Teen and adult Nerf fans can rejoice. The much-awaited addition to the Nerf Rival line-up has been released and it’s here to stay. The Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000. Nerf-Hasbro has been particular about having higher ammo capacity in the Rival series blasters and this one is no different. But the Nerf Rival Artemis is unique in a lot of its own ways. Here is a quick walkthrough of its features, pros, and cons.

Nerf Rival Artemis – Specifications

Truly speaking it’s hard to compare the Nerf Rival Artemis with any one particular real gun. The muzzle looks quite close to a minigun, with four barrels ready to shoot out high-impact Rival rounds. The ammo balls are fired one at a time, and with each round, the barrel rotates to the position to fire the next ball. BUT, this is not fully automatic. The Nerf Rival Artemis is a manual spring blaster, requiring you to prime the blaster for each shot. So we guess this could be a pump-action-minigun-shotgun model.

The ammo feed mechanism is also unlike any other Nerf blasters. The usual systems are a detachable drum/magazine, or a revolving cylinder that holds the darts. But the Nerf Rival Artemis is the first to have an integrated, undetachable magazine that holds high-impact rounds. Kids usually carry additional loaded magazines during Nerf wars to be able to quickly reload and fire, but here that is not possible. But accordingly, the ammo capacity is quite high. The system basically is equivalent to three 10-round mags. 30-round ammo capacity in total. Keep in mind that this capacity is on the higher spectrum considering the fact that the Artemis is a single-shot pump action blaster.

Nerf Rival Artemis – Design aspects

The packaging is pretty simple and comes with only the blaster and 30 rival rounds. A Rival tactical rail at the top allows you to attach rival attachments to the Artemis. A slider present on top of the magazines opens up three holes for you to load the ammo rounds into the three tubes. Each tube can hold ten Rival rounds. Pull the slider back up and you’re ready to prime and fire the blaster. One point to note here is that all three tubes should be evenly loaded to prevent the blaster from dry-firing.

There is a safety button near the trigger to prevent accidental firing. A priming indicator goes on once you prime the blaster and you will not be able to pull the primer back again. Also present are two sling mounts for people who want to hang it along while they play with another blaster.

Nerf Rival Artemis – Performance

The Artemis is a manual spring powered blaster but it feels quite premium. The priming is really smooth with a nice sliding and locking sound. Slamfire for instant and rapid firing is present as well.

The ammo is launched at regular Rival ranges of more than 80 feet with muzzle velocities of 90 feet per second. Also, the rotation action of the barrel is pretty cool, each time you fire.

Nerf Rival Artemis – Pros and cons


  • Superior Rival power and performance
  • High ammo capacity
  • Smaller size and easier to carry

Cons would be

  • Undetachable magazine
  • No stock and barrel extensions and slots (A con for all Rival blasters at present)

Final Word…

Artemis is a great addition to the Rival series. If you are looking for a pump action Rival gun with high performance then the Rival Artemis is a great choice. Also, the Rival series speaks more to the teens and adults who would like some Nerfing action. This makes the Artemis a cool weapon for office cubicle Nerf wars. Or alternately purchase some glow-in-dark Rival rounds and get ready for awesome party fun. Yes, Go for it.

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