The Rival series from Nerf is targeted at teens above 13 years and aims to bring about a competitive gun game along the lines of paintball and airsoft. But Nerf’s gameplay is to maintain the same ease of use for the players as regular nerfing and avoid the requirements of heavy gear and vast open spaces. This ideology gave way to the series ‘RIVAL‘ . This series has way more powerful blasters than the Elite series and shoots round foam balls which Nerf has termed ‘High-Impact’ rounds. And the Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 is the latest in this Rival lineup ,

The Khaos blaster has been released to fill up the void in the series for a fully-automatic high-impact ammo blaster. Khaos and Atlas were released this August (2016) simultaneously to huge expectations among Nerfers all around the globe. These two new blasters promise to be the Rival Flagship models atleast for the upcoming year and be the first in many aspects respective to the Rival lineup. Now can the Khaos blaster live upto the hype ?

A closer look at the Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 blaster shows a promising future for this line up and sure to take nerfing to new heights. This is the first fully automatic High-Impact ammo firing blaster with insane speeds and accuracy. It comes packaged with a 40 round magazine that’s sure to have you abusing the trigger as long as you want. The muzzle speeds of Elite blaster are on an average 70 feet per second whereas the Rival blaster easily fire at 100 fps muzzle velocities making them the fastest firing blasters of Nerf.

How close is this Rival blaster taking nerfing to a competitive gun game ?
The high-impact round ammo are basically small firm foam balls that have dimples on them just like a golf ball. This design enables the ammo to be aerodynamically stable allowing you to fire highly accurate shots. The ammo design combined with the insanely high muzzle velocities provide a tight grouping of shots. What this means for you is that hitting your opponents are more about practice and skills, make you better at it the more you use it.

Nerf Rival Khaos Specifications

The Rival Khaos is a flywheel blaster and requires six D-Batteries to operate. They are heavy, but loaded linearly at the top of the blaster providing a uniform weight distribution. Customization options come in the form of two tactical rails one each at the top and bottom of the blaster barrel. A rev trigger, primary gun trigger and the Mag release are present in close proximity to be quickly operated with your fingers without needing to look during the heat of a Nerf battle.

In certain aspects the design of the Nerf Rival Khaos is meticulously close to an actual assault rifle. There is safety switch which when turned on doesn’t allow you to rev the flywheels. Also there is a classic set of iron rails (in this case made of plastic). A circular one on top of the muzzle and a stick at the near end. This classic set of iron scopes look cool and at the same time functional and practically usable. Also there are the two classic Rival color themes red and blue simply to allow team making and enhance the competitive spirit among the players.

Nerf Rival Khaos Cons

The cons of this blaster only surface when you’re really nitpicking. Darts magazine is quite large and cumbersome to use but the large ammo capacity demands this. Loading the large magazine will take some getting used to as well. 6 D batteries are quite heavy and at the same time expensive, but a flywheel blaster can’t do away with this attribute. The blaster is always in a full-auto mode and there isn’t any switch to change it to a semi-auto firing mode. This isn’t a con as such but would have been a great addition. No clue how such a thing can be implemented in a toy blaster though. Nerf might bring it up in it’s future releases, we never know.

Final Word…

There is no debating the superiority of this Rival blaster over its predecessors. High Rival accuracy, tremendous fire power, largest Rival ammo capacity and full-automatic firing makes this THE flagship of the rival series. If you’re a Nerfer over 13 years and love hard shooting weapons then this is a must-buy blaster.

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