The NERF Ultra One Motorized Blaster takes your foam-flinging experience to a new level of fun. This state-of-the-art blaster has the power to defeat opponents while still being safe and easy to use. With its superior features and innovative dart design, the NERF Ultra One blaster keeps you playing for hours.

Overview of Nerf Ultra One Blaster

NERF Ultra One Motorized Blaster

Other features of the blaster

The NERF Ultra One is an amazing flywheel system blaster that comes with a spectacular twenty-five dart drum, two tactical rails, an integrated shoulder stock that can hold up to eight darts, and a strap point situated above the muzzle – all features that are sure to make any NERF fan’s day even brighter!

How to operate the blaster?

After you have put together your unit, use a screwdriver to carefully insert the 4 “C” batteries into their tray. Once this is done, fill the cylinder with 25 darts, ensuring they are firmly in place. To make the loading easier, you can rotate the cylinder by hand. When everything is loaded up, ensure the jam door is down, and then pull the rev trigger to spin up the flywheel motors. Finally, aim and pull the trigger to fire away!

Why We Like It – Pros of NERF Ultra One Motorized Blaster 

Great Design

Beginning with its design, the Ultra One stands out. The Ultra One checks all those boxes, boasting a fantastic appearance and a great feel in the hands, making it effortless to fire.

The secure and sturdy stock at the back of the blaster holds eight Ultra darts, with four on each side, a great advantage during those Nerf wars. Not only that, but it has two sling attachment points at the back and one sling mount at the front. Furthermore, the 4x C-type batteries situated in the middle ensure perfect balance for smooth performance in action. It’s safe to say there’s no room for complaints with this design!


Rapidly fire darts with the NERF Ultra One’s motorized firing mechanism – just make sure you have 4 C batteries on hand!

Long range Darts

Launch NERF Ultra darts and hit targets from up to 120 feet away with the Ultra One – designed for maximum range!

High-capacity dart drum

The NERF Ultra One motorized blaster is equipped with a whopping 25-dart drum, so you’ll be able to fire round after round without running out of ammunition soon!

Cons of NERF Ultra One blaster

  • You’re restricted to using only Ultra Darts – no other darts are allowed!
  • For this motorized blaster, 4C batteries are the only accepted power source.
  • Occasionally, ammunition can jam if not attended to correctly.
  • The claimed range of 120 feet is an exaggeration. Yes, it can shoot far, but you’d need to shoot at an angle and have a tailwind to get that distance. Moreover, the accuracy is not great. So, it’s nice to be able to shoot a good distance, but accuracy is key, and that extra range isn’t worth much if you can’t hit your mark.

Troubleshooting if the blaster is not firing

  • Ensure that the darts are properly in place – insert them fully into the drum, making sure the tips are facing outward and the ends of the darts should be flush with the back of the drum.
  • Ensure you’re using the right ammunition – make sure you’re loading up with Nerf ULTRA Darts – Elite, Mega, Accustrike, or Zombie Darts won’t fly in this blaster!
  • Your battery is running low – time to change them out! Be sure to use four 1.5V CLR14 batteries to keep the power flowing.


1. Which Nerf Ultra shoots the farthest?

Nerf Ultra One motorized blaster has the farthest shooting range, with a range of 120 feet.

2. How far can the nerf ultra one shot?

This dart boasts a manufacturing feature that lets you take shots that can soar as far as 120 feet away, though you’re guaranteed to make it to the 100-foot minimum.

3. Does the Nerf Ultra One need batteries?

This awesome Nerf gun needs 4C alkaline batteries to power it up. To ensure you’re ready for battle, just slide the batteries into the battery tray, and your toy blaster will be ready to go.

4. Is the Nerf Ultra One blaster automatic?

Ultra Blaster is semi-automatic with inventive features, boasting two triggers – the rev trigger and the firing trigger – which makes it not quite fully automatic.