nerf Fortnite'.


Released as part of the Fortnite series BASR-L is the Legendary version of Bolt Action Sniper Rifle that is available in-game.

Performance: Elite performance of an average of 70 feet per second.


  • Age: 8+ years
  • Firing Mode: Manual, Bolt Action
  • Ammo: Fortnite themed Elite darts. Capacity: 6-dart clip.
  • Battery: None

Price: Check the latest price on Amazon.

Design and features: The BASR-L is an excellent replica of its Fortnite counterpart. There is a tactical rail at the top that sports a detachable scope. The stock is sturdy and integrated with the blaster frame. The bolt action priming mechanism in this blaster also supports slamfire.


The BASR-R is a state-of-the-art clip system blaster that has been styled to mimic the classic Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle from the widely acclaimed Fortnite.


  • Age: 8+ years
  • Capacity: clip that holds up to 6 darts

Features of the blaster: The BASR-R (Bolt-Action Blaster) is a highly sought-after toy weapon that's perfect for kids who love to play Fortnite-inspired games. This blaster comes equipped with a 6-dart capacity, which means your child can fire six darts before having to reload. The removable dart clip also makes it easy to reload when needed. What sets the BASR-R apart is its bolt-action feature, which provides a realistic feel when firing. Additionally, the blaster is designed with a removable scope, which allows for more precise aiming when targeting enemies.

Parents will be happy to know that the BASR-R is compatible with Nerf Elite darts. This means you can purchase additional darts for extended playtime. With its exciting features and compatibility with Nerf Elite darts, the BASR-R is sure to provide hours of fun for your child.

 Heavy SR

Performance: The blaster is estimated to fire at a velocity of 65 feet per second


  • Age: ‎8+ years
  • Ammo: Heavy SR fires Fortnite Mega Darts.
  • Capacity: 6-dart clip
  • Mechanism: bolt action
  • Estimated velocity: 65 feet per second

Features of Heavy SR: Featuring an eye-catching red camo wrap, the Heavy SR is a must-have for any serious Nerf enthusiast. Drawing inspiration from one of the legendary fortnite nerf guns, the Heavy Sniper Rifle in Fortnite, this bolt-action clip-fed blaster boasts an integrated bipod for improved accuracy and a single tactical rail for attaching compatible accessories to enhance your gameplay. Plus, it has a single sling attachment point, making it easy to carry and transport during battles. With the Heavy SR, you'll have the edge in any Nerf skirmish!

Design: If you want a Nerf sniper rifle with a bold and intimidating look but not necessarily the best performance, the Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR is the one for you. Featuring a realistic design and an awesome color scheme, this blaster is definitely a sight to behold. Although the Heavy SR may lack in performance, it more than makes up for it with an incredible fun factor.


Released in 2022, the HR Nerf blaster is a fresh addition to the Nerf line-up. A key feature of this blaster is its bolt-action clip system for a seamless and reliable reload. Flipping up the bolt is required for priming, which gives the user a captivating and thrilling experience. Taking inspiration from the Uncommon Hunting Rifle from Fortnite, the HR blaster looks and feels like the Ruff wrap from the well-known game.


  • Age: 8+ years
  • ammo: six Fortnite Darts
  • capacity: six dart clip

Features of HR: The remarkable hunting rifle fortnite nerf is full of fantastic features that make it a truly versatile and fun toy. Perhaps its most noteworthy benefit is the barrel extension attachment, allowing players to tailor the blaster to their own preferences. Moreover, compatibility with other N-Strike barrel extensions adds even more potential for customizing. Unfortunately, the jam door at the top is a bit tricky to open due to its lack of a handle or notch - however, you can use a thin object such as a fingernail or pen to open it with ease.

The blaster is also capable of slam fire, but its bolt's placement may be uncomfortable for right-handed users. Nonetheless, the blaster is still an excellent option for those looking for a reliable and customizable Nerf gun.


Nerf Ultra is the most recent series released by Hasbro and it has its own sniper-style rifle - The Pharoah. The Ultra series is known for its unique aerodynamic ammo and higher-powered blasters. The series overall displays better performance than the Elite series. Kids less than 14 who may not be suitable for Rival blasters but would like to purchase high-powered Nerf guns can go for an Ultra blaster.


The Pharoah is a good example of what Hasbro can produce for some really satisfying Sniper shooting experience. Though there are multiple other Sniper options in Nerf, the Pharoah is truly a fine choice. The bolt-action travel is longer, smoother and easier. The muzzle-brake at the front end is really cool and adds to the authenticity of this sniper rifle. The stock is sturdy and helpful to aim down the fixed scope. The large weapon frame and balanced weight gives the Nerfer a true sense of sharp shooting experience.

Performance: Ammo velocities are over 100 feet per second. Higher end of the Ultra power spectrum.


  • Age: 8+ years
  • Firing Mode: Manual, Bolt action with long travel
  • Ammo: Ultra Darts. Capacity: 10 round magazine.
  • Battery: None.

Price: Check current price on Amazon-Pharoah.

Design and features: Fixed Scope. Bolt Action. Large Body with a sturdy stock. Ultra performance and range. Higher ammo capacity (10) when compared to other blasters mentioned here. A key thing to note here is that thi blaster and its magazine are designed specifically only to hold and fire Ultra Darts. No other types of ammo (Elite, Mega, Rival etc..) will work with Ultra Nerf Guns.


As the name suggests the Accustrike is a Nerf series with blasters and darts designed specifically for accurate target shooting. So naturally there are quite a number of Nerf guns in this line up that resemble sniper rifles. Here are the best among them.


There could be no argument on what type of a blaster this is. The design, colour theme, the sleek frame and build resembles a super sleek sci-fi sniper rifle. The RaptorStrike package comes with the blaster itself, two six-round magazines, 12 accustrike darts and a detachable bipod.

Performance: Ammo velocities close to 70 feet per second which is the Elite par.


  • Age: 8+ years
  • Firing Mode: Manual
  • Ammo: Accustrike Darts. Capacity: 6 dart clip.
  • Battery: None

Price: Retail price varies based on demand. Check current price at Amazon.

Design And Features: Sturdy integrated stock that helps with aiming down the sights. There is a tactical rail at the bottom of the muzzle where you can attach the bipod. The bipod is adjustable to increase the height of your sniping position in your hideout. But importantly, unlike other products in this list, the Nerf Accustrike RaptorStrike has no scope! Instead it sports a flip up sight to help in firing accuracy.


The AlphaHawk is a low profile rifle from the Accustrike series. This is an interesting choice to be included in a sniper list. The reasons we have included it here are primarily the long sleek design pertaining to the Accustrike series, integrated stock, manual bolt action, and the Accustrike darts. On the other hand, this blaster uses a revolver instead of the usual clip-fed loading mechanism. Also, there is no scope included in the package. But a positive point here is the presence of tactical rails for scope or other attachments and its relatively lower price point.

Performance: 70 fps Elite performance. Sharp shooting with Accustrike darts.


  • Age: 8+ years
  • Firing Mode: Manual, Bolt Action
  • Ammo: Accustrike Darts. Capacity: 6-dart revolver.
  • Battery: None

Price: Retail price varies based on demand. Check the current price at Amazon.

Design And Features: If you prefer attaching a scope but love the Accustrike design, then the AlphaHawk is the right alternative to the RaptorStrike. The RaptorStrike only has flip-up sights and no tactical rail for any attachment. Reloading is easier in a revolver which pops out on pressing a button, but there is no bipod. So do compare and consider these contrasts to choose the Accustrike sniper rifle that suits your playstyle.


This is a series that is primarily focused on customization by means of modulus accessories and upgrade kits. No wonder they have a marksman rifle that you can personalize to your wishes. More details here at Nerf Modulus Series.


Released in 2018 the Modulus Longstrike is an upgraded version of an older N-Strike Longstrike. But this blaster completely adheres to the Modulus theme. The stock comes as a separate piece but after attaching it once it is not meant to be detachable. The barrel is removable when required. So is the scope and bipod.

Performance: Elite performance with 70+ feet per second.


  • Age: 8+ years
  • Firing Mode: Manual, Bolt Action
  • Ammo: Modulus Darts. Capacity: 6-round magazine.
  • Battery: None.

Price: Check availability and price here.

Design: Sturdy, fixed Stock, detachable scope, and bipod.

Additional Features: Sports three tactical rails, strap mount points, and a very useful unjamming button incase of dart jams. Once repainted they look pretty lifelike, close to an actual weapon, and can be a great asset to cosplayers.

Read more about all the Modulus series has to offer here.


Performance: The blaster is estimated to fire at a velocity of 80 feet.


  • Age: 8+ years
  • Ammo: Elite Darts
  • Capacity: clip holds up to 10 darts
  • Battery: 4 AA batteries required.

Design and features: In the Modulus series, the ECS-10 flywheel blaster is unique - powered by 4 AA batteries instead of an air pressure system. It'll bring plenty of excitement to your next Nerf battle, just make sure you keep hold of the rev trigger and press the trigger to send the darts flying! Plus, there are tons of compatible accessories that can be added to this blaster to customize your experience. You can customize your blaster to match any mission with its accessories like the targeting scope, storage stock, dual-rail barrel and drop grip. Plus, with a banana clip and 10 elite darts you'll be ready to engage your enemies right away! But, the shoulder stock isn't the most stable, which is odd when you consider how important stability is for sniper rifles.

Read more about the ECS-10 here.

Alpha Strike

Alpha Strike Series is a very recent addition to the Nerf inventory. They are basically budget blasters that are available at pretty cheaper prices when compared to their equivalent counterparts on other series. We have a detailed article on this lineup here at 'Alpha Strike Series'

Wolf LR-1

The Wolf LR-1 is the simplest entry level sniper rifle in the whole of Nerf catalog. Being in the Alpha Strike series it does look like a Nerf version that you might have 3D printed at home while also being pretty low priced. Talking about Sniper features, the overall design is appropriate to this category with the presence of a long barrel, scope and stock. But there are a few differences from the rest of the pack. A magazine feed is missing. Instead each dart has to be breech loaded into the barrel before priming. Also the bolt-action is absent. Instead, a T-shaped priming handle at the rear end of the blaster allows you to prime and fire the single dart.

Performance: Ammo velocities close to 70 fps.


  • Age: 8+ years
  • Firing Mode: Manual, Breech Load
  • Ammo: Alpha Strike darts/ Elite compatible darts. Capacity: 1 dart.
  • Battery: None

Price: Alpha Strike blasters seem to be in demand with very irregular prices. The Wolf LR-1 should be retailing for only about ten dollars. Check the current price - Amazon.

Design: The Wolf LR-1 is a good starter nerf rifle for kids new to the world of Nerf. The blaster is easy to use, with single load, prime and fire process. Its a given that these Alpha Strike blasters do not look and feel premium and the plastic feels slight bit cheaper. But if you're on the market looking for a cheap nerf sniper rifle then this is the perfect choice.


'Rival' is an high end range offered by Hasbro specifically meant for young teens and adults. This is lineup packs serious power and each blaster is arduosly designed both in terms of aesthetics and performance. Rival has its own sub-series called 'Edge' that is dedicated to precision shooting blasters, interestingly named after various planets in our solar system, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Among these, Jupiter XIX has the styling and functionality closest to a real sniper rifle.

Jupiter XIX-1000

Released in 2019 as part of the Edge subseries under Rival, this blaster technically has the best performance and specifications in this entire lineup. The design of this blaster is true to its nature. It checks all the boxes that make a Nerf blaster a Nerf Sniper Rifle. A sturdy stock, long barrel, bolt action priming mechanism, adjustable bipod, iron sights, and even a monopod to stabilize each shot. The magazine is built into the barrel of the blaster where ten rounds can be loaded before priming and firing single shot by shot.

One cool accessory included in the package is a bright fluorescent target, that dings when hit. Last we saw the Jupiter XIX was a Walmart exclusive.

Performance: Ammo velocities average 90 feet per second. On par with Rival products.


  • Age: 14+ years
  • Firing Mode: Manual, Bolt Action
  • Ammo: High Impact Rounds. Capacity: 10 rounds integrated magazine.
  • Battery: None

Price: Check price/availability at Amazon.

Design: The bolt action has a short travel and feels really good operating it with the right amount of pressure. The monopod that is inbuilt with the stock can be height-adjusted with a spring action. The bipod is adjustable and locks tight with the Rival tactical rail at the bottom. Iron sights at the top help with accurate sharpshooting. But if we are being picky, a nice big scope is missing at the top.

Interestingly the Rival lineup lacks a scope attachment but offers a red dot sight that is sold separately. But we're sure more Rival accessories are going to be released and probably a sniper scope too. A point to note here is that other elite attachments will not fit on rival tactical rails here.

We have discussed in extensive detail this blaster and the entire Rival lineup in the 'Nerf Rival' article.


Mega Series is an apt series for releasing Nerf guns under the Sniper category primarily because of high calibre ammo. Apart from the intended design and performance, the huge Mega darts and massive frame also make Mega blasters strong contenders to be Marksman rifles.

A detailed discussion about the Mega series can be found here in Nerf Mega Series article.


Any Nerf Sniper Gun list would be empty without mentioning the classic Nerf Mega Centurion. The Centurion is quite an old release among the Nerf inventory and one of the first Mega blasters to be released. But due to its solid performance, sniper-design, power, and features, the Centurion will always be a solid recommendation in any Nerf Sniper Rifles List. Our complete review of the Mega Centurion can be found here.

Performance: Elite Performance with 70+fps muzzle velocities.


  • Age: 8+ years
  • Firing Mode: Manual, Bolt Action
  • Ammo: MEGA darts. Capacity: 6 round magazine.
  • Battery: None

Price: Current Price on Amazon.

Design And Features: The Mega Centurion has a super long body that looks quite like a sci-fi sniper rifle. The barrel is long but fixed to the body. The bipod adds stability for firing accurate shots. It is both foldable and detachable. Two tactical rails add customizability while sling mount points let you carry around the Centurion while running around.


The Nerf Mega ThunderHawk is a more recent addition to the Mega lineup. It was released as part of the Accustrike subseries and it comes packaged with Mega-Accustrike darts that are large and at the same time accurate as well. The unique factor that sets this Sniper rifle from other options listed above is its versatility. The bipod can be folded away while the barrel can be completely pulled back in to transform the blaster into a much smaller profile. But the same performance is retained though. When required, the bipod and the barrel can be extended back to change into a proper sniper blaster.

Performance: Elite performance. 70 feet per second. Accustrike dart for sharpshooting.


  • Age: 8+ years
  • Firing Mode: Manual, Bolt Action
  • Ammo: Mega-Accustrike darts Capacity: 10 round clip
  • Battery: None
  • Price: Find the best price on Amazon

Design And Features: Assault Rifle/Sniper Rifle profiles can be altered based on the requirements and gameplay. The magazine is horizontal fed and the bipod is only foldable and not detachable. There is a tactical rail at the top for additional scope attachments if required. Multiple sling mount points let you carry the blaster around on your back. But the strap has to be purchased separately when required.


Rapidstrike CS-18

Performance: The blaster Fires Elite darts up to 75 feet.


  • Age:  8+ years
  • Ammo: Elite darts
  • Capacity: Clip holds all 18 Elite Darts
  • Battery: 4 C batteries required.

Features of the blaster: The NERF N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster is a high-performance toy gun designed for kids and adults alike. Its motorized mechanism allows for quick firing, while its realistic design and dimensions provide an immersive experience. The blaster can hold up to 18 darts at once, ensuring continuous action during playtime. The blaster's shooting range of up to 75 feet enables users to hit targets from a distance, adding to the fun and excitement. The shoulder stock provides stability during firing, and the acceleration trigger enables users to launch darts rapidly. The blaster requires 4 C size batteries, making it easy to power up and use anywhere. Overall, the NERF N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster is a great addition to any NERF enthusiast's collection, providing hours of thrilling playtime.

Read more about the Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster here.


The Disruptor - released in 2017 as part of the N-Strike Elite series - is a Nerf blaster equipped with one tactical rail and two strap points: one on the cylinder and one on the handle. Its compact design and innovative features make it an irresistible choice for Nerf battles.

The weight of this Nerf gun is ideal, allowing you to run around without worrying about it slipping out of your grasp. Not only that, users are overjoyed with its consistent performance, as it doesn't jam frequently. Jamming can ruin the fun of a game, but thankfully this gun works efficiently and doesn't let you down. Nerf fans will be delighted with its comfort and quick re-loading features!

Performance: The blaster has an ability to fire darts up to 90 feet.


  • Age: 8+ years
  • Ammo: Elite darts
  • Capacity:The blaster comes with 6-dart rotating drum
  • Battery:

Features of the blaster: The N-Strike Elite Disruptor is a highly advanced Nerf gun that comes packed with a range of impressive features. Firstly, it boasts a six-dart rotating drum, which ensures that you have a reliable and constant source of ammunition to use during gameplay. The quickdraw blaster feature means that you can swiftly draw the gun and get straight into the action, making it ideal for high-intensity games where speed is of the essence.

The Slam Fire Action feature allows for rapid firing, allowing you to shoot off multiple rounds in quick succession. Additionally, the blaster comes equipped with six Elite darts, so you can start playing right out of the box. Finally, with its ability to fire darts up to 90 feet (27 meters), the N-Strike Elite Disruptor offers an impressive range that will undoubtedly impress any Nerf enthusiast looking for a high-performance gun.

Read more about the Disruptor Blaster here.

We hope now you have an extensive understanding of toy sniper rifles and their capabilities. Have you chosen your pick?

Happy Nerfin' ;)