Are you looking for a fast, reliable, and powerful blaster to bring to your next foam dart battle? Look no further than the Nerf Ultra Four Dart Blaster. This highly accurate four-dart blaster comes with a range of up to 120 feet and unbeatable firepower. With a new streamlined design and improved ammunition, it will make you the ruler of the playground!

Overview of Nerf Ultra Four Dart Blaster

Nerf Ultra four dart Blaster

The FOUR ULTRA Nerf blaster hit shelves in 2020, and it’s been making a huge impact ever since. This single-shot blaster has an external mechanism that is primed with a direct action slide, and the priming slide is not directly linked to the plunger rod.

An ULTRA Dart can be primed and loaded on the front, while the bottom of the blaster leaves room for two more darts. Perched on the top of the FOUR is a single tactical rail, and the bottom of the grip houses a strap point.

This exciting set includes four ULTRA Darts and instructions, offering an impressive firing range of up to 120 feet (thirty-six meters)!


The insides of the Ultra Four aren’t overly complicated; it’s just a gear train to double the priming distance compared to a plunger draw. The spring is quite stiff, and it’s not likely that replacing it will give you a great enough performance boost to be worth the effort. Additionally, the orange cap on the front of the blaster is solvent-welded and can’t be removed.

Key Features of the blaster

  • The Ultra four is a Manual blaster.
  • It features one Tactical rail and pulls back the priming handle.

Pull Back priming Handle

  • The blaster provides four revolutionary darts that come with a unique flight tip, cutting-edge Aerofin technology, and lightweight Nerf Ultra foam.
  • It’s a Single shot blaster
  • It provides two dart on-board storage on the side of the barrel.

This single shot blaster provides two dart on-board storage

Pros and Cons of the blaster


  • Nerf Ultra Four dart blasters include nerfing Ultra darts, the furthest flying darts ever created.
  • It has one tactical rail, enabling you to add attachments
  • It is affordable
  • The Dart storage mechanism is designed pretty well. You can just push the dart in there, and it holds it pretty well, yet they’re very easy to pull off quickly, to reload fast.
  • The prime action is pretty smooth and well-designed.
  • Ultra Four features a pretty solid firing performance.


  • Nerf Ultra darts are only compatible with nerf Ultra blasters.
  • The handle is of an uncomfortably short length, and the trigger area is rather cramped. But most hands should be able to squeeze their index finger in without much difficulty.
  • The blaster does not have slam fire.

Unboxing the Nerf Ultra Four Dart Blaster

Safety instructions
  • The blaster is recommended for Kids aged eight and above.
  • It is highly advised that players and those in the vicinity of the game use eyewear to protect their eyes – never aim at eyes!
  • Do not tamper with the darts or the blaster.
  • Only use certified Nerf darts! Substandard darts may not provide the same level of safety.

Final Thoughts

Despite its single-shot capabilities, the Ultra Four has proven to be quite effective; however, it may not be suitable for everyone’s needs.


1. How do you use a Nerf Ultra 4 Blaster?

Load up your Nerf Ultra Four Blaster with one dart, pull back the priming handle, and pull the trigger to unleash a barrage of foam destruction!

2. How many are Nerf ultra darts included?

The blaster comes with four Nerf Ultra darts.

3. Do nerf ultra darts fit all guns?

The answer is a definitive no. Nerf ultra darts do not possess backward compatibility.