One of the key features of the Nerf Ultra series is the use of specially designed Ultra darts. These darts are aerodynamically engineered to be more accurate and have a longer range than previous Nerf dart designs. They feature a streamlined shape, precision tip, and foam construction, which allows them to travel up to 120 feet (37 meters) with greater accuracy and speed.

The Nerf Ultra series also includes a range of blasters designed to maximize the performance of these Ultra darts. These blasters often feature larger and more advanced mechanisms, such as motorized firing systems, increased dart capacity, and improved targeting systems. The Nerf Ultra blasters also often have unique designs, with sleek lines and futuristic looks.

Nerf Ultra One

The ULTRA series‘ ONE Nerf blaster, released on October 1st, 2019, is a powerful tool requiring four “C” batteries. Armed with the semi-automatic firing mechanism and 25-dart drum, opponents can be pelted with NERF darts in no time – and at an incredible range of 120 feet – the farthest any NERF dart can travel!


Ultra Three

Released on October 1st, 2020, the THREE is an ULTRA series Nerf blaster like no other! Equipped with an integrated clip that fits up to 8 ULTRA Darts, this powerful pump-action Blaster can send darts soaring up to a massive 120 feet (36 meters) away.

An additional 5-dart storage space behind the tactical rail keeps extra ammo ready for your next wild Nerf adventure. So make sure to arm yourself with the awesome Nerf Ultra Three blaster for your next battle!


Ultra four

The FOUR ULTRA Nerf blaster hit shelves in 2020, and it’s been making a huge impact ever since. This single-shot blaster has an external mechanism that is primed with a direct action slide, and the priming slide is not directly linked to the plunger rod.

An ULTRA Dart can be primed and loaded on the front, while the bottom of the blaster leaves room for two more darts. Perched on the top of the FOUR is a single tactical rail and the bottom of the grip houses a strap point.

This exciting set includes four ULTRA Darts and instructions, offering an impressive firing range of up to 120 feet (thirty-six meters)!


Ultra Strike

The STRIKE is one of the latest offerings from the popular ULTRA series of Nerf blasters. This clip system blaster is powered by flywheels and operates in a semi-automatic fashion, allowing for the quick and easy firing of darts. The blaster also comes equipped with an integrated shoulder stock, providing stability and comfort during use. In addition to its ergonomic design, the STRIKE also features a pop-up sight atop the blaster, allowing for more accurate targeting.

The blaster is equipped with several features that make it a versatile and effective tool for any battle situation. 


Ultra Amp

The AMP Nerf blaster in January of 2021 is a popular addition to the ULTRA series, known for its sleek design and impressive firing range. Its clip-fed flywheel system allows for quick and easy reloading, while the integrated foregrip and sight provide increased stability and accuracy during use. The single tactical rail and shoulder stock attachment point also offers customization options for the user. With a firing range of up to 120 feet, the AMP is sure to provide hours of fun for Nerf enthusiasts of all ages. The two sling attachment points make it easy to carry around and keep the blaster close at hand during battles.


Ultra Scream Machine

Launched in Spring 2021, the SCREAM MACHINE is a Nerf blaster with unrivaled power and accuracy, making it an absolute must-have for Nerf fans everywhere! Equipped with a semi-automatic flywheel system, this Blaster comes with a rotating six-dart cylinder, complete with an integrated carry handle and iron sights. You can even store an additional six darts, and it features an integrated shoulder stock for stability.

Perched atop the Blaster’s carry handle sits a tactical rail. The shoulder stock holds two strap points, one just above the muzzle. Six “AA” batteries are needed to power it, and the package includes twelve Sonic Screamer Darts, plus instructions.