Nerf Ultra Three is the ultimate shooter game that allows you to challenge yourself and your friends in a battle of epic proportions. With its impressive range and accuracy, you can experience the thrill of battle wherever you go. So whether you’re looking for an indoor activity or a way to stay active outdoors, Nerf Ultra Three blaster is perfect for anyone who wants a competitive game. Read the article to know all about this ultimate toy blaster.

Overview of the Nerf Ultra Three Blaster

Released on October 1st, 2020, the THREE is an ULTRA series Nerf blaster like no other! Equipped with an integrated clip that fits up to 8 ULTRA Darts, this powerful pump-action Blaster can send darts soaring up to a massive 120 feet (36 meters) away.

An additional 5-dart storage space behind the tactical rail keeps extra ammo ready for your next wild Nerf adventure. So make sure to arm yourself with the awesome Nerf Ultra Three blaster for your next battle!

5-dart storage space

Features of the Blaster

Internal clip: This Blaster is equipped with an internal 8-dart clip and convenient dart storage, letting you fire eight darts in a row.

Internal Clip

8 Nerf Ultra darts: Load up the Nerf Ultra Three blaster and blast away with eight Nerf Ultra darts, designed with a clever flight tip, advanced Aerofin technology, and Nerf Ultra foam for extra lightness.

Nerf Ultra Three Blaster Pump-Action: In contrast to the ONE and TWO, the THREE is a pump-action blaster that requires you to use the priming mechanism at the base of the gun before firing each shot.

Blaster design

The ULTRA THREE is an innovative, front-loading pump-action blaster, the first of its kind in the series. Instead of using traditional NERF dart clips, Hasbro has introduced an integrated clip with clear sides, enabling you to easily keep track of the number of darts you have left. Although this may seem peculiar at first, it works quite well. To reload, you simply feed darts directly into the clip – allowing you to keep blasting away as long as you have darts.

Internals of the Blaster

Inside Nerf Ultra Three blaster

The internal workings of this giant shell are quite typical – a large plunger tube, a powerful spring, and a mechanized priming system. However, it lacks the desirable slamfire feature.

Benefits of Nerf Ultra Three Blaster

  • You can feel the intensity of incredible range, pinpoint accuracy, and lightning-fast speed with Nerf Ultra blasters crafted with advanced features to propel your Nerf battles to a new level!
  • The Blaster features nerf ultra darts, the most powerful and far-flying darts in Nerf history – soaring up to 120 feet (36 meters).
  • The pump-action primer is a breeze, and reloading is surprisingly simple too.

Cons of the Blaster

  • The ULTRA THREE’s design only includes one tactical rail, which is an odd decision considering its length.
  • Only Nerf Ultra darts are compatible with this Blaster.

Final Thoughts

Although Nerf Ultra Three isn’t your traditional Blaster, its simple pump-action primer and exclusive dart-feed reload system make it a noteworthy choice for those seeking something extraordinary. It may not be first on your list, but it’s worth considering!


1. How many darts can a Nerf Ultra 3 Blaster hold?

Experience the ultimate dart-blasting action with the Nerf Ultra Three Blaster! Pump the priming handle and unleash eight darts in a row with its 8-dart internal clip – a great way to show off your dart-firing skills!

2. Is the ultra three a good Blaster?

The Ultra Three is an impressive blaster, boasting a robust shot velocity of avg 100 to 110 FPS, using Ultra darts which, albeit a bit pricey, can be quite fragile – but its overall performance cannot be faulted!