The Nerf Rival Helios is a simple and effective spring action blaster from Nerf. Released in 2018, it can be considered a direct upgrade to the Rival Apollo. Nerf has identified all the issues with the Apollo and worked to remove them in order to create a much better version, which we see as the Helios.

Nerf Rival Helios – Specifications

The Helios package comes with the blaster itself, a detachable priming handle, seven high impact rounds, two team flags (red and blue) and a seven round magazine. The blaster sports two sling mounts one on the front and one rear, to attach a sling or one of the team flags. A tactical rail on top allows you to add on Rival attachments like the Rival red dot sight.

The seven round magazine goes under the slot in the grip. Behind the grip is a magazine release button that allows the player for reloading the blaster. Note that the Helios is also compatible with the 12 round magazine sold separately.

The extended body of the blaster acts as a stock for better control and aiming the blaster. There is an unjamming button on the stock that lets players release the priming handle during the case of a jam. A jam access door lets you clear out any jams after pressing the unjamming button. The stock also sports a priming indicator that lets you know whether the blaster is in primed and ready to fire.

Also present is a safety switch on either side of the blaster that locks the trigger from accidental firing.

Nerf Rival Helios – Design Aspects

The Rival Helios is truly ambidextrous, allowing both left and right handed players to reload, prime and fire the blaster with equal ease. The priming handle can be detached and attached back on either side of the blaster. Both sides of the blaster feature a safety switch.

The Helios blaster is available in three different variants, the Phantom Corps Helios variant being the most commonly available one. Its designed classically based on the Phantom Corps theme, painted white and black, along with Phantom corps Logo and Rival Graphic text.

The performance of the Helios is as advertised on the packaging. It shoots off every high impact round well over 90 feet per second.

Pros, Cons, and Verdict

The Nerf Rival Helios is simply an excellent upgrade to the previously released Rival Apollo but retails at almost the same price. Priming the Apollo was a little tedious but Helios tackles this problem by providing a bigger handle and smoother priming mechanism. The sturdy stock also helps in better handling of the weapon.

Being a Rival blaster there isn’t much scope to customize the blaster except for the capability to add Rival attachments. Muzzle extensions cannot be added to the barrel as there is no slot present. Another con is the reduction in ammo capacity from twelve to seven, straight out of the package.

The Nerf Rival Helios is for any Nerfer looking to buy a Rival manual spring action blaster at the lower end of the price spectrum. And yes, this is definitely a better buy than the Rival Apollo.

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