The Nerf Rival Kronos is a perfect choice for Nerfers looking for a secondary Rival weapon in their arsenal for their nerf battles. The Kronos derives its name from Cronus, the youngest of the Greek Titans, and their leader. A parallel could be drawn to Kronos in a sense that it is the smallest and the cheapest Rival model and yet can prove lethal in a Nerf war.

Nerf Rival Kronos – Specifications

The Kronos has been released in two different variants. One belongs to the Phantom Corps line, and the other a Deadpool variant, which is more of a collector’s item. We’ll look at the Phantom Corps variant first.

The package comes with the blaster itself, five high-impact rounds, and red & blue team flags. The blaster is spring-action and requires no batteries to operate. The priming handle operates smoothly with a satisfying click. A priming indicator and an override switch are also present behind the priming handle. The override switch allows you to prime back again in case the blaster is jammed.

Unlike the rest of the Rival blasters, there is no magazine to hold the ammo. Reloading is done by pulling back the priming handle and shoving down a maximum of five rounds inside the jam access door. There are two tactical rails on the top for attachments and a front and rear sight to increase accuracy. One sling mount at the bottom of the handle allows you to sling the Rival Kronos as a secondary weapon or rather attach the team flag. Red or Blue, to indicate your team.

Just above the trigger, there is a safety switch that makes sure you don’t fire off the blaster by mistake.

Nerf Rival Kronos – Design Aspects

The Kronos looks akin to pistol weapons from sci-fi movies with a thick muzzle. The operation is similar too, one prime per shot. The Phantom Corps variant has a white painted body with the helmet logo slapped across the muzzle on the right side. Black handles and orange highlights give this blaster a classic Rival Phantom Corps series product.

The other variant we must talk about is the Deadpool version, the Nerf Rival Deadpool Kronos XVIII-500. Availability of this blaster is quite rare, and it sells for a higher retail price than the regular Kronos.

You can see this variant is far more appealing to any Marvel fan. The package comes with two blasters covered in Deadpool logo and lingo. Also, the high impact ammo is colored DP red and the pack itself has really cool Deadpool graphics. In our opinion a must have set for any Deadpool fan!!

Nerf Rival Kronos – Performance

The performance of both variants is pretty much the same, as both sport the same internal mechanisms. The performance is on par with the rest of the Rival series with ammo exiting the barrel at 90 feet per second. As advertised on the package.

Pros, Cons, and Verdict

The Nerf Rival Kronos is the only sidearm and the cheapest in the Rival series. It has good performance, with smooth firing mechanism. The blaster also looks stunning, especially the Deadpool variant and make it a must-own for a Rival enthusiast. The only con might be the slower reload time, every five shots. Whether you be a novice or an expert Nerfer, the Nerf Rival Kronos would be a great addition to your arsenal.

Phantim Corps Variant         Deadpool Variant