Are you a hardcore Nerf Blaster fan? Or are you looking for a great entry-level Nerf blaster? Look no further than the Nerf Rival Hades XVIII-6000 blaster. It’s highly customizable, powerful, and packed with features that make it stand out in the Nerf universe. Read on to learn more about this exciting Nerf blaster and why it’s perfect for all kinds of Nerf battles.

Overview of Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000 Blaster

Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000

In 2018, the Hades XVIII-6000 was unveiled – a 28″ long blaster from the Phantom Corps sub-series of the much-loved Rival range. Boasting a powerful spring-powered system, it can be used in single-mode and slam-mode firing. Bearing a similar size, shape, and design to the Rival Artemis, the Hades is a medium-to-large weapon with a built-in magazine capable of holding 60 rounds.

At the front, the muzzle is fitted with four barrels and a sling attachment. When firing, the barrels rotate automatically for a seamless shooting experience. The priming handle enables you to effortlessly pull and push for a smooth and effortless shooting experience. The top of the gun features a tactical rail split into two sections; one integrated into the gun top and the other a slider that provides access to the loading tubes.

Unfortunately, this blaster is not equipped with any iron sights. However, the magazine is built-in and can hold up to 60 rounds of foam balls that can be loaded into the tubes individually.

Foam Balls

Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000 operation

The Nerf Rival Hades is an absolute delight to use, surpassing all expectations of pump-action Nerf blasters! From priming the handle and pressing the trigger to unleashing rapid-fire action in either single or slam-fire mode, this blaster offers a smooth, reliable experience.

For smooth and seamless operation, Hades is equipped with an un-jamming button on the side, so users can quickly unlock the priming handle in the unlikely event of a jamming issue. Furthermore, the muzzle of the gun has four smaller barrels that rotate, allowing the next round to be smoothly extracted from the magazine – making the rotating barrels an integral part of the weapon’s feeding mechanism.

To the astonishment of many, only the bottom barrel of the four was capable of firing rounds; while the additional three may not have been of any use, the rotating effect of the front of the blaster was undeniably awe-inspiring.

Pros and Cons of the Nerf Rival Hades XVIII-6000 Blaster


  • Excellent Ergonomics: The Nerf Rival Hades is truly a marvel in ergonomics; its impressive grip, smooth loading, effortless priming, powerful firing, and comfortable weight give it a robust and sturdy feel. 
  • Cocking and firing with the rear handle feels incredibly comfortable.
  • The blaster ensures pump action is incredibly smooth, and priming is a breeze.
  • The capacity of the Rival Hades is truly remarkable, and loading is incredibly easy.
  • You will discover that the toy gun can fire off rounds with remarkable speed and force. As the barrel revolved, shooting became a breeze, making victory a sure thing!
  • This blaster won’t get jammed; if it does, use the unjamming button! You’ll have to prime the gun before shooting to prevent unwanted discharges.


This product isn’t suitable for children due to its awkward and uncomfortable cocking handle, and some may find its hop-up system peculiar.

Nerf Hades Mod Guide


The Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVII-6000 doesn’t need much tinkering, but for those looking for an extra kick, swapping out the spring for a K26 will do the trick! Take care to unscrew all the hundreds of parts that make up the blaster, and why not take it up a notch by customizing it with a fresh spray of color? Now your Hades XVII-6000 is looking more fearsome than ever!


1. How do you play team Red on Nerf Rival Hades?

Join Team Red, Team Blue, or Phantom Corps (each sold separately) and unleash your inner warrior with the Nerf Rival Hades XVIII-6000 blaster! This formidable high-capacity blaster will help you defeat your foes and come victorious! Now’s the time to battle for supremacy!

2. What is Phantom Corps?

Join the Phantom Corps – a team of daring specialists who can switch between Team Red and Team Blue at will – and prepare to shake up Nerf Rival battles! Then, with the high-powered Hades XVIII-6000 blaster in hand, take on your targets like never before!

3. How long can Nerf Rival’s Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000 fire?

Squeeze the trigger to unleash a rapid-fire barrage of rounds rocketing at a speed of 100 feet per second (30 meters per second)!