Kids love activities that have movements, whether it is running, jumping, or climbing. Among those, jumping stimulates metabolism and is a more fun activity to do. Trampolines pave the way for this activity to done safely by any toddler.

Manufactures out there have addressed safety standards and have made trampoline that can be used even by a little 3-year-old toddler.

The toddler trampolines for kids 3-6 years are usually called mini-trampolines which mostly come with a handlebar or a net around them.

Are trampolines OK for toddlers?

We need the little one to be safe because the bones of toddlers are still growing and do not have gained maximum strength. Before setting up a trampoline either indoors or in your backyard, make sure you have carefully considered the following safety measures.

1.    Try to keep the trampoline in an isolated place: Make sure the trampoline is away from trees, other furniture in-home, and any other hazards. Two to six feet around the toddler trampoline must be cleared and should have no objects, so even when the little one falls off from the toddler trampoline there will not be any injury.

2.    The number of people in trampoline: Try to allow only one toddler at a time in the mini trampolines, as many toddlers jumping together may cause injury to little ones in the trampoline.

3.    Be around: As in everything, the toddler needs the parent's attention while playing in the trampoline. If the trampoline is high, the ladder is needed to access the trampoline, and remove the ladder after use.

4.    Sturdy surface: Try to reduce the risk of the trampoline being moved or slipped by placing them on a sturdy surface. The grasses outside are not much safer, they may cause the bottom of the trampoline to slip. If the trampoline is used in grass or soil surface, make sure that the surface is even.

5.    Clothing: Shoes should be avoided in the trampoline, as they may cause children to lose balance and can also damage the surface of the trampolines. The shoelace in the shoes can also be a danger. Avoid any drawstrings, as they can get stuck in the springs of the trampoline. Never jump in a wet trampoline and while the weather is inappropriate outside to play.

6.    No stunts: Make sure the child does not perform any dangerous trick like backflips while jumping in the trampoline.

7.    Safety Pads: It is necessary to check if the toddler trampoline has best pads over the springs and if not, the pads must be installed to prevent injuries and keep the toddler safe while playing. The steel springs are stretched between the frame and the jumping surface. The springs are very hard and enough cushioning for the springs must be done to avoid injuries. Try to buy pads that are in contrasting colors with the mat, as that helps to define the edge of the mat clearly.

8.    Round Trampoline is safer: The round trampoline is the best as it does not offer much bounce than a rectangle or square trampoline and also ensures that the child only jumps from the center of the trampoline.

9.  Check before use: Parents need to check the trampoline as a whole before letting the toddlers play in it and also should make sure there are no toys, clothes on the jumping surface.

Outdoor and Indoor Trampoline

For toddlers, the indoor trampoline is a great way to keep the toddler trampoline away from things outside like rock, sand, water, and parents can supervise the little ones indoor.  They will be much durable as they are away from the risk of getting damaged by the UV rays of sun or wind, else parts such as spring, net, base poles may break, making it more unsafe. For safety purposes, the floor height must be several feet more than the height of the trampoline while using an indoor trampoline.

The outdoor trampolines can be used in the backyard or drive away. They usually don’t fit inside the home and are larger than the indoor trampoline.

Foldable designs are the best as they are easy to stash away when not in use. They can be easy to carry away while shifting houses.

Handlebars and nets: The Saviours

The handlebar provides the little ones with the best balance when they are jumping. When a toddler holds on to the handlebar in the trampoline, the kid is less likely to lose the balance and can be a great support to them. In some cases, the handles are adjustable. The handle can be adjusted to several different positions, so the toddler can adjust it to a suitable height.

The safety nets around the toddler trampoline can prevent the little one from falling off and they can be of great use. The trampoline is made of springs and other metals, so it is better to look for a toddler trampolines that prevent falls onto the springs. There are also more advanced nets that are coming into the market such as UV resistant nets. The nets made with polyethylene are much safer than materials like polypropylene and polyester. A zipper at the sides of the net makes the entry and exit of the child easier.

Are trampolines safe for 2 years old?

It is generally recommended to allow only children older than 6 years to use the trampoline. But now there are toddler trampolines in the market that is even recommended for 3 years old by the manufacture by implementing new safety features.

If your kid is only two, we recommend staying off the trampoline for at least another year. And if your child is less than five, it is better to stay with them while they practice jumping.

Things to look for

1)  Recommended age: There is a recommended age for the trampoline given by the manufacturer. Check and buy the one that matches your kid's age.

2)  Is there any maximum weight capacity of the frame mentioned by the manufacture that the toddler trampoline can hold. For example, a mini toddler cannot withstand the weight of a 12-15-year-old kid.

3)  The shape of the trampoline There are several shapes in which the trampoline is being manufactured.

a.    Round – They are recommended for the novice and mostly used for the safety of small children with an enclosure. They are commonly used at the basic levels and in mini-trampoline. Due to their round shape, only one can maintain balance while jumping in the trampoline. They are ideal and fun for a single player. They are also fairly priced as less steel is required for construction and is lightweight.

b.   Square – They provide the best bounce and are better than the rounded shape. They are used by professional jumpers. They are preferred by the gymnasts and athletes and it is not much safe for little ones as they give a good bounce. They best suit for a single user.

c.    Rectangle – They are preferred by the professionals as they offer good bounce with less effort. They are also becoming popular in the residential users as they are more durable when multiple people jump in the trampoline at the same time and it has a reduced risk of persons getting collided when more than one jump at the same time.

d.   Oval – They are a hybrid of the rectangle and round trampoline and have a large surface area for jumping(two bouncing areas at each end). More than one player can play in this type.

4)  Size of a trampoline: There are different sizes of trampoline available which are best suited for indoor and outdoor. Consider the size of the backyard or the place you have to keep the trampoline before buying. Size is one of the major factors which decides the price of the trampoline. The trampolines used in the Olympics measure about 17 feet. The indoor trampoline is available from 36 inches and they may go up to 7 feet. The smallest outdoor trampoline is about 6 feet and can go up to 18 feet. The 36 inches is meant for the 3-year-old kids. For round trampolines, an 8-10 feet diameter trampoline will be suitable for a small backyard. In rectangular trampoline, the starter size is 8x14 and can be good for kids. In general, for trampolines “bigger is better”, as more the surface area for jumping, there is less possibility of getting injured. Large trampolines are not recommended for kids under six.

5)  Rust-proof: The trampolines are constructed using many metal parts and if left outside it should withstand the sun and snow. So many parts are prone to rust. Trampolines that are rust-proof are best for outdoor use and can have better durability.

6)   Springs are an important part of the trampoline which are designed to stretch and retract with every jump. Nowadays fiberglass rods are used instead of springs that come at a higher cost. When replacing the old springs, replace it with higher quality springs that are rust-resistant. The professional-grade trampoline mat is used by the gymnasts that are made up of nylon and provide a greater bounce. For the trampoline used in the backyard the mat made up of polypropylene fabric can play a good role in bouncing.

Assembling the package

The products that are usually in a kid trampoline package are(These are just common products in the package, different toddler trampolines may have different products)

1.    Frame Pad

2.    Jumping Mat

3.    Foam Sleeves

4.    Springs

5.    Enclosure nets and poles

Make sure you read the instructions carefully given by the manufacturer before assembling the package. Sometimes the common life of the equipment may be mentioned in the instruction. Replace the equipment when they are old enough to avoid danger. While replacing make sure you get the correct frame size for replacement.

To protect the trampoline from rain, sun, and other damages, consider buying a trampoline cover. Keeping the trampoline under shade after use can also prevent the damage.

What is the best trampoline for toddlers?

We have handpicked some of the best toddler trampolines from the market.

1.    Skywalker Trampolines 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net - Basketball Trampoline

Color: Blue

Shape: Round

Jump surface: 88.2 Square feet

Size: 12 foot

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Check Price

Brand: Skywalker

It is one of the best trampolines out there. It has a patented enclosure that eliminates the gap between the net and protects from pinch points and openings. The net additionally has a dual zipper and clip closure system. The springs are rust-resistant. They additionally have one foam basketball. They are best suited for resident users to have fun.

Check Price

2.    Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Color: Green

Shape: Round

Jump surface: 5.3 Square feet

Rating: 4.3/5

Price: Check Price

Brand: Skywalker

It is a mini toddler trampoline designed for indoor use only. The patented enclosure protects the children from pinch points and openings. A 360 degree padded handlebar is provided that helps stabilize kids as they jump. It has a printed mat that encourages number identification and animal recognition.

Check Price

3.    Wamkos 2020 Upgraded Dinosaur Mini Trampoline for Kids with Handle, Foldable Kids Trampoline for Play & Exercise Indoor or Outdoor, Camo Safty Padded Cover Toddler Rebounder Trampoline

for Jump Sports

Color: Green

Shape: Round

Rating: 4.6/5

Price: Check Price

Brand: Wamkos

This is a mini toddler trampoline that can support weight up to 220lbs and can be used indoor and outdoor. They have a foldable design and can be fun to use them. Made up of a sturdy steel frame, they have a foam-covered handlebar for the kids to play safe.

Check Price

4.    Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net - Basketball Trampoline

Color: Blue

Shape: Round

Jumping surface: 141 Square Feet

Size: 15 foot

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Check Price

Brand: Skywalker

They have a patented no-gap enclosure system and the framework of the trampoline comprises weather and rust-resistant galvanized steel. The recommended age is 6+ years. They also include one foam basketball with long steel rust-resistant springs.

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5.    ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder, Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use, for Two Kids with safety Padded Cover

Color: Pink

Shape: Round

Size: 36 inches

Rating: 4.3/5

Price: Check Price

Brand: Ativafit

It is a mini toddler trampoline designed for kids that is foldable and can be used outdoor. They also have a handlebar to prevent kids from falling off while jumping. They are very convenient to move from one place to another due to their foldable and lightweight design.

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Toddler trampoline for kids is great as they enhance motor skills, balance, and can be a good exercise for them. It helps to grow them taller. They can keep the energetic kids occupied.

Trampolines can also be a safe and fun-filled gift that you can get to the kids. Follow the age recommendation while buying toddler trampoline to avoid injuries.