Nerfers around the globe squealed with excitement when the Nemesis was announced by Nerf, and so did we. But before we dive into the details, a little background on the Rival series. This range of blasters is specifically targeted at teens and adults who would like to continue their Nerfin’ fun. Now that the target is a more mature audience, the product in itself has to keep up in terms of both design and performance. And Hasbro-Nerf has managed just that, and has made necessary advancements to each new Rival release.

The Nerf Rival Nemesis addresses a huge problem faced by all Nerfers. Bad reloading times. The shooting part is fun, but patiently loading back the darts in the magazine clips and reloading takes a long time. No kid or adult is a fan of that. The Nemesis makes reloading a breeze and you can spend more time firing your new blaster rather than stuffing ammo in the magazines.

Nerf Rival Nemesis – Specifications

The Nerf engineers have reinvented the whole ammo feeding mechanism for the Nemesis and this definitely is a game changer. The usual Nerf dart has to be aligned in a certain direction in the magazine to be fired head first. But since the Rival ammo is basically round balls, it should be possible to load them like paintballs. Up until the Rival Artemis (released prior to Nemesis), we had to shovel in each ball one by one in the magazine and load it into the Rival blaster. But now Nemesis has a new feeding mechanism, Hopper, that completely avoids magazines.

Hopper is the new detachable gravity-powered ammo box where you can dump in as many rival rounds as you can. And yes it is gravity powered. The Nemesis box comes with hundred yellow high-impact rounds

Nerf Rival Nemesis – Design aspects

The Nerf Rival Nemesis is designed after fully automatic machine guns with huge ammo capacity, easy reloading, and big sized body. There are front and rear iron sights to help you fire accurately. A rev trigger revs the blaster while the primary trigger actually fires off the high-impact round. There is a safety switch to prevent the revving, so there can be no accidental shots fired. Sling mounts enable you to strap on the blaster when you’re firing your secondary weapons.

As this is a Rival blaster, there are not many customization options. There are no nozzle extension points to add any attachments. But there is a tactical rail where you can add on Rival attachments like the red dot sight or the flashlight.

The hopper is removable so that any jams can be cleared. But this is a smooth operating blaster with virtually no jams.

Nerf Rival Nemesis – Performance

The Nemesis has good range and accuracy which are key attributes of any Rival blaster. The muzzle velocities are above par averaging 98 feet per second using batteries. The velocities reach more than 102 fps with the rechargeable battery pack. The firing rate is also high with the blaster firing about 6 to 7 rounds per second.

Nerf Rival Nemesis – Pros and cons

Pros –

  • Full Auto blaster with a huge ammo capacity
  • Rival Performance that is above par with all other Nerf Series
  • High firing rate and accuracy
  • Compatibility with the Rival rechargeable battery pack.
  • Very low reloading times and more time for blasting ammo.
  • Almost never jams.

Cons – 

  • Because the hopper is simply based on gravity pulling the ammo balls into the belt, there might be tiny delays that feel like a lack of crisp response.
  • 6D batteries in the stock increase the blaster weight but can be decreased by adding the rechargeable battery pack.

Final Word…

The Nerf Rival Nemesis is the most premium and powerful Rival blaster as of January 2018. Imagine house parties with a few of these bad boys flinging foam all over the place. Or, office Nerf wars, which you can take to the next level with these blasters. This is the alpha gun, to beat all other blasters in a Nerf war. A definite must-buy for any nerfer.

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