Nerf Ultra Series

Nerf Ultra Series

A relatively new series announced by Hasbro in late 2019, it has been received by the nerfing community with mixed review. Unlike other products from the Elite or the Rival, this set of blasters have a pretty dull naming scheme. ‘One’, ‘Two’, ‘Three’, and so on. Its age rating is eight years and above.

Nerf Ultra

How do you use an Ultra gun?

Using these blasters is just as simple as any other foam flinging nerf blaster. The recommended age is 8 years and up, just like the Elite, ZombieStrike, or the Rebelle series. They are really easy and fun to use and even adults may have a lot of fun with them. An important point to note here is that these blasters are compatible only with Ultra darts and vice-versa.

How much is an Ultra gun?

Ultra blasters are available in Amazon and are priced in a very similar range to other nerf series. A motorized blaster is usually priced quite above the mechanical pump-action variants. Prices tend to be higher during new releases, that gradually reduce depending on sales, Amazon offers, and other discounts. To check the latest prices and availability on Amazon click below.

What is the best gun in the Ultra series?

The best in the series now is the Ultra One. It sports a semi-auto flywheel mechanism and has a 25-drum magazine and a cool storage option for four darts in the shoulder stock. With a muzzle speed of 75 fps and a range of 120 feet, it outperforms all elite blasters. This series also has introduced an all-new type of ammunition, the Ultra Dart. This is primarily due to improved motor power and new projectile design.

What is Ultra Dart?

This nerf gun new dart is a new type of ammunition introduced in late 2019 specifically for the Ultra series. It is slightly shorter and broader than an elite dart, made with ultra foam, with fins at the rear end. This nerf dart is heavier and more aerodynamic, hence flying faster and further than regular foam darts. But these darts are not very accurate. Even though they shoot faster, it’s hard to precisely hit a long-range target, unlike the Rival ammo or Accustrike darts.

How good is the Ultra Two?

The ‘Two’ is the newest nerf gun released in the series and quite a contrast to the ‘One’. It is the first revolver-styled flywheel gun nerf blaster. Six darts can be loaded in the barrel at the rear end and shot by pressing the rev-button and then the trigger. This gun also shoots hard, shooting the ammo at around 90 fps. The only gripe is this new nerf gun accuracy. This product is more targeted towards casual players and cosplayers.

Available Ultra Products

Darts Refill Pack
Darts Refill Pack