Nerf has been a long-time favorite for children and adults alike, and their latest offering is sure to satisfy both parties. The Nerf Rival Finisher XX-700 Blaster is an exciting new product that takes the battle up a notch. This fully automatic blaster features a lightweight design and integrated Magazine and comes with five official Nerf Rival Rounds. So whether you’re having a blast with family and friends or aiming to win a Nerf battle, this blaster is sure to give you an edge.

Overview of the Nerf Rival Finisher XX-700 Blaster

NERF Rival Finisher XX-700 Blaster


The awesome Nerf RIVAL series Finisher XX-700, launched in the fall of 2020, is the perfect addition to your arsenal of weaponry! Fully equipped with a seven-round magazine, seven High-Impact Rounds, and instructions, you’ll be ready to take on any foe in no time.

With its slide-action magazine-fed mechanism, the Finisher is a unique blaster that can be easily reloaded even while it’s still inserted. To release the Magazine, simply press the button behind the Magazine well. On the left side, above the firing trigger, you’ll find both a handy unjamming lever and a safety button, while the priming indicator at the back of the blaster turns orange when it’s ready to fire.

As the priming slide is pulled back, the blaster’s breech emerges from the muzzle, its lone tactical rail perched atop.

Performance of the blaster

Performance Finisher consistently exceeded the 90fps claim on the box, averaging 91fps with Nerf Rival ammo over 80 shots! In addition, you can fire at a lightning-fast speed of two shots per second.

Internals of The NERF Rival Finisher

The Finisher illustrates a popular new trend for Nerf: replacing metal compression springs with flexible plastic, as seen with the trigger and magazine release, which allows for a more affordable manufacturing process. However, the internals remains the same, and the loading system of the Apollo/Helios has been coupled with a straightforward priming system.

Features of the blaster

Fast reloading with the quick-load Magazine

The Nerf Rival Finisher XX-700 blaster, makes reloading a breeze – its quick-load magazine and slide-open door provide lightning-fast access to your rounds!

The blaster features an easy pump-action priming system

This Team Blue single-shot blaster boasts an easy pump-action priming system. You can simply slide the slide backward and forward to prime and then press the trigger for an explosive blast!

The blaster features quick load magazine

This Nerf Rival blaster comes with a quick-load magazine that can house up to 7 rounds and 7 Official Nerf Rival rounds for plenty of ammo for your battle.

Trigger Lock

For your safety, there’s a trigger lock to help prevent accidental firing.

Unboxing the Nerf Rival Finisher XX-700 Blaster


Pros and Cons of the NERF Rival Finisher XX-700 Blaster


  • Easy to reload: The blaster enables you to rapidly stock up your Magazine for a lightning-fast round reload! Just unlock the chamber of your 7-round Magazine and watch as it gracefully slides open, granting you fast and easy access to load plenty of rounds. Eject the now-empty Magazine from your blaster, fill it up with your ammunition, and then place it securely back in the blaster. You can also refill your Magazine in two ways: loading rounds through the top or inserting a fully loaded magazine.
  • To ensure safety, there is a trigger lock that prevents unwanted firing.
  • This blaster is an economical yet highly precise weapon.
  • All Nerf Rival blasters are compatible with the blaster magazine, but the quick-load Magazine cannot be used with every Nerf Rival blaster.


  • The blaster doesn’t provide the same comfortable experience as a Kronos; the absence of hand contours in the grip and a flat, stiff trigger makes it noticeably less comfortable.
  • Locating small ammunition can be tedious, as it’s often too easy to misplace.
  • You could encounter a trigger jam difficulty!

How to fix trigger jam?

The Nerf Rival Finisher XX-700 has two handy features: trigger locks and ball jams. To fix a jam, press the RESET button at the back, and clear out any balls lodged in the barrel or breach. When the trigger locks up, pull back the top cocking handle until you hear a click, and you’re all set!


How do I reload rounds in the Nerf Rival finisher xx-700?

Simply open the side door of the 7-round Magazine, pour in your rounds, and then slide the Magazine back into the blaster. With this speedy reload, you’ll be back in the thick of battle in no time!

Is Slam Fire enabled?

No. There is no slam fire, just a single shot.