Are you looking for an exciting way to get your family and friends together for some fun, fast-paced competition? The Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 is a great option, offering an exciting and intense experience for adults and kids alike. 

So, delve into the guide to learn more about this amazing Blaster. This review will help you learn about the product’s pros, cons, and key features.

Overview of Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800

Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800

Released on January 1, 2020, the Takedown XX-800 RIVAL blaster revolutionized the Nerf universe with its unmatched power! This pump-action blaster comes fully loaded with an internal magazine, boasting the capacity to store up to eight intense High-Impact Rounds!

Perched atop the muzzle sits a mini tactical rail, and a similar one can be found at the back. In keeping with other RIVAL blasters, a safety lever is positioned above the trigger. To the left of the Blaster, a priming indicator rests as a reminder to be prepared.

Key features of the Blaster

Features of the blaster

  • The Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 Blaster launches rounds with a 90 fps velocity.
  • The Blaster has 8 round capacity and includes 8 Offical Nerf rival rounds.
  • The Blaster features a trigger lock to prevent accidental firing.
  • It is a powerful pump-action blaster.

Nerf Rival Takedown Internals

The Takedown’s internal components have an expected look; the plunger tube and magazine move within the shell, allowing reloading. It appears the Takedown can take spring upgrades akin to those of the Kronos. Nonetheless, the existing spring is already compressed, so priming the Blaster before reassembling it is advised.

Pros and Cons of the Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800

Pros of the Blaster- Reasons you need to buy Nerf Rival Takedown

Great design: The Rival Takedown stands out among the multitude of Nerf guns due to its shotgun-style blaster design, cool Rival theme colors, and retro-style look that deserves appreciation.

Smooth Firing Mechanism: The Takedown is a single-fire pump-action blaster boasting an internal magazine that holds up to eight rounds. A sizeable pump handle sits directly beneath the barrel, primed with an effortless, intuitive, and smooth action – requiring only the slightest bit of force.

Loading rounds into the magazine is easy and requires a bit of pushing in; however, shooting one round is simple – just pull the priming handle back to open the little hole at the top, then pull the firing trigger. Overall, it’s an enjoyable and straightforward process – made even more exciting by the fantastic velocity of the rounds!

Comfortable: The first thing that grabs your attention upon looking at the Takedown is its impressively large and quirky-shaped grip. Although not seen very often, it’s comfortable to hold. It may take a while to get used to, but it fits bigger hands like a glove and won’t tire them out.

The two-handed design of the Rival Takedown blaster, with one hand firmly on the grip and the other on the priming handle, gives the Blaster an exceptionally comfortable feel.

Cons of the Blaster

  • The Takedown’s design sadly eliminates the possibility of slam fire, which would have been a convenient option.
  • Despite its high-quality design, there’s one major flaw: its smooth surface and minor ridge at the back make it easy for sweaty hands to slide off if not handled with caution.
  • At its price point, the Rival Takedown falls short in ammo capacity compared to other blasters.

Nerf Rival Takedown Mod Guide

Final Thoughts

The Takedown is the perfect Blaster for a lighthearted Nerf battle – it’s easy to use, simple to reload, and up to the task, even if it doesn’t hold quite as much ammo as some of its competitors!


Can you consider the Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 as a Short Gun?

The Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 may look like a shotgun-style blaster, but it’s not quite like the real deal – after all, it can’t fire multiple darts simultaneously.

How many rounds does the rival takedown xx-800 have?

The Rival Takedown Xx-800 Blaster is the ultimate weapon, boasting a pump-action, breech-load design with an 8-round capacity and also comes with eight official Rival Rounds for maximum performance.