Nerf Rival Hypnos

The Nerf Rival Hypnos is quite a good looking Rival blaster released in early 2019. Good news for spring action blaster fans, as the Hypnos is a hundred percent pump action mechanical blaster that operates with no batteries.


Like most other Rival blasters, the Nerf Rival Hypnos is now available in two different color options – the Red Team and the Blue Team. There is no white phantom corps version, yet. The Hypnos package comes with two 12-round magazines, 24 rival rounds, clips to hold the additional magazine to the side of the blaster, and a tactical rail to add Rival attachments.
A clear advantage of the Nerf Rival Hypnos is that it supports reloadable 12-round magazines. This allows players to carry the additional fully loaded mag on the side and very quickly reload once the first clip is empty. This comes in very handy during Nerf wars, reducing reload times while getting you back in the game as quickly as possible.
The mag release button is present only on the left side of the blaster, while the magazine is loaded on the top of the blaster. The priming handle is located below the muzzle in the front. The priming mechanism is smooth, light and very easy to operate. There is a jam access door on the left-hand side that allows you to clear any jams.

Design Aspects

A fantastic new addition in this blaster is a foldable stock. With the stock open you can fire accurately while aiming down the iron sights firmly placing the stock on your shoulder. With the stock folded, you could run around the field firing away from the hip. Pretty Cool!
As with other Rival blasters, there are the regular elements including priming indicator, a safety switch, and an unjamming button. The unjamming button allows you to prime the blaster even when it is already primed to clear out any jammed dart stuck in the barrel. At the bottom of the grip, there is a lanyard mount letting you carry this blaster on the side while firing with a secondary blaster.


The performance in this Rival blaster is just on par with the Rival average. The muzzle velocity on the rival ammo fired is about 90 feet per second, which is as advertised. The priming is smooth and the
blaster almost never jams.

Pros, Cons, and Verdict

The looks on this blaster should be its biggest positive. It looks quite close to a semi-automatic rifle except for the color theme itself. Maybe with a little bit of customization, the blaster could look pretty close to an actual weapon.
As for cons.., you need to ensure you prime the blaster all the way so that the dart is loaded properly in the chamber. Improperly priming the blaster causes it to dry fire sometimes. Also, there is no slam fire!
All in all, the Nerf Rival Hypnos is a great blaster, falling right in place in the Rival series. With great looks and performance, it could be your next primary pump action blaster.

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