If you’re looking for an exciting way to engage with your friends, family, and Nerf enthusiasts, look no further than the Nerf Ultra Scream Machine. Unleash epic battles with this amazing equipment, where you can go head to head with each other in epic Nerf fights. In addition, you’ll be able to challenge each other with unique battle games, creating a never-ending experience that’s sure to last for hours. Discover the power of the Nerf Ultra Scream Machine and be prepared to have the time of your life!

Overview of the Nerf Ultra Scream Machine

Nerf Ultra Scream Machine

Launched in Spring 2021, the SCREAM MACHINE is a Nerf blaster with unrivaled power and accuracy, making it an absolute must-have for Nerf fans everywhere! Equipped with a semi-automatic flywheel system, this Blaster comes with a rotating six-dart cylinder, complete with an integrated carry handle and iron sights. You can even store an additional six darts, and it features an integrated shoulder stock for stability.

Perched atop the Blaster’s carry handle sits a tactical rail. The shoulder stock holds two strap points, one just above the muzzle. Six “AA” batteries are needed to power it, and the package includes twelve Sonic Screamer Darts, plus instructions.

Features of the Blaster

  • The Scream Machine is a semi-automatic blaster with a powerful punch with its spinning six-dart cylinder!
  • To power up the Blaster, you’ll need 6 AA batteries.
  • This Blaster comes with 12 Ultra Sonic Screamer whistles, each tipped with a striking shade of blue.

12 Sonic Screamer Darts

  • It features an N-Strike rail if you want to attach the scope.
  • The Blaster has two iron sights.
  • The Scream Machine enables Fast backloading, allowing you to reload in a flash.


This Blaster launches darts at a blistering 105 feet per second, an impressive feat. Firing at such speeds, it will sometimes suffer a jam, but a conveniently located access door on the left side makes unclogging a breeze.

Access Door


This two-handed Blaster is a real beauty, featuring an electric blue color scheme. Previous Ultra handles have been quite small, but this one doesn’t feel as bad. Supporting the front grip with one hand, you won’t have to worry about your dominant hand having to tightly grip the main handle. Plus, the stock is long enough to be a real asset!

The Blaster’s carry handle/tactical rail is adorned with dart storage foam. Though it is rather loosely fitted – it still serves its purpose. Unfortunately, the battery tray is a hassle; it requires six AA batteries to operate, but putting them in and taking them out is an annoying ordeal.

Unboxing the Ultra Scream Machine

Pros and Cons of Nerf Ultra Scream Machine

Why buy the Blaster?

  • This Ultra blaster is the only one with whistler darts included.
  • One of the best-looking Ultra blasters.
  • Solid shooting power


  • Occasional jams
  • The Scream Machine is exclusively designed to be used with Nerf Ultra Darts.

Final thoughts

The Ultra Scream Machine is a real show-stopper; its sleek design leaves its gold predecessor in the dust! It performs better than the Ultra Two, so if you’re a fan of the Ultra range (or, for the hobby community, love to mod them), then the Scream Machine is a must-have. Even casual users will have a blast with its darts, though you should be aware of the cost. All in all, the Ultra Scream Machine is worth the investment!


How many darts does the Nerf ultra Scream Machine have?

The Nerf Ultra Scream Machine blaster comes with 12 Nerf Ultra Sonic Screamer darts, whistling through the air as they soar to their destination!

What is the firing range of the Scream Machine?

This amazing device boasts an astounding 120 feet shooting range of an incredible 36 meters!