For generations, Nerf has been a popular brand of foam dart guns and various other toys. But with the launch of the Nerf Rival series, they have entered into a new realm of competitive gaming. This comprehensive review will explore the features and capabilities of this exciting new product line. We’ll look at what makes it stand out from other Nerf products and assess whether it is worth investing in for those interested in competitive gaming.

Overview of the Nerf Pilot XXIII-100

Nerf Pilot XXIII-100

The Pilot XXIII-100 is a powerful and accurate Nerf blaster that is perfect for close-range battles. Its compact size makes it easy to handle and maneuver, while its single-fire mechanism allows for precise shots with minimal effort. The blaster’s ball chamber can hold up to one RIVAL ball at a time, ensuring that each shot packs a punch. The safety switch on the trigger guard adds an extra layer of protection, making it safe for kids and adults alike to use. The single sling attachment point allows for easy transport and accessibility, making the Pilot XXIII-100 a must-have addition to any Nerf arsenal. In addition, it arrives complete with two Accu-Rounds and a guidebook to ensure success.

Features of the blaster

  • This is a single-shot blaster.
  • The Nerf Pilot features break-barrel loading- You hit the little lever and push the barrel forward. You can pull it forward with your hand and crank it down. 
Break-barrel loading

  • Features a pull-down priming t-bar and a trigger lock.
  • The blaster Fires rounds at a velocity of 90 fps.
  • It comes with two Nerf Rival Accu-rounds.
  • It features a fixed rear sight and an optimized barrel.

Pros and Cons of Nerf Pilot XXIII-100

Advantages of the blaster

  • Nerf Pilot is the most accurate Rival system- The Nerf Pilot is the most precise blaster in the Rival series, thanks to its optimized barrel design and an adjustable rear sight that allows for personalized configuration to improve accuracy. The streamlined barrel design is specially engineered to enhance the blaster’s performance, ensuring that each shot is powerful and on target.
  • The blaster is capable of firing rounds at a velocity of 90 fps.
  • Nerf Rival blasters are equipped with Accu-Rounds, which feature an enhanced aerodynamic design and dimple pattern to ensure consistent and accurate flight. These specialized rounds are specifically designed to work in conjunction with Nerf Rival blasters, providing improved accuracy and performance during battles.
  • Featuring an edge-glow front sight and a sliding rear sight, the blaster allows for customized aim and enhanced accuracy. By adjusting the position of the rear sight forward or backward, the blaster can be calibrated to optimize accuracy based on individual preferences and gameplay situations.
  • Easy loading


  • Oversized grip- Similar to a knockout, the grip is oversized and could be considered uncomfortable for some, and that is because the plunger tube is in the grip instead of at the top of the blaster.
  • Even though it has very good fixed iron sights, This does not have adjustable sights like other blasters in the advanced precision battling line.

How to load the blaster?

Loading the blaster

When the priming handle gets pulled all the way down, the breech will open. Now, this breaching mechanism is really cool and completely different from all the other single-shot rival blasters. Now, loading is actually pretty simple. You take a single rival round, you push it down the breech, this comes up, and then you push it back. Now, if you close the breach without loading around and you want to avoid a dry fire, you can pull the grip down, and it will open back up. 

Nerf Rival Pilot: Internals and Mod

Final Thoughts

Overall, the pilot is absolutely fantastic so far and features an amazing breaching system. It is very fun, unique, and easy to use, and it makes this a great plinker blaster. The trigger is smooth, the overall quality is great, and this thing is definitely more accurate than the knockout out of the box. 


What is the firing velocity of the Nerf Rival Pilot XXIII-100?

The Nerf Rival Pilot XXIII-100 has a firing velocity of up to 90 feet per second, making it a powerful and accurate choice for long-range combat situations.

What type of ammunition does the Nerf Rival Pilot XXIII-100 blaster use?

The Nerf Rival Pilot XXIII-100 uses Nerf Rival AccuStrike rounds that are designed specifically for the Rival blaster line. These rounds have a more precise, streamlined shape than the standard Rival foam rounds, which allows them to travel further and with greater accuracy.