Get ready to fire up your playtime with the NERF Ultra Amp Motorized Blaster! The blaster is a fantastic addition to any Nerf collection. It is designed for high-performance battles, with the ability to fire Nerf Ultra darts up to 120 feet. It is a reliable, high-performance blaster that offers excellent value for money. Its fast-firing mechanism, long-range capability, and user-friendly design make it an excellent choice for any Nerf battle. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Nerf warrior, the Ultra Amp blaster is sure to deliver hours of fun and excitement. So, delve into the guide to learn all about this amazing blaster.

Overview of the Nerf Ultra Amp motorized blaster

The AMP Nerf blaster in January of 2021 is a popular addition to the ULTRA series, known for its sleek design and impressive firing range. Its clip-fed flywheel system allows for quick and easy reloading, while the integrated foregrip and sight provide increased stability and accuracy during use. The single tactical rail and shoulder stock attachment point also offers customization options for the user. With a firing range of up to 120 feet, the AMP is sure to provide hours of fun for Nerf enthusiasts of all ages. The two sling attachment points make it easy to carry around and keep the blaster close at hand during battles.

The AMP Nerf blaster’s removable 6-dart clip is a key feature that allows for efficient reloading during intense Nerf battles. The clip can be easily removed and replaced with a loaded one, ensuring that the user never runs out of darts in the heat of battle. The motor can be powered up by holding down the acceleration button, which provides added speed and distance for each dart fired. The trigger allows for precise firing, with each pull launching one dart at a time. The AMP’s advanced design and performance make it an ideal choice for those who demand extreme distance, accuracy, and speed in their Nerf blaster gameplay.

Features of the blaster

  • The NERF Ultra Amp Motorized Blaster is powered by a motor that enables rapid-fire blasting.
  • The blaster has a six-dart clip that can hold up to 6 NERF Ultra darts at once, allowing for quick and easy reloading.
  • The blaster comes with 6 NERF Ultra darts, which are designed for maximum accuracy and distance.
  • The NERF Ultra Amp Motorized Blaster features a tactical rail and two sling attachment points.

Unboxing the Nerf Ultra Amp motorized blaster

 Pros and cons of Ultra Amp Nerf

Advantages of the blaster

  • With the NERF Ultra Amp blaster, you can fire darts rapidly thanks to its motorized dart blasting feature.
  • You can aim accurately with the NERF Ultra Amp blaster, as it comes equipped with an integrated sight to help you align your shots.
  • NERF Ultra blasters take your playtime to a whole new level with their innovative design and unparalleled performance – delivering unparalleled accuracy, distance, and speed. On top of that, they come with NERF Ultra darts, the farthest flying darts ever made by NERF!

Cons of the blaster

  • NERF Ultra blasters are designed to be used exclusively with NERF Ultra darts.
  • It requires 6 AA batteries to power the motorized blasting feature.
  • The blaster is not the most accurate one on the market.

Nerf Ultra Amp Internals

Internals of the blaster

The Ultra Amp blaster is designed with a similar setup to the Stryfe, with the rev trigger providing current to the motors and the main trigger pushing the geared pusher forward. The pusher feeds smoothly, providing efficient firing capabilities. The blaster features durable metal springs in most areas, ensuring long-lasting performance. However, the magazine release utilizes twin plastic leaf springs, which require minimal movement for ease of use.

The Ultra Amp blaster boasts a dart detection system akin to the Ultra One blaster. This system employs a catch that blocks the pusher from moving fully if a button on the pusher is not depressed. Additionally, the blaster features an extra dart flap situated in front of the flywheels. This flap only lifts when the button on the pusher is depressed, ensuring that only loaded darts can be fired. These features enhance the blaster’s safety and performance, making it a reliable and efficient toy blaster option for users of all ages.

Nerf Ultra Amp Mod

The Ultra Amp blaster offers significant potential for modification. Firstly, rewiring the motors is relatively straightforward and can be achieved without cutting into the shell. However, removing the “Dart DRM” feature is necessary to allow for maximum performance upgrades. Shaving off the pusher arm extension that moves the dart flap frees up space in the shell for a larger lipo battery. The orange plate above the magazine well provides an excellent channel for running large wires, and removing the bulk of the stock battery tray will further maximize the available space for upgrades.


Is the Nerf Ultra Amp full auto?

Yes, the Nerf Ultra Amp blaster is a full auto blaster.

Can Nerf Ultra Amp use regular darts?

The Nerf Ultra Amp blaster is designed to work specifically with Nerf Ultra darts.

How do you fire a Nerf ultra amp?

To operate the Nerf Ultra Amp blaster, press and hold the acceleration button to power up the motor. Once the motor is fully revved up, you can fire the blaster by pulling the trigger. Each trigger pull will fire a single dart at your target. This firing mechanism enables you to aim and shoot with precision, making it easier to hit your targets.

How many batteries is the Nerf ultra amp?

The blaster requires six “AA” batteries to be operated.