If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line Nerf gun, then look no further than the Nerf Ultra Strike Motorized Blaster. This motorized blaster is designed for maximum performance and precision, with a range of up to thirty meters and an easy-to-use design. In this review, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Nerf Ultra Strike Motorized Blaster so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

Overview of NERF Ultra Strike Motorized Blaster

The STRIKE is one of the latest offerings from the popular ULTRA series of Nerf blasters. This clip system blaster is powered by flywheels and operates in a semi-automatic fashion, allowing for the quick and easy firing of darts. The blaster also comes equipped with an integrated shoulder stock, providing stability and comfort during use. In addition to its ergonomic design, the STRIKE also features a pop-up sight atop the blaster, allowing for more accurate targeting.

The blaster is equipped with several features that make it a versatile and effective tool for any battle situation. Its jam door allows for easy maintenance and quick clearing of any blockages that may occur during use. The clip release button, conveniently located in front of the firing trigger, enables fast and effortless reloading in the heat of battle. Additionally, the blaster features three tactical rails, two on top and one below the barrel, which provide ample space for attaching various accessories such as scopes and flashlights. Three sling attachment points offer multiple options for carrying and maneuvering the blaster, allowing for maximum flexibility and comfort during use. The blaster’s forward barrel comes detached in the box for ease of packaging, ensuring it arrives safely at its destination. However, once attached to the blaster, it cannot be removed, making it a permanent and integral part of the weapon.


NERF Ultra Strike Motorized Blaster


  • It is a motorized blaster
  • The blaster comes equipped with a ten-dart clip and ten AccuStrike ULTRA Darts, giving users the ability to take down their targets with precision and accuracy.
  • To power the blaster, six “AA” batteries are required.
  • It features a jam door, three tactical rails, and three sling attachment points.

Performance of the blaster

When powered by six AA batteries, the Ultra Strike blaster demonstrates an average firing speed of 105 feet per second, whether using the included AccuStrike ULTRA darts or a mixture of regular Ultra darts. The blaster is capable of firing three darts per second, although the nature of alkaline batteries may result in a reduction in range due to a lack of spin-up time. Nevertheless, this is an impressive performance for a stock blaster, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability in combat situations.

Nerf Ultra Strike blaster internals

Pros and Cons of the Ultra Strike Motorized Blaster


  • The blaster features a shell component on top with an access door that can be opened to allow for easy access to clear any jams or malfunctions that may occur during use. This feature provides added convenience and efficiency in combat situations, allowing for quick and effective troubleshooting without the need for disassembly or complex maintenance procedures.
  • The blaster features a total of three tactical rails, with one located in front of the angled foregrip and two situated on top of the weapon. These rails provide users with a convenient and versatile means of attaching various accessories, such as scopes, sights, or other tactical equipment, to enhance the blaster’s performance and effectiveness in different combat scenarios. With multiple rails available, users can customize their blaster to suit their individual needs and preferences, making it a versatile and adaptable tool for any situation.
  • Comfortable grip


  • Without the installation of the required batteries, the blaster will not function.
  • The darts and clip included with the blaster are only compatible with Nerf Ultra blasters. This means that they cannot be used with other types of blasters, as they are specifically designed for use with the Nerf Ultra line of products.
  • It should be noted that the blaster’s barrel may not offer significant functionality and may add unnecessary length to the weapon, which may make it less comfortable for kids to handle.

Nerf Ultra Strike blaster Mod

When it comes to rewiring, the Ultra Strike blaster is designed to be relatively straightforward, with a wiring setup that is similar to that of the Stryfe blaster. Power flows from the battery box to the rev trigger and the motors, which are connected through a board. Additionally, the flywheel cage features a mounting scheme that is identical to that of the Ultra Select blaster, providing added convenience and compatibility for users who are familiar with the Ultra Select design.

Final Thoughts

Although the Nerf Ultra line experienced some initial difficulties, the Ultra Strike blaster demonstrates the line’s potential and capabilities. The blaster is both powerful and comfortable, with a generous capacity and a rapid rate of fire, making it an ideal tool for combat situations. However, it should be noted that the availability and pricing of Accustrike Ultra darts may be a limiting factor for some users, as these specialized darts can be difficult to obtain and may be more expensive than other types of Nerf darts. Despite this potential drawback, the Ultra Strike blaster remains a strong contender in the Nerf Ultra line and offers a range of features and benefits that are sure to appeal to users of all ages and experience levels.


Is the Nerf Ultra Strike full-auto?

The Nerf Ultra Strike blaster is not fully automatic but rather features a semi-automatic firing mechanism that allows users to fire individual shots rapidly with minimal delay. I

Does Nerf Ultra Strike need batteries?

Located on the left-hand side of the blaster, the battery tray allows for easy installation of the six required AA batteries, powering the flywheel mechanism that drives the blaster’s firing action.

How do you shoot a Nerf ultra strike?

To operate the Nerf Ultra Strike blaster, users should first load the clip into the blaster and ensure that it is securely in place. Next, they should hold down the acceleration button to activate the motor and build up power and then pull the trigger to fire a single dart. This simple and straightforward process allows users to quickly and easily fire accurate shots with the Nerf Ultra Strike, making it a popular choice for both casual users and serious Nerf enthusiasts.